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Sukhdi Recipe

Sukhadi likewise Golpapadi or Gudpapdi or Godpapdi. It very well may be finished in under an hour without exceptional planning so for this sweet you just requirements 3 principal fixings. I love this sweet from youth and it’s one of my most loved whenever sweet tidbit. It is one of the conventional Gujarati sweet and in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh they called Gudpapdi or Godpapdi.

Sukhadi Recipe (Golpapadi)

Sukhadi additionally reminding me my sweet cherished, lifelong recollections. During my young life days, I used to go to Mahudi to the sanctuary of Lord Ghanatakarna Mahavir which is in Gujrat (Sabarkhantha) and it is extremely close to my local spot. Mahudi is a town close to the stream Sabarmati. This town is in Mansa Taluka of Gandhinagar District of Gujrat. It used to be filled in as a Prasad there, and we would get whole plate for the family. Custom is to plan Sukhadi too consume ‘prasad’ of ‘Sukhdi’ inside the sanctuary premises. You can likewise disseminate to others as a prasad. The main limitation was that this Sukhadi must be eaten inside the sanctuary reason and removing it from the sanctuary region would bring about an appalling occasion. Maintaining this regulation, my granny would ensure it was completely gone when we left! That Sukhadi used to be sweet, delicate, rich and absolutely delectable.


• 2 cup Whole Wheat Flour
• 1 cup Ghee
• 1 cup Grated Jaggery
• 2 tbsp Milk (discretionary)
• ¼ tsp Cardamom Powder (discretionary)
• 2-3 tbsp Almonds Slivers (discretionary)


1. Oil a plate utilizing not many drops ghee and keep to the side until the combination is prepared.
2. Heat the ghee into a Kadhai. Add the flour and meal it on low fire around 15-17 minutes or until it becomes brilliant in variety and you can feel the cooked blend smell. Indeed, even you could feel the blend turns out to be light in weight and excessively smooth.
3. Whenever cooking is done totally then blend the cardamom powder and switch off the fire. Add 2 tbsp milk and the ground jaggery right away.
4. Blend the combination in the span of a moment or till jaggery soften, then, at that point, empty the pre-arranged blend into the lubed thali. Try not to set aside some margin to blend it, if not it will be chewy and hard.
5. Spread the blend utilizing level based bowl (katori) and make smooth level surface.
6. Following 5-6 minutes or when the spread combination gets tad cool down yet at the same time warm, utilize a blade and cut it into square or precious stone shapes.
7. Presently Sukhadi is prepared. Decorate it with the almonds bits and cool it down totally, then store it up high close compartment.

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Cary Grant
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