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The Top Shoes Repair Companies

Broadway Shoe Repair

Broadway Shoe Repair offers more than 34 years of aptitude in fixing shoes to clients in Seattle and the encompassing regions. The shop is knowledgeable about fixing harmed cowhide shoes. Its experts handle all maintenance needs for soles, zippers, bands, eyelets, snares, and heels. They offer quick answers for clients’ shoe issues without the need to purchase another pair. A portion of their different administrations incorporate fixing, cleaning, passing on, sewing, and applying water repellant

Dave Page, Cobbler

Dave Page, Cobbler is a private venture in Seattle that has been serving the footwear needs of the city’s occupants starting around 1969. The organization utilizes Italian presses and boot fix apparatus to reestablish shoes and boots to almost new circumstances. It’s an approved fix specialist for the vast majority of the world’s driving brands, including Merrell, Scarpa, Vasque, and One Sport. The organization additionally works in fixing different stone climbing shoes, Birkenstock shoes, and Telemark boots.

Swanson’s Shoe Repair

Swanson’s Shoe Repair is a family-claimed and worked business established in 1928. Situated in Seattle, it accomplishes more than supplant soles and heels on a wide range of shoes. The organization likewise offers a shoe-extending administration, including a muscular choice. Also, it can fix and supplant flashes on satchels, fit new stopper footbeds to Birkenstocks, abbreviate belts and lashes, and sparkle shoes. Swanson’s Shoe Repair additionally gives an internet based installment framework to clients.

Occupied Shoes

Occupied Shoes is a Seattle-based business that works in proficient shoe fix administrations. It is going by expert John Francis. John Francis performs shoe fix. Beside this, he likewise fixes boots, belts, and totes. Besides, the shoe fix master fixes the zippers of cowhide boots. John Francis likewise offers administrations on shoe cleaning and shoe extending. He gives climate treatment to calfskin shoes and boots. Beside fix and renovate work, John Francis makes specially made custom calfskin shoes.

Old Style Shoe Shine

Old Style Shoe Shine is a shoe fix organization in Seattle that sparkles and fixes various kinds of shoes. Its shoe fix experts work on zip soles, a kind of elastic layer that divides the cowhide upper and the ground, which assists make the shoes with enduring harms brought about by harsh streets or downpours. Old Style Shoe Shine’s administrations incorporate brushing and cleaning shoes, applying calfskin moisturizer, covering them with prevalent wax, and utilizing a towel to wipe as a last touch.

Heavenly messenger’s Shoe Repair

Heavenly messenger’s Shoe Repair is a little family-claimed business in Seattle that has been serving the city’s occupants for over 100 years. The organization can deal with each part of shoe fix, with specific experience resoling boots and shoes with excellent calfskin and manufactured materials. Moreover, it likewise involves space in its high-traffic area to assist clients with selling their shoes. The shop is open six days per week, from Mondays to Saturdays.

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