Friday, January 27, 2023

Jigarthanda Recipe

Jigarthanda is a cooling drink famous in Madurai easing back acquiring its ubiquity all over Tamil Nadu. Jigarthanda is a reviving body coolant ideal to beat the late spring. Jigarthanda with bit by bit pictures.

Jigarthanda is sold in little shops and is an extremely well known drink particularly during summer. Jigarthanda – ‘Jigar’ signifies ‘Heart’, ‘Thanda’ signifies ‘Cold’ so the unique beverage is viewed as relieving to heart. It is prominently called as jil jigarthanda.

There might be numerous varieties to this Madurai Jigarthanda however I am totally happy with my rendition which will sure come extremely near madurai jigarthanda taste, Yes I guarantee it! I have made an honest effort to incorporate every one of the stepwise pictures, for additional varieties allude my notes segment.

So subsequent to tasting and catching wind of the notoriety of jigarthanda I needed to reproduce it at home. I asked my cousin who is a local of Madurai to click pictures of Jigarthanda and send it across as I originally needed to perceive how the bona fide madurai jigarthanda seemed to be. He sent me the photos alongside a video the previous summer, he gave tips too and it took me a year to attempt it. Thank you kindly Goldking for the photos and video!

The name ‘Jigarthanda’ itself entices me soo much that subsequent to coming to CBE once I saw a lassi slow down selling jigarthanda so pestered hubby to pause and inspire me to taste it. One taste I completely succumbed to jigarthanda, and that is whenever I first tasted it and after that at whatever point we pass by that shop I would stop there for jigarthanda however the beverage is accessible just in summers.When I asked the individual who made it he gave a few clues that badam pisin and nannari syrup are the primary fixings utilized here.


Badam pisin :

 Badam Pisin is an extraordinary consumable gum that is taken from almond tree. It is called tragacanth in english and katira gond in hindi. You can purchase this from amazon. Try not to avoid this fixing as it is the primary element for making jigarthanda.

Nannari syrup :

I utilized natively constructed nannari syrup however it is effectively avaialble in stores so you can get it. the genuine madurai jigarthanda utilizes just nanari syrup.


I utilized natively constructed palkova yet you can get it effectively from stores and use it as well.

Diminished milk :

 Milk is stewed to get a somewhat thick consolidated milk sort of taste. In reality I feel a greater amount of palkova taste in this milk alongside nanari syrup gives the customary jigarthanda flavor.

Frozen yogurt from diminished milk :

Homemade frozen yogurt is made utilizing decreased milk which gives jigarthanda the bona fide taste. Be that as it may, you can utilize vanilla frozen yogurt as well however if you have any desire to taste the legitimate madurai jigarthanda then no alternate routes please.



  • You can utilize dense milk, blend it in with milk to get thickened milk.
  • This is certain the simple form.
  • The estimation will be for 2 cups milk utilize 1/4 cup consolidated milk.
  • Rather than hand crafted jigarthanda frozen yogurt you can utilize readymade vanilla frozen yogurt and sprinkle nannari syrup over it to get the flavor.
  • You can supplant badam pisin with agar however certain the taste will change.


  • Take your serving glass ought to be tall. First add 2 tsp nannari syrup then add 2 loaded tbsp of badam pisin.
  • Presently add little milk then add minimal diminished milk till it arrives at 3/4 th of the glass.
  • Give a speedy mix with a spoon then add a scoop of natively constructed icecream.Serve right away.
  • Serve right away!


I previously stood by to get a serving glass the ones they serve in shops, then, at that point, chased after badam pisin which required some investment then, at that point, making custom made nannari syrup took some time and when I had every one of them close by, I was as yet befuddled whether to utilize locally acquired frozen yogurt or make my own and the specific technique for making jigarthanda frozen yogurt.

This mid year the principal thing I remembered to click was jigarthanda and purchased frozen yogurts and kept… yet last week when I saw a video in which the jigarthanda dealer said the frozen yogurt they use likewise assumes an essential part in jigarthanda and they call it Bhai Icecream and he just said the elements for making the icecream.

 So my brain was fixed for making custom made frozen yogurt for Jigarthanda so it was very nearly 3 days of hardwork for making every one of the fixings from the scratch lastly today I gathered the jigarthanda and served it… Yayyyy I am a blissful soul today.