Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Just how to Assign a Static IP Address to a Windows 11/10 PC

Typically, your network router assigns a dynamic IP address to your devices, including your Windows 10 and 11 PCs. If you need a fixed IP address for your PC, you either need to configure your router or alter a setups choice on your computer system.

The advantage is there are multiple methods to appoint a fixed IP address to your Windows computer. Depending upon what you really feel comfortable with, you can choose a technique as well as wage it to get a taken care of IP address for your machine.

Why Utilize a Fixed IP Address?

There are many reasons you require a static IP address. It’s possible you utilize a remote link to link to your PC. In this situation, having a permanent IP address makes developing the remote connection easier.

In a similar way, if you use your PC for network data sharing, a static IP address ensures the various other tools on your network can connect to your PC with no reconfigurations.

Designate a Fixed IP to Your Windows 11/10 PC Utilizing Your Router

One means to get a fixed IP for your computer is by configuring your router to allocate a specified IP address to your device. Many routers provide this choice yet just how you set up the router is various for each and every router design.

Generally, you ‘d comply with the following steps to configure a fixed IP for your PC on your network router.

Locate Your Network Adapter’s MAC Address

For your router to identify your computer as well as designate it a specific IP address, you require to enter your network adapter’s (which is in your computer) one-of-a-kind MAC address on your router’s setups web page.

So, allow’s very first locate your network adapter’s MAC address:

Open up the Start food selection, look for Command Prompt, and also pick Command Prompt in the search results page.

Kind the following command in the Command Motivate home window as well as press Go into:

ipconfig/ all.

Command Prompt will display various values on your screen. Locate your network adapter right here and try to find the Physical Address area’s value. That’s your adapter’s special MAC address. Make a note of this address.

Configure Your Router to Appoint a Fixed IP to Your computer.

You currently require to access your router’s setups web page. For the majority of routers, you can do this by entering the IP address in a web browser on your computer system. If this does not benefit you, consult your router’s handbook to discover how to access the settings web page.

Launch an internet browser on your computer system, type the following IP address, and press Go into.

You’ll see your router’s login page. Enter your router’s username and also password as well as proceed. For a lot of routers, you can utilize admin in both username as well as password areas.

Select Network Settings at the top of your router’s setups web page.

Select DHCP Customer & Address Reservation from the sidebar on the left.

Enter the static IP address you would love to designate to your PC in the IP Address field on the right.

Type your network adapter’s unique MAC address in the MAC Address area. Then, pick Include and afterwards choose alright at the end of the page.

Reboot your router.

When your Windows 11 or 10 computer connects to your router, your router will certainly appoint the specified IP address to your PC. This will certainly occur each time you connect your PC to your router.

Assign a Fixed IP to Your Windows 10 COMPUTER.

If you do not want to configure your router’s setups, the various other means to designate a static IP address to your Windows 10 PC is by using the Windows Settings app. You can configure your IP setups in this application to ensure your PC constantly obtains a distinct fixed IP.

Nonetheless, there’s a slight problem with this approach. If your router has already appointed the IP address that you want for your PC to one more tool, you’ll experience issues attaching your computer to your router.

To get around this, attempt to utilize an IP address far beyond the general IP addresses that your router assigns. As an example, if your router usually offers IP addresses up to, state,, then utilize as the static IP for your PC.

To wage this method:

  • Open up the Settings app on your PC by pushing Windows + I keys at the exact same time.
  • Select Network & Net on the Setups home window.
  • Scroll down the Standing web page that opens up and choose Change adapter options.

You’ll see a checklist of your network adapters. Right-click the adapter that you utilize with your network and also choose Features from the food selection.

Select Web Method Variation 4 (TCP/IPv4) in the listing and pick Features.

Allow the Usage the following IP address option on the adhering to home window.

Select the IP address area and also kind the static IP address you ‘d like to assign to your PC.

Complete the Subnet mask field, which is normally Kind your router’s entrance, which is typically, in the Default portal area.

For DNS servers, you can utilize Google’s Public DNS. To utilize these, choose the Preferred DNS server area and type Select the Alternate DNS server field and type Then, pick OK.

Shut the Feature home window by selecting Close.

Your Windows 10 computer will certainly separate from your router, as well as it will after that immediately reconnect. Hereafter reconnection, your PC ought to now have actually the specified fixed IP address allocated to it.

Appoint a Static IP to Your Windows 11 COMPUTER.

Like with Windows 10, you can make use of the Windows Settings application to appoint a fixed IP address to your Windows 11 COMPUTER.

Press Windows + I keys all at once to open the Settings application.

Select Network & web from the sidebar on the left in Settings.

Select Advanced network settings at the end of the Network & internet page.

Locate your network adapter in the list as well as select the adapter. Then, pick Sight extra properties.

Select Edit beside IP project.

Select Guidebook from the Edit IP setups dropdown menu. Then, toggle on the IPv4 option.

Select the IP address field as well as kind the fixed IP address to designate to your computer.

Select the Subnet mask area and also go into Enter your router’s IP address, which is usually, in the Default gateway area.

Go into in the Preferred DNS field. Go into in the Alternating DNS area.

Select Save near the bottom.

And your Windows 11 PC now has a fixed IP address designated to it. In the future, your PC will continue to acquire this fixed IP address from your router, supplied there are no IP dispute issues with your router.