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The Top Dance Studios

Linda Dobbins Dance

Linda Dobbins Dance takes care of people and families all through the Birmingham region, offering clients different serious and sporting dance illustrations. Its educators show classes zeroing in on various dance styles, like tap, jazz, hip bounce, and expressive dance. Clients in gatherings of no less than four individuals keen on sporting dance illustrations can likewise redo their class, from sort to plan. Birmingham Magazine perceived the mother-girl pair Linda and Anne Marie Dobbins as one of the most amazing dance coaches in the neighborhood.

Ms. Tiffany’s Dance

Ms. Tiffany’s Dance is a Homewood business that has been showing understudies for north of nine years. The studio gives private illustrations to artists nine years old and more seasoned in melodious, hip bounce, tap, jazz, artful dance, dance group prep, and grown-up hip jump high impact exercise. Ms. Tiffany’s Dance additionally offers classes to a few understudies. Bunch classes are additionally accessible which are really great for unhitched female gatherings, family social affairs, and execution or wellness gatherings. Pioneer and proprietor Tiffany Davis has been moving since the age of four. She concentrated on dance at Birmingham-Southern College. Her arranged piece won a movement grant at the Honors Day grant service in 2007.

Steeple Arts Academy of Dance

Steeple Arts Academy of Dance is a Mountain Brook business that has been serving understudies of any age for north of 80 years. Classes incorporate pre artful dance, artful dance/tap, expressive dance/jazz and hip jump, tap/jazz and hip bounce, pointe, artful dance, youngster tap, adolescent expressive dance, high stepper jazz, hip jump and jazz, expressive dance and jazz for grown-ups, and assembly hall for grown-ups. Steeple Arts Academy of Dance additionally offers movement administrations, practice space, occasion space, and confidential examples. Chief Deanny Coates has learned and shown all dance styles and considered with various dance aces. She became chief when her mom resigned quite a long time back.

The Pointe Dance Arts

The Pointe Dance Arts is a Hoover business that gives dance guidance to youngsters and grown-ups. The understudies travel to various urban areas to learn and go to move shows. Choreographers and expert educators come to show studios consistently. Classes The Pointe Dance Arts offers incorporate various degrees of tap, hip jump, expressive dance, jazz, and dance classes for little children. The office likewise offers starting present day, turns and jumps method, perseverance molding, and day camps. The Pointe Dance Arts has five huge dance rooms that have sprung floors. There is a perception region for guardians where they can watch illustrations on the shut circuit TV. Understudies value their hard working attitude, the air, and the pleasant classes.

Dance South Studio

Dance South Studio is a Chelsea business that has been serving understudies in Shelby County and encompassing regions for north of 27 years. The office shows novice, halfway, and high level understudies in obstructing, dance molding, tap, artful dance, hip bounce, expressive/contemporary, dance strategy, jazz, as well as dance tumbling and vaulting. Dance South Studio additionally offers private dance examples, many day camps, and presentations. The office offers three dance rooms that have marley flooring and sprung floors. Guardians value the uplifting instructors and the climate.

Miss Kelley’s School of Dance

Miss Kelley’s School of Dance is a Trussville business that has two studio areas and has been serving understudies for more than 32 years. The studios have encompass sound frameworks, full-length mirrors, artful dance barres, and sprung flooring. Classes incorporate tap, pointe, expressive dance, hip jump, melodious, danceline prep, jazz, stopping up, tumbling/cheernastics, variety watch, twirly doo, event preparing, piano, and voice. Miss Kelley’s School of Dance likewise offers presentations. Guardians value the accommodating, proficient, and patient instructors.

Dr. Dance Studio, Inc.

Dr. Dance Studio, Inc. is a Birmingham business that gives private and gathering illustrations. The business offers social partner dancing illustrations in the salsa, waltz, foxtrot, swing, tango, and slow dance. Dr. Dance Studio, Inc. additionally offers grandstand traditional dancing and cutthroat formal dancing classes. Proprietor Kimberly Smith has north of 34 years of dance guidance experience and she is a Championship Adjudicator. Steve Hadley has more than 49 years of dance guidance experience and he is a WDSF Adjudicator. The staff is comprised of confirmed instructors and judges with the World DanceSport Federation, the United States Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, USA Dance, and the North American Dance Teachers Association.

Corky Bell School of Dance

Corky Bell School of Dance is an Alabaster business that has four areas and has been showing understudies for more than 50 years. The studio offers novice, moderate, and high level guidance to all ages. Classes incorporate pointe, expressive dance, jazz, tap, innovative development, and acrobatic. Corky Bell School of Dance likewise directs studios in couples dancing, singing, show readiness, and dramatization. Confidential illustrations are accessible. Guardians can watch examples on shut circuit TV.

Birmingham Dance Theater, Inc.

Birmingham Dance Theater, Inc. is a Vestavia business that has been serving understudies for north of 53 years. The theater offers dance classes in artful dance, hip bounce, hip jump for young men, contemporary, expressive, tap, aerobatic exhibition, and classes for pre-younger students ages two to four. Birmingham Dance Theater, Inc. additionally offers party bundles which are two hours in length for up to 11 youngsters, and incorporate 45 minutes of dance guidance, birthday cake, paper products, birthday candles, take home gifts, and get-together tidy up. The other bundle does exclude the birthday cake or other birthday products. The business likewise offers day camps and a guardians club.

Dance Et Cetera

Dance Et Cetera is a Helena business that gives classes to artists three years old and up. Classes incorporate artful dance, pointe, jazz, contemporary, hip-bounce, tap, cheernastics, tumbling, and SWAG. Dance Et Cetera additionally offers young men just tumbling and hip bounce classes. Grown-up classes incorporate Pilates, Zumba, cardio center, hip-bounce, and tap. Dance Et Cetera has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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