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Just How to Disable SSID Program on Your Wireless Router

If you’re taking into consideration the choice to disable SSID program on your wireless router, you should comprehend the genuine safety issues that are involved.

If you disable SSID program, it’s true that the network name will not show up when someone look for available networks utilizing their common cordless network adapter.

Nevertheless, this does not conceal the network itself whatsoever. With the ideal software or technique, any individual can “see” your network and attach to it as they usually would with the network ID and password.

In this article you’ll learn exactly how SSID broadcasting works, just how people can still link to “hidden” networks, as well as finally exactly how you can disable SSID program on your router. If you just wish to see exactly how to disable SSID broadcast, you can scroll to the last section of this short article.

Exactly How a Router SSID Works

When you first turn a wireless router on, a lot of routers are established by default to relay the name of the cordless network. This is called the Solution Set Identifier, or SSID

A basic cordless adapter as well as its connected software program will certainly acknowledge and also provide all available SSIDs for networks that are within range.

When somebody disables SSID broadcast on any of those networks, the network will no longer show up in the cordless adapter’s listing of offered networks.

As an example, if the router is adjusted so that the network shown over called Netgear61-5G no longer relays its SSID, that network will certainly not appear when any individual scans for available networks.

This only occurs because when you disable SSID program, the SSID name adjustments to NULL, which will not show up in any kind of checklist of readily available networks.

This doesn’t suggest the network is inaccessible, it simply means the identifier isn’t broadcast.

If blocking access to your network is what you really want to do, quit below and review our guide on avoiding somebody else from using your Wi-Fi network.

Just How People Can See Networks With Disabled SSID.

The 802.11 standard for wireless networks calls for the router managing the wireless network to send out “administration beacon packages” that give fundamental details concerning the Wi-Fi network. The routers send this out regardless of whether or not they’re transmitting an SSID for the network.

There are totally free and paid software any person can get that can not only see Wi-Fi networks that have no SSID, but they can additionally identify the SSID relatively easily.

The software application can “see” those monitoring packets and determines available networks in this way, as opposed to by SSID. It can likewise link to the network by either trying a first connection to get SSID, or obstructing packets to and from various other clients. When the disabled-SSID network reacts to any type of demands, those responses consist of the network SSID name.

Hint: Enabling Wi-Fi file encryption can aid safeguard versus this sort of undesirable interception of packets.

Various surveillance applications have various degrees of ability. One instance of a complimentary software application that allows you see whether there are any kind of neighboring “hidden” networks is NetSpot.

You can see networks that aren’t relaying their SSID in the list that shows up when you release the app. Those are related to Surprise SSID listed under the SSID field.

Other free devices like WifiInfoView actually take this a step better. Not just can you watch covert networks, however you can link to them as well.

When you release WifiInfoView, you’ll see a similar list of networks. You can also right click on the surprise networks and attach to them.

You still need to recognize the network password in order to attach, but not having the SSID will not avoid a link effort from being made.

Other software applications that let individuals see Wi-Fi networks where the SSID is not being relayed include:

  • Acrylic WiFi (Paid).
  • Aircrack-NG.
  • Kismet.
  • Commview for Wifi.

Exactly How To Disable SSID Broadcast On Your Router.

If you still intend to disable SSID broadcast on your router, it just needs a couple of actions. Before you can do this, you’ll need to understand how to attach to your router making use of the admin password.

To get your network’s router IP address, open up a Windows command prompt as well as type the command ipconfig/all as well as press Get in.

Scroll down every one of the returned information until you see the Default Entrance IP.

Open up a web browser as well as kind this IP address (in this instance, right into the link area and also press Enter. This will certainly take you to the router login screen where you’ll need to visit making use of the admin password.

If you’ve never changed your admin password, then it’ll be the default admin password you can locate on your router.

Keep in mind: If you are using the default password, it’s an excellent idea to change it in order to better protected your WiFi network.

Once you’re logged into your router, you’ll need to locate the Wireless food selection to alter the SSID broadcast setting.

On Netgear Genie, you’ll discover this under the Standard tab. Select the Wireless food selection, and then disable the Enable SSID Broadcast checkbox for the 2.4 Ghz or 5Ghz network you wish to hide.

You’ll need to select Apply at the top of the page for the adjustments to take effect.

On other Netgear routers, you may locate this in the Advanced tab, by choosing Wireless settings and also unchecking Enable SSID Broadcast. (On older Netgear routers, this might be Enable Wireless Router Radio).

Disable SSID Program Other Routers.

The treatment to do this varies from router to router. On various other routers, follow the treatment listed below for the router that matches your own.

Linksys: Select Wireless as well as Basic Wireless Settings from the food selections. Establish SSID Program to Disabled. You’ll need to do this for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

D-Link: Select Configuration and also Wireless Settings from the menus. Then pick Guidebook Wireless Network Setup as well as established Presence Condition to Undetectable. Conversely, you can pick Enable Hidden Wireless. Select Save Settings to enable adjustments. (On older D-Link Routers, you’ll need to disable the Wireless Radio button under the Wireless food selection.).

Belkin: Select Wireless in the left food selection and then choose Channel as well as SSID. Deselect the checkbox alongside Program SSID.

If none of these instructions match your router, or if your router design isn’t noted below, check your router’s handbook. You ought to be able to discover and download it from the supplier’s internet site.

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