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Skyrim Follower Mods

15 Vilja, The Wandering Bard

Vilja is one of the most profoundly respected adherent mods on Nexus. A few fans might try and recall her from Oblivion, where she was likewise a downloadable sidekick. Vilja is a hopeful versifier with her own point by point history, one that players may surely view as fascinating.

A gigantic measure of work has been placed into making Vilja a unique person. She has more than 9,000 lines of remarkable exchange, north of 28 custom music pieces, and her own mission chain. Vilja’s battle strategies are likewise extremely nitty gritty and adaptable. Players won’t run out of activities with Vilja for a long while.

14 Auri, The Wood Elf Archer

Most of the vanilla adherents in Skyrim aren’t horrendously fascinating. Also, not an excessive number of them are Bosmer, one of Tamriel’s most productive elven races. Mods that add characters that are truly fascinating to find out about can truly separate the repetitiveness of a generally recognizable playthrough.

Auri is a completely voiced Bosmer toxophilite that can more than stand her ground in a battle. She has her own endorsement framework viewing the player’s activities as well as a little questline. Auri’s even viable with a couple of other supporter mods on this rundown, like Lucien and Inigo.

13 Aurlyn Dawnstone, The Reclusive Philosopher

High Elves aren’t the most welcome race in Skyrim, basically according to the point of view of the Nords. Notwithstanding, that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful as the Dragonborn’s partners. Players hoping to have some enchanted capability at their backs ought to think about Aurlyn Dawnstone.

Aurlyn is an Aldmeri sorceress with a broad origin story. With great many lines of custom exchange, fans can invest a ton of energy with Aurlyn prior to running out of things to discuss. She’s an extremely strong mage equipped for conveying obliterating went assaults that can destroy foes effortlessly.

12 Shirley, Skyrim’s Grandma

It’s reasonable to accept that numerous Skyrim players have presumably known about Shirley Curry. She’s a 85-year-old Youtuber whose content rotates around Skyrim playthroughs. The Elder Scrolls people group has gave to her the loving epithet “the Skyrim Grandma.”

Presently, through the endeavors of the modding local area, Shirley herself can be selected as a devotee in Skyrim. She even recorded lines of exchange explicitly for the mod, which is a smart idea. While hoping to investigate with a more happy friend, Shirley is a sure thing.

11 Geralt Of Rivia, The Witcher

Fans that wouldn’t fret breaking Skyrim’s submersion will track down a lot of material to work with on Nexus. For example, what better buddy is there to have the Dragonborn’s back than Geralt of Rivia? This perfect pair, albeit not legend amicable by any means, is fulfilling to observe.

Players can select this amazing witcher at the Winking Skeever in Solitude. Fans can anticipate that Geralt should use his particular swords in battle as well as his witcher Signs. He likewise has his own custom discourse, remarking on different areas and items all over the planet. Obviously, Skyrim’s beasts won’t have an opportunity.

10 Inigo, The Khajiit Sneak

Inigo is maybe one of the most well known and unmistakable supporter mods out there. Vanilla Skyrim contains disappointingly barely any Khajiit supporters. Inigo, in any case, more than compensates for that lack with his all around created and amiable persona.

He has north of 7,000 lines of remarkable exchange, remarking on a wide scope of themes. Inigo is a covertness driven buddy who tries not to cumbersomely bumble into traps. He’ll try and murmur when the player addresses him while sneaking, which is a cool little detail. It’s certainly the quintessential Khajiit adherent mod for Skyrim.

9 Hoth, The Grizzled Bounty Hunter

To the extent that associates go, Hoth is absolutely one of the really scary. A blunt, experienced abundance tracker, Hoth never leaves a battle. He’s completely voiced, containing large number of lines of novel discourse. As a two-gave weapons master, Hoth is ideal for diving into the conflict with a fierceness.

Outwardly, Hoth’s appearance is likewise special. His attire and body surfaces are hand crafted, which makes him stand apart from most different supporters. Curiously, he’s likewise ready to give the player brilliant abundance missions an endless number of times. Never dash into fight without this grizzled veteran by the Dragonborn’s side.

