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Schezwan Noodles Recipe

This simple recipe for zesty and tart Schezwan noodles is totally veggie lover, and scrumptious to get ready as a delectable lunch or supper. It highlights pan-seared vegetables and noodles threw with a custom made Schezwan sauce that is got a kick of intensity and the perfect smidgen of pleasantness. Adhere to my bit by bit guidelines with photographs and video to make a bunch this evening!

schezwan noodles in a dark rimmed cream bowl with bamboo chopsticks along the edge and a little bowl of schezwan sauce put on a checkered red and white napkin

What does Schezwan Noodles consist of?

In the event that you haven’t had them previously, Schezwan noodles recipe is an extremely famous Indo Chinese dish. They for the most part have a blend of strong fiery and sweet flavors, and incorporate either all veggies or the two veggies and some sort of protein, sautéed with the noodles.

Schezwan noodles are much of the time delighted in as a road food nibble, however are really simple and heavenly to make at home at whatever point you have a hankering.

The underpinning of the recipe is the natively constructed Schezwan Sauce, which is so astounding on quite a few exquisite dishes.

It adds a yummy sweet and hot kick as a plunge or sauce on broiled rice, or with pakoras and veg momos!

Dissimilar to the conventional Chinese sichuan or szechuan noodles that has red stew oil and is served warm or cold, schezwan noodles is made with schezwan sauce and is served hot.

schezwan noodles in a dark and cream bowl with a couple of noodle strands held between bamboo chopsticks put on top of bowl on a checkered red and white napkin

Beginning to end this veggie lover and vegetarian cordial dinner just requires around 40 minutes to make.

It is breathtaking to appreciate as a fast weeknight supper or for a relaxed lunch. When you check this recipe out I’m certain it will be one of your normal top choices.

Besides, you will cherish utilizing the hand crafted Schezwan sauce as a plunge or garnish for a wide range of delectable dishes!

Instructions to make Schezwan Noodles

1. In the first place, per the noodle bundle headings, heat the prescribed measure of water to the point of boiling in an enormous pot or dish. Add a spot of salt for flavor, and a couple of drops of oil to hold the noodles back from remaining together.

2. When the water is to a full bubble, add the noodles (150 grams). I like to utilize hakka noodles, yet any dainty rice or wheat flour noodles will function admirably for this recipe.

3. There is compelling reason need to break the noodles when added to the bubbling water. Simply be certain they are totally lowered in the water.

4. Cook the noodles as indicated by the bundle guidelines, mixing sometimes.

5. Cook the noodles until they are still somewhat firm.

6. Promptly channel the noodles in a colander.

7. Wash the noodles in cool running water. This step stops the cooking system and eliminates the tacky starch.

8. While still in the colander, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of oil to noodles. Any impartial oil works or for a smoky flavor, utilize toasted sesame oil.

9. Throw the noodles tenderly, so the oil uniformly covers the noodles. This assists with disposing of tenacity from the noodles. Cover the colander with a plate and put away. Allow the noodles to cool totally before you start making schezwan noodles recipe.

10. Then, heat 2 tablespoons of oil (any impartial tasting oil) in a container or wok on medium intensity. A wok or pot with a weighty base works best to get extraordinary cook on the veggies without consuming.

When the oil is hot add ½ teaspoon of finely cleaved garlic and sauté for a couple of moments.

11. At the point when the garlic is fragrant, increment the fire to medium or high intensity and add ¼ cup of hacked spring onions (scallion whites). Pan sear for about half to 1 moment.

TIP: If you are utilizing a non-stick container, then, at that point, do all the pan-searing on medium intensity.

12. The add ¼ cup of finely cleaved french beans.

13. Keep sautéing, blending persistently, on a medium to high intensity for around 3 to 4 minutes.

14. Presently add the excess veggies:

¼ cup finely slashed carrots

¼ cup of capsicum (green ringer pepper)

½ cup of finely slashed cabbage

1 cup cleaved or cut mushrooms.

You can likewise add zucchini, Chinese cabbage, or anything vegetables you have available. You need around 1 ½ to 2 cups of veggies absolute for this recipe.

15. Keep on blending fry the veggies on a medium to high intensity to get that incredible smoky flavor. Ensure you mix continually so the vegetables brown uniformly without consuming.

16. Cook for around 7 to 8 minutes (time will shift with the sort of skillet and power of fire or intensity), until the edges of the veggies start to brown marginally. Contingent upon how crunchy or delicate you like your vegetables, go ahead and pan sear for pretty much time.

17. Presently decrease the intensity to medium and add 1 tablespoon of hand crafted or locally acquired Schezwan sauce, salt and ¼ to ½ teaspoon dark pepper.

TIP: Add a greater amount of the sauce for a considerably spicier noodle dish.

18. Add the cooked noodles each small bunch in turn, mixing delicately to consolidate without mushing the noodles.

19. Increment the fire back up to high, and keep on mixing fry and throw the noodles for several minutes until the Schezwan sauce covers the noodles as a whole.

20. Add 1 teaspoon of either rice vinegar or apple juice vinegar, and throw once more. This hit of tart flavor truly unites the heat and pleasantness of the Schezwan noodles with veggies.

21. Ultimately, mix in a tablespoon of cleaved spring onion greens.

22. Appreciate schezwan noodles hot in bowls or on plates. You can likewise serve extra Schezwan sauce as an afterthought for individuals who need to add significantly more intensity.

Store cooled extras in a hermetically sealed holder, and save in the cooler for up to 1 to 2 days. You could undoubtedly twofold or triple the group to make for little gatherings or parties.

schezwan noodles in a dark and cream bowl with a couple of noodle strands held between bamboo chopsticks put on top of bowl on a checkered red and white napkin

Fixing Variations


Any sort of flour noodles function admirably here – be it moment, ramen, udon, hakka, entire wheat, chow mein, soba (buckwheat) or rice noodles. You can likewise make the recipe with level flour or rice noodles.


Like with any recipe which has blend veggies, you can constantly change the sort or kind of vegetables you add in. Zucchini, carrots, green beans, asparagus, bok choy, chinese cabbage, broccoli, ringer pepper, child corn, steamed corn or green peas and mushrooms like button, cremini, clam and shiitake are a few extraordinary choices.


For an additional plant based protein, incorporate some tofu or seitan. You can likewise add some bubbled edamame beans or green peas.

Schezwan sauce:

Either make your own or utilize your #1 kind of schezwan sauce. Being a star fixing in the recipe, the schezwan sauce can represent the deciding moment your dish.

Cooking Notes

Smoky flavors:

To get the smoky flavor, pan sear the veggies on a high intensity. On the off chance that the veggies start to getting singed, you can diminish the intensity. In the event that you utilize a decent wok or container with a weighty base, you will not have the vegetables getting scorched. Try to mix frequently while broiling which guarantees that the vegetables are cooked equally.

Dish or wok:

A carbon steel wok or a Chinese wok is awesome to work with while making pan-seared recipes. A griddle or a cast iron skillet or wok is likewise a decent choice. Whichever wok or dish you use, ensure it is very much prepared and is weighty or has a thick base, so the vegetables don’t consume while sautéing at a high intensity.

Cooking noodles:

You really want to cook the noodles still somewhat firm significance they ought to have a slight nibble to them when eaten. Assuming you make them delicate, later on sautéing they will cook more and wind up becoming tacky or uneven. Channel the water completely from the noodles subsequent to cooking them so they don’t turn into a mush while pan-searing.

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