Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Michael Straumietis Shares Why Nutrients Calculators Are Essential Tools

In hydroponics, it is all about utilizing the least amount of space possible to get the most favorable yield. The nutrient calculator was created as a tool for maximizing every seed, area, and production. Advanced Nutrients Founder and CEO Michael Straumietis shares in this blog post the importance of a nutrient calculator and its proper use for reaching target yield and the best outcomes.

Do Nutrient Calculators Matter?

As Mike Straumietis points out, a carefully thought-out feeding strategy will result in robust roots and healthy plants. Additionally, it leads to efficient growing and development of fragrant flowers. After choosing a nutrition line, growers must decide on a precise feeding schedule for their plants. The majority of growers must generate their specific chart depending on the water hardness, reservoir size, and bloom stage because feeding charts are often set up per liter or gallon. Because the nutrient requirements for plants change as they advance from one phase to the next, feed charts assist growers and farmers in providing nutrients to their crops during the vegetative and flowering phases. In addition, growers can use feeding charts to add or remove different products to address the plants’ nutrient requirements.

According to Advanced Nutrients Mike Straumietis, plants cultivated hydroponically demand a different ratio of nutrients than plants grown on soil. Growers must understand how they should feed plants and which nutrients to utilize for optimal growth and yield. When growers are aware of when and what to feed their plants, the chance of having a failed harvest is very slim. The crop can see healthy development when specific nutrients and supplements are given to plants. Such robust plants produce fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products with a nice aroma.

While nutrient calculators and feed charts may function almost the same way, the calculator provides a more precise picture of the nutrients. This information is valuable for every grower or farmer as they would need to add this information to their hydroponic system. According to Mike Straumietis, in order for a nutrient calculator to provide a result, a farmer must first enter any relevant data they may have. A nutrient calculator does more than just calculate a number. The size of the stock tanks, the type of fertilizers consumed, and the base parts per million (PPM) and electronic conductivity (EC) of the solutions are the most important details that growers need to enter for their hydroponic systems. The nutrient calculator will generate a feeding chart when these details are entered that shows precisely how much of each nutrient product has to be added each week.

What Sets Advanced Nutrients Calculator from the Rest

The tools and products that Mike Straumietis and the Advanced Nutrients team have created demonstrate the level of concern they have for growers and their needs. The Advanced Nutrients Calculator, for instance, enables growers to create and update their plants’ feeding schedules. They can create various feeding chart recipes to maximize the performance and yield of their crops. They can also print out their feed chart if a physical copy helps them better remember the schedule. 

Additionally, Advance Nutrients’ large and diverse team of highly qualified Ph.D. scientists has developed a broad spectrum of next-generation products that nourish each phase of a crop’s cycle from seed to senescence. As a result, growers in more than 110 countries rely on the company’s plant nutrients and fertilizers to unlock the true genetic potential of their crops. Mike Straumietis has also invested millions of dollars in supplying life-giving essentials to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. 

The development of the first and only complete growing system that optimizes all phases of the vegetative and bloom cycles, and a solid product lineup, have resulted in nine figures in annual sales for Advanced Nutrients. And with the vision and leadership of Founder and CEO Mike Straumietis, the billion-dollar company continues to be committed to assisting growers everywhere.