Monday, October 2, 2023

The new working order for Travel Industry

Its end of 1st quarter of 2022 and all countries are reporting that travel industry is bouncing back, and leisure and business travel both see resumption despite the rising fuel prices across the globe, the Ukraine war impact, China Covid lockdown etc. All this news is good for the industry, but then what about staff shortages resulting in flight disruptions across many countries and staff shortages at TMCs in the western world, more extended call hold at airline reservations and support phone lines, long immigration queues at airports. Check out the Pakistan Tour Packages to travel in Pakistan.

Various airports are facing challenges to ensure smooth operations worldwide. Trade pundits forecast a recovery one year ahead of the travel industry forecast for 2024.

At a recent conference, IATA believes that most developed and developing countries will see air travel return to pre-pandemic levels sometime in 2023.

Countries are opening up, easing Covid restrictions and making travel seamless as many countries depend upon Tourism for their own economy to recover. Coupled with pent-up demand of 2 years since Covid – business is really bouncing back.

So a travel company in the West (could be US, Canada, UK or anywhere in Europe) that had reduced its manpower and other expenses to stay afloat during Covid in an already competitive industry, what options do they have…either hire staff again, at incremental salary, or lose out on business to another large company that can offer better operations and customer support, 24/7 After Hours Support for US travel company  India, 24×7 Emergency Travel services for business travel or leisure travel. This means increasing your operating costs many fold while margins have either remained static or thinned.

The option that many companies are exercising to keep their travel agency operating expenses low is to outsource their travel agency operations to countries like India and Philippines. In fact one of the studies predicts that the travel outsourcing business will grow as companies explore options to increase their business bottom line and take benefit of scale up or scale down at short notice.

The business is bound to gather more momentum as we go through the other quarters of 2022

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