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Protein Flapjack Recipe

All sweet treats needn’t bother with to be put something aside for your cheat day. These speedy and simple protein hotcakes will fulfill your desires, fight off the culpability and give you a protein hit across the board singular motion. Three birds with one stone, wonderful. For different food varieties that can assist you with building muscle read our manual for high-protein foods.


•             120g moved oats

•             100g Meridian peanut butter

•             60g whey protein powder

•             125-150g skimmed milk (almond milk and other % fat milks can be utilized all things considered however loads might shift)

•             15g acacia honey


•             Place whey and oats into enormous bowl; combine as one

•             Gather milk and peanut butter and blend into a single unit until equitably blended

•             Add honey and mix equitably through combination

•             Line a baking plate with oil confirmation paper and sprinkle a bit of coconut oil

•             Spread blend onto paper (1-3cm thickness)

•             Place in refrigerator for 30 minutes

•             Pre-heat stove to 190 degrees C (gas mark 5)

•             10-12 minutes in broiler

•             Eliminate, cut and pass on to cool

Dietary Benefit

•             Protein: 85g

•             Sugar: 110g

•             Fat: 55g

To make a more calorific protein pancake, just utilize a mass-gainer style protein powder rather than whey, select full fat milk, top with a nut margarine and add a modest bunch of blueberries to the combination.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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