8 Arissa, The Wandering Rogue

Arissa is a radical on a basic level, having no second thoughts about displaying the law. She’s the sort of sidekick who’s in it for the long stretch. Getting to know her broad origin story is a gigantic piece of her allure too. With north of 600 lines of custom discourse, players can invest a lot of energy getting to know Arissa. Her voice acting is one of the mod’s high places, feeling like a characteristic expansion of the vanilla game.

Arissa likewise has an exceptional faithfulness framework known as “Respect.” Improving Arissa’s Regard opens new capacities for her as a buddy. It’s actually quite important, however, that players utilizing the Special Edition of the game should port the mod utilizing Bethesda Archive Extractor.

7 Natural Faces, Traveling With Oneself

This mod addresses an intriguing interpretation of the adherent technician. Why travel with a more peculiar when players can investigate Skyrim with themselves? The Familiar Faces mod permits the player to port characters from other save documents into their ongoing game.

These ported characters will keep up with their old playstyles and hardware. Battling close by an individual Dragonborn can truly prove to be useful all things considered. The Special Edition adaptation of this mod can be downloaded free of charge on Patreon. Players utilizing the more seasoned, Legendary Edition form of Skyrim can think that it is here.

6 Kaidan, The Romantic

For players who partake in somewhat sentiment alongside their questing, the Kaidan devotee mod is a decent decision. Like different colleagues on this rundown, players should invest some energy with Kaidan to gain proficiency with his origin story. His and the Dragonborn’s relationship will play out naturally through discussions and exchange choices.

All things considered, Kaidan is a palatable tank. He can endure as well as arrangement decent measures of harm in a battle. Getting to know Kaidan, either dispassionately or sincerely, is something that would merit thinking about while picking intriguing supporter mods.

5 Lucien, The Imperial Scholar

Adherent mods with very much created character curves are rare. Lucien is one of a handful of the who has such a circular segment and is one of the most famous mods on Nexus consequently. Legend well disposed and containing north of 5,000 lines of custom exchange, getting to realize Lucien’s story is a remunerating experience in itself.

Albeit uncouth at battle right away, Lucien will gain from the player, turning out to be more equipped over the long haul. The player can likewise prepare Lucien to facilitate the cycle. He even has unique connections with different adherents on this rundown, like Inigo, Hoth, and Kaidan, and furthermore responds either decidedly or adversely to the player’s choices. Most certainly a mod merits serious consideration.

4 Sofia, The Free Spirit

Sofia is one of the most profoundly supported adherent mods on Nexus. Her prevalence stems essentially from her clever (and frequently obscene) lines of custom discourse. Heading out with her will in general light up Skyrim’s bleak climate impressively.

The voice representing Sofia is additionally first rate. Paying attention to her jokes and remarks doesn’t go downhill effectively, and separates the lowly schedules of investigation. Players searching for another happy friend ought to absolutely consider Sofia on their next playthrough.

3 The Followers Of Interesting NPCs

While talking about fundamental Skyrim mods, referencing Interesting NPCs is difficult not. Long-term veterans of the game presumably know a large portion of the vanilla NPCs inside and out as of now. The Interesting NPCs mod infuses a truly necessary newness to the procedures by adding more than 250 completely voiced characters.

Alongside these increases come 25+ adherents that players can enlist. Their histories, characters, and inspirations are one of a kind, and hence there essentially isn’t sufficient opportunity to look at every one completely. Players ought to introduce the mod and find their fascinating stories for themselves.

2 Nebarra, The Altmer Mercenary

Likewise with the Khajiit, there’s a frightening absence of High Eleven supporters in vanilla Skyrim. Nebarra, an Altmer hired soldier, is something of an underestimated mod. He’s completely voiced, and frequently integrates one of a kind connections with different NPCs.

Nebarra’s character is portrayed as discourteous and abrupt. As a veteran of the Great War, he doesn’t put up with idiots delicately. Nebarra even has his very own journey players can attempt off the shore of Solstheim. Surely not a terrible mod for fans need to explore different avenues regarding different supporter additional items.

1 Khajiit Will Follow

In the event that Inigo neglects to fulfill one’s requirement for more Khajiit colleagues, the Khajiit Will Follow mod might be of some interest. This specific mod adds four extra Khajiit associates, alongside north of 5,000 lines of remarkable exchange.