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Sponge Recipe Minecraft

A wipe is a block that can be utilized to eliminate water around itself while set, transforming into a wet wipe simultaneously.
Either sort of wipe can be mined manually, or with any device, dropping itself as a thing; nonetheless, diggers break wipes the quickest contrasted with different instruments.
Times are for unenchanted devices as used by players with no status impacts, estimated in short order. For more data, see Breaking § Speed.

Senior Gatekeepers

A senior gatekeeper generally drops one wet wipe when killed by the player.

Regular Age

Sea landmarks can create “wipe rooms.” Each room contains a normal of 30 wet wipes. See Ocean Monument/Structure for subtleties.


1. A wet wipe can be dried in a heater, making the wipe reusable.
2. In the event that a pail is in the fuel opening at the time the wipe finishes its drying, the water channels into the can, leaving a container of water in the fuel space.

3. In any case, the water simply vanishes.


1. A wet wipe put in the Nether dries out immediately with a puff of steam and transforms into an ordinary wipe.
2. A wet wipe set in any dry biome in the Overworld dries out following a couple of moments and transforms into a typical sponge.‌
3. In the event that a typical wipe comes into contact with water in a dry biome, it retains the water and promptly dries out with a puff of steam.‌


1. A wipe retaining water in a lake.
2. A wipe can be utilized to transform water into air by “retaining” the water. A wipe immediately retains close by water when it is put close to water or when water comes into contact with it. Wipes promptly turn wet upon ingestion and retain no more water a while later. Wet wipes trickle little water particles. Wipes in thing structure don’t retain water or become wet.
3. A wipe retains both streaming and source blocks of water up to 7 traffic lights away (taken as a cab distance) in every one of the six bearings around itself. Rather than a shape or a circle, this really encases the volume of an octahedron with vertices set 7 units from the middle toward every path because of the game’s broad utilization of cab distance. A wipe doesn’t retain in excess of 135 blocks of water notwithstanding, and water nearest to the wipe is consumed first. The ingestion proliferates just between adjoining water hinders and doesn’t “get around” non-water blocks, including air.

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