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Hartmann’s Continental Tailoring

Hartmann’s Continental Tailoring, situated in Bellevue, Washington, is a custom-customized clothing organization that serves clients in the more noteworthy Seattle metropolitan region. Proprietor Siegfried Hartmanns has broad involvement with the dress business, having served clients for more than 52 years. Hartmann represents considerable authority in custom-fitting suits, fitting shirts, and giving adjustments to sick-fitted articles of clothing. The organization utilizes great textures from around the world, including Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis, and Dormeuil, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The organization tailors clothing for all kinds of people and is committed to getting it’s estimating awesome, drawing on the north of forty years of activity. Past clients acclaim Hartmanns Continental Tailoring for the nature of its hand-crafted clothing as well as the speed of its circle back.


Situated in Seattle’s Belltown area, Kuhlman is a tailor-made clothier that has been giving clients in the more noteworthy Seattle metropolitan region specially crafted dresses and extras starting around 1999. The organization likewise sells legacy brands, more modest marks, and anticipated fashioners’ clothing. At Kuhlman, clients can get change and fix administrations on a sick-fitting dress whether the first apparel was bought at Kuhlman, with the exception of cowhide clothing. Nonetheless, the organization gives relining administrations to cowhide coats and covers. Fittings for Kuhlman’s tailor-made clothing should be finished face to face at its Seattle shop, the cycle requires somewhere in the range of six and two months to finish, and all suits are completely peddled. Suits utilize top-of-the-line Super-120’s Italian fleece and can come in two-piece or three-piece assortments. For clients looking to study the textures accessible at Kuhlman, examination of the organization’s textures doesn’t need an arrangement.

The Bespoke Clothier

Situated in Bellevue, Washington, The Bespoke Clothier serves clients in the more noteworthy Seattle metropolitan region with hand-planned custom attire. With material from a portion of the world’s top producers like Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Scabal, Huddersfield, and Alumo, and that’s just the beginning, The Bespoke Clothier works by having its clients select the proper texture and settle on the particular style of the new suit. Every client is then estimated and, following five to seven weeks and a few fittings, the suit is prepared to wear. The Bespoke Clothier plans and causes suits for people as well as selling an assortment of shoes in styles that incorporate men’s shoes, ladies’ shoes, patina studio, men’s relaxed shoes, dress shoes, and dress golf shoes. The store additionally sells belts and top-of-the-line satchels. Gift testaments are accessible online for clients to amazing their loved ones with uniquely crafted outfits.

Beckett and Robb

Beckett and Robb give custom fitting administrations in Seattle and the encompassing regions. The shop’s exceptionally fit assistance is supplemented with exemplary styling and piece of clothing life span. It offers face-to-face or specially made fitting administrations. Its style experts guide clients on plan subtleties, estimating, and material inclinations. Beckett and Robb were laid out by Derek Bleazard and Jason Yeats in 2009. It has a broad organization of studios all through Europe, including Italy, Ireland, and France.

Harris and Tailor

Harris and Tailor is a custom clothier with an office in Seattle. Proprietor JR Harris makes custom apparel that joins solace and extravagant plans for men. The company’s made-to-quantify clothing incorporates pants, shirts, suits, coats, and sweaters. Clients can browse different shirt types, incorporating dress shirts with one or twofold button sleeves, polos, and henleys. Men’s extras, like caps, socks, ties, belts, and scarves, are additionally accessible. Harris and Tailor work with texture houses like Loro Piana and Scabal.


Trillium is a tailor-made dress organization in Bellevue, Washington that has been planning and hand-creating custom-fitted garments for clients in the more noteworthy Seattle metropolitan region since its establishment in 2010. As well to furnishing clients with hand-fitted shirts and suits, the organization likewise spends significant time on adjustments. The organization additionally makes the attire for grooms and groomsmen to fit the specific determinations of variety and style for clients’ weddings. Trillium serves all kinds of people, with a wide determination of administrations that incorporates the fitting of coats, dresses, shirts, pants, and skirts, and that’s just the beginning. Past clients acclaim Trillium for its capacity to quantify its textures to fit every individual client easily as well with respect to its inviting air and in general top-notch client care.


With more than sixteen years of involvement, MyHaberdasher is a custom-tailored respectable men’s clothier in Seattle, Washington that serves clients in the more noteworthy neighbourhood metropolitan region. The brainchild of expert haberdasher Jeff Collins, MyHaberdasher goes to the client and can be accessible for conferences in-home or in-office. The thirty-minute conferences given by MyHaberdasher incorporate fostering a closet plan, utilizing existing closets to make new pieces, disposing of dress things that are unpopular or don’t fit the general closet, and getting sorted out clients’ wardrobes for the reliable stream, and that’s just the beginning. The organization is designed for business clients, with an eye toward making style pieces that give areas of strength for an impression and assist clients with remaining cutthroat and feeling positive about the working environment. Past clients acclaim MyHaberdasher for its shifted determination as well with respect to its capacity to fit and change the dress to accommodate clients’ particular body types.

Sew Generously Bespoke

Sew Generously Bespoke was established by David Pew in 2013. Seats’ thought is to give an assortment of exceptionally custom-made men’s wear with an individual touch. The fitting organization is arranged squarely in the core of Seattle and offers types of assistance like custom fitting, adjustments, and redid shoes. The organization likewise offers fitting classes which they call School of Bespoke. Here, understudies are trained with the right abilities and information to make suits.

Custom House Fine Clothing

Bellevue, Washington is home to tailor-made dress organization Custom House Fine Clothing, which serves clients in the more noteworthy Seattle metropolitan region. Pioneer Kurt Riber has more than 20 years of involvement in fitting people’s clothing for wealthy customers from Portland, Oregon to the Canada-United States line. Notwithstanding people’s fine clothing, Custom House Fine Clothing likewise spends significant time in wedding and equestrian attire, as well as uniquely crafted logo, wear that incorporates shirts, caps, packs, and coats. The organization utilizes probably the best textures from factories all over the planet and hand-creates its clothing in the United States. Past clients acclaim Custom House Fine Clothing for the sturdiness of its clothing, the excellence of its client assistance, and the commitment of proprietor Kurt Riber to guarantee that clients’ clothing needs are rapidly and precisely met.

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