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Oculus Pursuit 2 vs Rift S: Which Is The Better VR Headset?

Oculus has decided to lower the price of their (previously) front runner virtual reality headset, the Rift S. It’s currently precisely the same rate as the entry-level 64GB Oculus Pursuit 2.

If you’re seeking to enter VR, that can make points a little complicated. Besides, if they are both precisely the same rate, just how should you choose? Admittedly, it’s not a simple choice, however there are some essential areas of comparison that everyone attempting to choose between these 2 items must find out about.

Table of Contents

  • The Pursuit 2 Offers A Lot More Options
  • The Specification Advantage Is Mixed
  • The Pursuit 2 Will Likely Get Brand-new Functions
  • The Rift S Promises Added Comfort
  • The Rift S Cost Is Simply the Beginning
  • The Rift S Is Being Discontinued, But Does It Matter?
  • Both Have Facebook Luggage
  • We Agree With Oculus

The Mission 2 Offers Much More Options

The Oculus Mission 2 has one huge distinction from its precursor. It was made as a standalone VR headset, as well as likewise be the only headset that Oculus offers.

Yes, if you get a Mission 2 you not just get accessibility to a superb collection of curated standalone VR experiences, you likewise get access to the globe of costs tethered PC VR experiences. Using a USB wire of sufficient top quality and also speed, a Pursuit transforms into what is basically an Oculus Break. The Pursuit 2 (and also Mission 1 for that matter) likewise provide controller-free straight hand tracking. This is an entirely brand-new and various method to experience virtual reality.

The Oculus Rift S, on the other hand, can only work as a tethered PC VR headset. It does share the exact same inside-out tracking modern technology as the Quest 2, however besides that they do not have much in common. While the Quest 2 can go anywhere and also do anything, the Rift S is chained to a COMPUTER.

The Specification Benefit Is Mixed

The specifications of a virtual reality headset don’t tell the entire story when it concerns using it, but nevertheless there’s little distinction in specifications between these two gadgets.

The Rift S has a somewhat higher-resolution display screen, but the Quest 2 has newer, more advanced optics and also panels. The field of view in between both headsets are comparable too, but the Quest 2’s controllers are more recent as well as more advanced.

Inevitably, both headsets are most likely to provide a similar VR experience usually, if we’re restricting ourselves to the fundamentals of sight, noise, and also control.

The Quest 2 Will Likely Get Brand-new Features

After the initial Quest was released, the programmers at Oculus remained to innovate. We got both the Oculus Web link as well as hand monitoring features as software application upgrades. It appears that this is no different for Pursuit 2. Oculus has actually promised an upgrade that will push the panels to 120Hz and considerable enhancements are being made to the software on an ongoing basis.

The Break S isn’t likely to find out any type of brand-new techniques, certainly any type of development in the PC VR room will make the Break S experience much better. Simply don’t neglect that Mission 2 will cooperate the spoils of any kind of new computer virtual reality software program enhancements.

The Break S Assures Added Comfort

One substantial point of difference in between both headsets is how they affix to your face. The Rift S utilizes a halo band, which you’ll likewise see in the PlayStation VR and also Windows Mixed Truth headsets. This is a sturdy as well as comfy way to attach a virtual reality headset as well as we favor it whenever possible.

The head band and also face padding on the Pursuit 2 is a substantial renovation over the first model, yet there are still compromises below. Because the Pursuit 2 needs to remain light and also compact, a solid halo headband isn’t mosting likely to work.

That being stated, there are plenty of aftermarket strap substitutes. The Oculus-made Elite Strap is a strong band that offers far better equilibrium and cushioning. However, that additionally makes it much more costly than the Rift S. Then again, you need to spend for an entire PC to choose your Rift S, so probably it’s not such an unfair contrast.

The Break S Price Is Just the Beginning

When you acquire the Oculus Mission 2, you actually don’t need to invest anymore cash on equipment. Simply visit, buy some games as well as have a good time. It’s a total, all-in-one tool. You have the alternative to link it to a PC and also delight in PC VR titles, however if you aren’t interested, you’re under no responsibility to do so.

When you get a Rift S, you likewise require an entire gaming PC to opt for it. Now, if you already have a qualified video gaming PC, this is a moot factor, but if you do not then it adds hundreds or countless dollars to the total expense of possession.

The Rift S Is Being Discontinued, However Does It Matter?

One critical reality you need to know prior to buying either of these headsets is that Oculus themselves have actually scrapped every headset model besides the Quest 2. Going on it appears every brand-new generation of Oculus headset will certainly be a Pursuit.

That does not imply that Oculus is going down support for the Rift S nevertheless. Nevertheless, the Quest is slotting right into the exact same PC VR software, so you can rest assured the Break S will keep helping years to come.

You constantly take some action of risk when getting a stopped item, yet we truthfully do not think in this specific situation that it’s a huge variable. Nevertheless, the Break S is an outer, not an all-in-one device. If all you appreciate is PC VR then the Break S will stay relevant for longer than Mission.

As soon as the internals of the Quest 2 come to be too out-of-date, it’s just actual use going on will be as a PC VR headset which will bring it on a level playing field contrasted to the Break S.

Both Have Facebook Luggage

Regardless of which headset you select from Oculus, you’ll have to manage their debatable decision to make a Facebook account required for all Oculus individuals. Whether that’s an issue for you is an individual matter.

If you currently have a Facebook account you might not mind. Yet you ought to understand about this development! Some individuals have had success bypassing the Facebook requirement on the Quest 2, but this runs the severe danger of having your account banned or your headset locked out of the store.

When it involves the Break S things are a little much better, considering that it’s possible to use Open Source HMD vehicle drivers. Although that also comes with concessions in regards to efficiency as well as security.

We Agree With Oculus

After Oculus saw the capacity of Oculus Link with the Quest 1, the writing truly got on the wall surface. We assume they made the appropriate decision to combine their headset items into a solitary convergent device. Most individuals, a lot of the moment, ought to choose the Quest 2 over the Break S in or point of view. Despite the cost of an Elite Band add-on, the Mission 2 uses a better general bargain. If you truly don’t care regarding standalone virtual reality and can find a Rift S for a dramatically lower price than a Mission 2, only then can we advise it.

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