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Lawyers in Boca Raton

Boca Raton, FL

Clients searching for an insolvency lawyer can interface with every minute of every day Legitimate. The organization has an information base of more than 20,000 experts, permitting it to coordinate clients with the right specialist co-op no matter what their area. It associates clients with liquidation lawyers who address the two lenders and debt holders in parts 7 and 13 procedures. These legal advisors handle both conditional and prosecution matters. all day, every day Lawful keeps up with open correspondence with clients to guarantee that they track down the supplier that accommodates their particular prerequisites.


FurrCohen is a Boca Raton-based law office that handles chapter 11 cases. The company’s insolvency attorneys work to safeguard the freedoms of clients confronting section 7, 11, and 13 liquidations that include expected abandonments and repossessions along with other obligation circumstances. FurrCohen helps organizations and people in selling debt without collateral, creating reimbursement designs, and stopping assortments including wage garnishments. The firm has over 30 years of insolvency regulation experience and furthermore gives portrayal to lenders and legal administrators.

GrayRobinson, P.A.

GrayRobinson, P.A. is a law office with an office in Boca Raton. This firm practices in a few distinct regions, including chapter 11, land, public money, and medical services. Its liquidation legal advisors advocate for leasers’ privileges, addressing lenders’ boards of trustees in foe procedures. They likewise help legal administrators in liquidation prosecutions under parts 11 and 7 of the Chapter 11 Code. Besides, they give legitimate direction to collectors of bank tasks. GrayRobinson, P.A. likewise handles obligation rebuilding, credit authorization, and acquisitions matters.

Harry J. Ross Lawyer at Regulation

The Law Office of Harry J. Ross is situated in Boca Raton and offers legitimate types of assistance for liquidations and obligation rebuilding. Ross attempts to direct clients through obligation decrease methodology, settlement, and different issues connected with parts 7, 11, and 13 liquidation cases. The insolvency lawyer moreover offers legitimate portrayal for obligation settlement with assortment organizations and loaning establishments. Beside liquidations, Ross likewise handles abandonment protection, business prosecution, changes to contract credits, and expense issues.

Regulation Workplaces of David Kovari, P.A.

The Law Workplaces of David Kovari, P.A. is a chapter 11 law office in Boca Raton offering arrangements and guidance to clients confronting obligation. The firm helps with figuring out which obligations meet all requirements to be exchanged, for example, Mastercard obligations, hospital expenses, and individual credits. It additionally assists clients with rebuilding their funds to keep away from dispossession or repossession. With north of twenty years of involvement, the firm expects to convey long haul arrangements, for example, giving assurance from leasers subsequent to seeking financial protection and direction on obtaining monetary soundness.

Mancuso Regulation, P.A.

Mancuso Regulation, P.A. is a liquidation law office in Boca Raton. With more than twenty years of legitimate insight, this organization addresses corporate and individual clients in out-of-court exercises, business suits, and liquidation procedures. The association’s lawyer safeguards the freedoms of indebted individuals and leasers, looking for goal for garnishment and assortment matters. His lawful administrations cover declaring financial insolvency, dealing with lender tasks, and giving obligation rebuilding help. Mancuso Regulation, P.A. is additionally authorized to rehearse in New York.

RLC Attorneys and Specialists LLC

RLC Attorneys and Specialists LLC is a two-lawyer legitimate firm that offers legitimate types of assistance in Boca Raton. Remembered for its training regions is chapter 11 regulation. Chapter 11 lawyers at the organization help clients from each phase of the cycle from finishing up the application to acquiring the expected records. They will likewise go to bank gatherings for clients’ sake. The legal advisors give direction in getting ready to life after chapter 11. RLC Legal counselors and Experts LLC’s group has a consolidated encounter of north of 40 years.

The Honorable Law office, Dad

The Honorable Law office, Dad is a full-administration legitimate office in Boca Raton. The organization’s lawyers practice in different regions including chapter 11. Its group of liquidation legal advisors gives help with section 7 or part 13 insolvency matters. Part 13 chapter 11, otherwise called the “breadwinner” liquidation, can be documented by clients who have a dependable type of revenue that can help them in re-paying a piece of their obligation. Beside insolvency, the firm likewise helps with abandonment safeguard.


Ullman and Ullman, P.A. offers chapter 11 attorney administrations to organizations in Boca Raton and the encompassing regions. Its lawyers are centered around giving canny exhortation and viable portrayal to entrepreneurs with liquidation cases. The group of head lawyers, Michael W. Ullman and Jared A. Ullman, uses their experience in business and money in making savvy legitimate answers for corporate liquidations. Other than insolvency regulation, Ullman and Ullman, P.A. likewise handles business interventions and cases