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Rust mud modules are a magnificent method for tweaking a Rust committed server. Most Rust mods present basic personal satisfaction changes to Rust’s multiplayer mechanics. In any case, even these slight changes can affect Rust’s multiplayer experience in a significant manner. Fortunately, Rust’s mud interface makes it simple to introduce and switch between various mud modules, so you can trial however much you might want.

The following are 20 of our number one Rust mods, organized in no specific request.

Stack Size Controller

umod stack size regulator

Stack Size Controller permits you to design the most extreme stack size for any stackable thing in Rust. This makes searching, a center part of Rust’s ongoing interaction, significantly more charming. The module likewise adds a thing search capacity to the game, making it simpler to deal with enormous thing stacks.

Accumulate Manager

umod Gather Manager

Accumulate Manager is one more mod for making asset the executives in Rust simpler. It permits you to control how much assets players gain from thing containers, mining, overviews, and collectible thing pickups. You can likewise characterize whether the aggregate sum of assets in an asset holder scales with the asset assemble rate.


umod Vanish

Disappear gives Rust server administrators the choice to concede players imperceptibility. Undetectable players shouldn’t be visible or heard by creatures, turrets, helicopters and different NPCs, or different players. The main special case is the sound your weapon makes when you shoot.


umod NTeleportation

NTeleportation is a module that empowers players and server to magically transport. The magically transport order is actuated by means of the control center (F1 key). To summon the instant transportation order, the module utilizes the player’s framework doled out ID.

Heater Splitter

umod Furnace Splitter

Heater Splitter is a personal satisfaction mod for mineral refining. Subsequent to placing metal in a heater for purifying (likewise works for open air fires and processing plants), the refined assets will be parted equitably into stacks. You can arrange the size of the stacks.

Fast Smelt

umod Quick Smelt

Fast Smelt is another module for making metal purifying more advantageous. It permits you to design purifying pace, refining recurrence, the fuel utilization multiplier, and result multiplier. You can likewise make purifying whitelists and boycott, to permit or forestall the refining of specific minerals.

Administrator Radar

umod Admin Radar

Administrator Radar is a module for Rust server administrators. It gives administrators a radar for distinguishing miscreants, showing their wellbeing, status, and distance from the administrator. A GUI is incorporated for changing between various view channels, including camping bed view, collectible view, NPC view, dead player view, and others.

Rust Kits

umod Rust Kits

Rust Kits is a mod for making different sorts of thing units. You can design the units to be auto-given to players and NPCs, determine their substance and cost, set cooldowns for acquiring packs, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Rust Kits is utilized by numerous different mods and is one of the most valuable mods for Rust server administrators.

Note: Read our article Rust Kits server module guide and figure out all that you really want to realize about utilizing Rust Kits.


umod Backpacks

Knapsacks is a valuable stock administration module. It brings knapsacks into the game, things which give players additional stock space. The mod permits you to tweak rucksack elements like limit, wipe on death, and others.

Look at our aide on the Rust Backpack uMod module.

Data Panel

umod Info Panel

Data Panel is a module pointed basically at server administrators. It shows different in-game data in a helpful configuration. Data Panel tracks server time, player count, alarms (airdrops, radiation, helicopter), player directions, and then some. The Info Panel is completely adjustable.

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Better Loot

umod Better Loot

Better Loot totally redoes Rust’s default plunder drop tables. It does as such by changing thing probabilities, scrap multipliers, holder invigorate clocks, and different settings. You can likewise change these settings physically.

Administrator Panel

umod Admin Panel

Administrator Panel is a module that adds a little interactive board with different administrator orders. The rundown of orders right now incorporates evaporate, god mode, transport area. More are being added with each update.

Moment Craft

umod Instant Craft

Moment Craft is a module that does precisely exact thing it says on the tin: moment thing creating. You can redo it to work just with specific things on the off chance that you wish.

ZLevels Remastered

umod ZLevels Remastered

Zlevels Remastered is a refreshed adaptation of the Zlevels module, which adds custom abilities to the game. Accessible abilities incorporate mining, woodcutting, cleaning, obtain, and making. You step up every expertise through rehashed use, and each level awards extra rewards, like quicker making for the creating ability.

Making Controller

umod Crafting Controller

Making Controller is an administrator module for designing thing creating factors. You can adjust thing making times and thing skins, in mass or for each thing exclusively. The mod likewise accompanies a component for in a flash finishing all making errands when the server is closed down.

Zone Manager

umod Zone Manager

Zone Manager is a module that awards administrators the capacity to make custom in-game zones. It works by applying banners to zones to change some part of their way of behaving. Banners incorporate kill (players that enter the zone are immediately killed), nocraft (incapacitates making), noboxloot (debilitates compartment plundering), and some more. Administrators can likewise alter the zone name, size, section message, and different boundaries.

Duplicate Paste

umod Copy Paste

Duplicate Paste basically enables you to duplicate glue your structures to move them between various areas. You can determine the duplicate sweep, pick whether to duplicate things and props like trees, and fix the cycle if necessary.


umod Skins

Skins gives players a simple method for evolving in-game thing skins. It is a control center based uMod module with a solitary order – skin – trailed by boundaries like show, get, add, and eliminate.

Auto Doors

umod Auto Doors

Auto Doors is a very straightforward module that just does a certain something: it closes entryways after a predefined measure of time. This module is priceless on servers with serious PvP as it saves you a couple of valuable seconds expected to escape from the foe swarm.


umod Trade

Exchange is a mod that empowers players to exchange things a ways off securely. This essentially diminishes the gamble of getting looted while exchanging, and it safeguards the two players similarly. It is particularly advantageous on pretending servers.


On the off chance that you’re anticipating running a modded Rust server, these 20 modules are an incredible spot to begin modding Rust’s interactivity. They’re not difficult to introduce and offer personal satisfaction enhancements for both administrators and players, making for a more extravagant multiplayer experience. Check them out!

To figure out how to deal with your Rust server, make certain to look at our article on Rust Admin Commands.

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