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Things You Should Take Care Of Before Cross-Border Transport

Understanding the important documentation processes and moving the shipments across the borders is sometimes overwhelming. Leveraging the expertise and the cross-border transportation services offered by the heavy haul trucking company can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind. There are specific guidelines for oversize shipments, and every state has its own regulations. For example, new Mexico oversize permits are required to transport the freight in that particular state successfully.

Things to care about before cross border transportation

It is essential to hire an experienced logistics partner who knows about the industry and can help configure any issues you can face during the transportation process. Trucking companies in Ontario are liable to care about cross-border transportation between the USA and Canada. The bilingual logisticians and the network of certified carriers can manage every aspect of the process, ensuring the safety and security of the oversize shipments required to move across the borders. There are several elements to consider when you opt for cross-border transportation. Let’s dive into the basic steps that are important to ensure that the shipment reaches its destination without problems and delays.

Identify the freight

The essential part of the process in transportation is to identify the freight correctly, which means that you should have sufficient knowledge about the type of your shipment and the care needed for its successful transportation. The information and data contain descriptions, pictures, samples, and other relevant things about the shipment. It is essential to know these things to classify the goods accurately, thus determining the shipment classification appropriately. Moreover, knowing the specifications of the goods will define the category under which your goods fall. So that you will know what terms and conditions you need to follow while transporting the particular type of freight.

Hire a custom broker

When it comes to shipping freight across the border, the customs broker will be your key ally. Although you can take care of these aspects, it needs the expertise and time to deal with them accurately. If you do not have essential documents, the transportation can be subjected to delays and additional fines. Hiring the customs broker will take off the burden from your shoulder, as a devoted professional is ready to help you streamline the shipping process by handling the special tasks. It is essential to note that if the transportation is within the United States of America, you should hire a broker from the US and get the new Mexico oversize permits. If the shipping is within Canada, you should go for the customs broker from Canada. 

Understand the duties and taxes

Here you can identify your goods correctly, as this is the step you will know the type of your freight and in which category it falls. Few kinds of goods are not permitted to enter the countries like Canada and America. Some examples of prohibited categories include:

  • Energy exports
  • Minerals and metals

It is easy to determine the tariff classification number or Harmonised number known as HS number with these classifications. It involves the country from which the goods will be transported, and the HS number will determine the cost of duties and taxes on the products, especially if you will opt for a new Mexico oversize permit and Indiana oversize permit in the US.

Knowing and understanding the taxes and duties can be a complicated process, as it is measured in percentages that are added in the tariff code and HS number, the real cost of your shipment, and each country’s trade management. A customs broker will help deal with these tasks and will understand the proceedings very easily because they are experienced professionals who know the systems and are skilled in getting the necessary information.

They are also aware of the freight for free transportation or the reduced duty costs. This factor depends on a country like Chile, Israel, Saharan African countries.

Shipping process

The shipping process will begin when all the documentation is completed. Unlike past, Now you easily ship car across country without too much complication and a lenghty process. You can ask your heavy haul trucking company in Ontario or wherever the location is to start the transportation procedure. Substantial contact with the carrier is important because they will be in charge of goods and take care of the shipment until the products reach their destination. You should search for the proper partner who is experienced enough in the cross-border transportation of over-size freight, as the carriers will take care of the following aspects:

  • Submission of paperwork
  • Communications with the brokers
  • Transportation of freight


In short, hiring heavy haul trucking companies for cross-border transportation of over-size freight involves many complexities that must be targeted efficiently. You can rely on trucking companies in Ontario other areas for cross-border transportation. These companies will take care of the international permits (e.g., Indiana over-size permit) and take the burden off your shoulders. It is better to follow these rules and regulations to have a hassle-free transportation process.

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