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Laswa Recipe

Laswa is a vegetable stew that is a straightforward, moderately cheap, and really adaptable dish. It’s delectable and endearing and what’s flawless about this recipe is, you can add practically anything that new produce you have available.

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What is Laswa?

Laswa is vegetable stew that is exceptionally wealthy in fiber due to every one of the vegetables! The vital elements of any Laswa recipe is calabasa, okra, and string beans, yet in the event that you don’t have them go ahead and discard them.

Likewise, this dish is made with shrimp or a fish meat of some sort or another. Growing up, my grandmother as a rule added broiled fish as the meat for the dish, however these days there are so many veggie lover vegan meat choices.

This dish is well known among Ilonggos in Negros and Panay and I accept the dish started there, yet don’t blame me for it in the event that it’s not. 😀 It’s eaten in most Filipino homes since this recipe is a wipe out your cooler, utilize all the new Filipino produce that are near decaying sort of recipe.

Medical advantages for Saluyot leaves (Jute in English)




vitamin A, C, and E





Medical advantages for Patola (Luffa in English)

Vitamin A

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B6




These are a portion of the medical advantages from the vegetables that I haven’t referenced in past posts, yet eating this stew will cause you to feel great and cheerful.

Tips on How to Make Laswa:

  • While cooking the vegetables, particularly with the malunggay leaves, saluyot and okra, timing is everything! Overcooking them won’t bring about a decent Laswa dish.
  • Heat up the hardest vegetable first. In this laswa recipe, the hardest vegetable is the calabasa so it is vital to make sure to put it first in the pot.
  • While picking patola, make a point to purchase the delicate ones. Typically, those are the littlest ones. You can likewise tell by the smell. Youthful, delicate patola is more fragrant than the greater ones.
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