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Lesser-known Tips for Head Shaving

Head shaving has emerged to be a common and everyday activity for millions out there. The increasing number of people suffering from hair loss problems and the growing popularity of bald hairstyles are major reasons for the booming industry of grooming products. Various brands have now begun launching their exclusive range of head shaving tools and products that are ideal for those sporting a bald look. Basic grooming tools like a head shaver has seen major evolvement over the past years. You can now find advanced electric head shavers in the market that are an upgrade to the manual head razors being used over the years.

The market is flooded with a variety of modern head shavers that are designed with the sole purpose of easing the head-shaving experience. Various brands are pitching themselves on different levels to mark their head shaver for men as the best option available. However, choosing the ideal brand or head shaver model does not guarantee a smooth head shave. Additional care and maintenance are of utmost importance when it comes to having a bald head. You just can’t neglect the grooming aspect and expect to look good and presentable. Whether you have a full-haired head or are completely bald, being well-groomed adds significantly to your appearance and personality. Therefore, it is important to follow a regular head-shaving regime that will enhance your looks and make the process easier and more convenient.

Grooming and maintenance efforts for shaved heads can be varied where each individual follows a separate head shaving routine. The tips and techniques followed to maintain shaved heads are in abundant numbers. Whenever you browse for head shaving tips, you’ll be bombarded with numerous articles and blogs that state various effective tips for a quick and effortless head shave. These informative bits are shared by various bald head people, market researchers, as well as many head shaver brands. Each has something different and practical to add to the list of head shaving tips. But don’t you find it monotonous and repetitive after a point? Well, yes it does get unvarying and there’s nothing new to know or take from it.

This blog has something new and interesting for you! While you must have read many blogs that offer amazing head shaving tips for bald heads, did you come across something very new or interesting? If not, this blog will give you something intriguing and efficacious that will be really helpful the next you go for a head shave. Enough of the tips and tricks to choose the perfect head shaver for men, let’s move beyond it and explore some interesting and handy tips for head shaving that will ensure a better shaving experience.

# Tip 1 – Shave your head at night

Bizarre as it may sound, this actually does improve the head-shaving process and results significantly. Unless you don’t prefer to have a shaved head first thing in the morning, the best thing you can do for yourself is to shift your head shaving routine to the nighttime. While many religiously follow the morning shaving routine, it limits the shaving results owing to the puffy skin surface. After a long night’s sleep, the blood and other vessels accumulate in your head, and due to fluid buildup, the skin prevents hair follicles from fully protruding through the skin. Contrary to that, when you shave at night, your scalp skin is less puffy and allows the hairs to protrude properly.

# Tip 2 – Exfoliate the scalp after done shaving

You must have come across various blogs and people the stresses the importance of using exfoliation scrub on the scalp areas. While you know its importance and effectiveness, did anyone tell you when is the best time to exfoliate? Certainly, not many discuss this aspect. Exfoliation right after you shave your head using a head shaver prevents all kinds of skin irritation and razor bumps. Scrubbing the scalp region ensures minimum ingrown hairs and any kind of infection or irritation. Following this routine will keep your scalp healthy and free of itchiness, redness, and razor burns.

# Tip 3 – Refrain from using lathering shave cream

The primary intention of using shaving cream or pre-shave oil is to form a thin-like barrier between the skin and the razor blade so as to facilitate a smooth and irritation-free shave. But does lathering or foam shaving cream does this job? In most cases, it does not. These foam-based shaving creams are composed of microscopic air bubbles that act as a terrible barrier between the skin surface and the head shaver blades. As a result of this, you may suffer from frequent razor burns and irritation. Therefore, it is best suggested to use non-lathering shave cream. Also, you can use shaving cream and oil together for the best results.

Final Note

Shaving your head can be tricky but one can do it effortlessly if the right tips and techniques are followed. While using a good-quality head shaver for men is essential, following the right shaving regime can further facilitate a smooth and quick head shave. Stop doing it wrong and follow a fresh approach toward head shaving. These lesser-known shaving tips will revamp your shaving experience and make you look good!

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