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Miami: A Heaven for Adrenaline Junkies!

If adrenaline rushes are what you seek from your coveted vacations, Miami could be your dream destination. There is pretty much to explore here including colorful beaches, glorious museums, walking tours steeped in local culture, wine factory visits, and lots more. You can begin by choosing a vehicle service for exotic Miami rentals to take you around.

With so much to explore, having your own vehicle is always a help. Plan to rent a Range Rover in Miami for enhancing your holiday experience. The glorious landscapes of the city truly deserve a grand ride. Once your ride has been finalized, slip behind the wheels and explore these activities for the nerve-wracking adrenaline rush.

Exhilarating Activities to Enjoy While you are in Miami

Beach Activities Galore: South Beach is not the only beach in Miami, worthy of a visit. There is also the North Beach and Mid-Beach you must head to when you plan routes with your service for exotic car rental in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Apart from soaking in the tropical sun as you relax on these white silvery beaches; you can also enjoy thrilling activities like jet-skiing, kayaking, and snorkeling. The perfect waves of the Miami beaches also make it the surfing capital of the world! You can enjoy your time, challenge your limits, bettering your performance each time, every time. Surfing during a hurricane however can be extremely dangerous and life-threatening. Adhering to safety guidelines at all times is important.

Plan a Trek through Space at the Phillip and Patricia Museum of Science: This is a planetarium that offers a walk through the cosmos. There are stupendous light shows that spike your enthusiasm to the next level altogether. It provides a different kind of exhilaration to be able to tread through the unknown, albeit, by means of simulation. There is also a multi-level aquarium that showcases wildlife species from different habitats ranging from the Atlantic Ocean to the Everglades. There are interactive displays for kids too! So, if you have your family on vacation, this is one of the places you must visit.

Paddle through the Oleta River: When you head to North Miami Beach, do not miss the Oleta River State Park. Spread over 1043 acres, this park is stretched across Biscayne Bay. The experience you get here is a truly novel one. The colorful waters provide an ideal setup for boating and kayaking. You can head to the deserted bay islands by boat. If paddling is not your kind of active fun, explore the bike trails instead. The place is a perfect destination for those who find the confluence of wilderness and nature, absolutely fascinating. When you look for the nearest exotic car rentals, make sure you include the Oleta River as one of your “must-see” stopover points on your planned route.

If retail therapy gives you the adrenaline kick, heading to the marketplace situated on the banks of the Biscayne Bay is your best bet. The water taxi ride that takes you to the hotels in downtown or to Miami Beach is a huge tourist attraction here. This is a complete treat of a place where you can shop till you drop, take boat tours, gorge on delicious food, enjoy fishing and have fun!

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