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How to Screen Share on Discord from Desktop or Smartphone

Discord is an excellent choice to teleconference services like Zoom or Slack. It’s totally free as well as comes with just the same attributes that you would certainly expect from a telecommuting app, including the ability to share your screen from desktop as well as mobile phone.

If you’re making use of Disharmony as initially planned– for pc gaming functions– display sharing will be available in useful when you want to stream your gameplay or host a D&D game online. Screen sharing has lots of non-gaming usages too. While on a video clip telephone call, you can share a Word or Excel document with your associates or mention a location in a discussion.

Exactly How to Screen Share on Discord from Desktop computer

You can easily share your display on Discord using the Video clip Telephone call function. This approach works on Mac & Windows, and you can share your screen when you use the Discord application and when you make use of Dissonance in your browser.

How to Share Your Display Utilizing the Discord App

To start display sharing using the Dissonance app on your computer system, comply with the actions below.

Open up the Disharmony application on your computer system.

Locate the individual that you intend to share your display with on your Friends listing or in Straight Messages if you already have an open conversation with them. Select this customer.

In the upper-right corner of the application, select Begin Video clip Phone call.

As soon as the telephone call starts, select Share Your Display to start display sharing.

You’ll see the Screen Share food selection pop-up. Here you can choose just to share one of the Applications that you have running. This choice is much better for when you wish to stream your gameplay or enjoy a YouTube video clip together. Additionally, select Displays to share your entire display with the various other customer.

After selecting the screen sharing setting, double-check if you’re sharing it with the ideal streaming network. You can additionally pick the Resolution as well as the Framework Rate that you desire.

Select Go Live to start screen sharing.

You can pause or quit sharing your display any time throughout the video call. To do that, select Quit Streaming, and also you’ll switch from display sharing to sharing the video clip from your cam with the network instead.

How to Display Share on Dissonance With Your Web browser

If you like making use of Dissonance in your browser, you can also share your screen from the site. To begin display sharing on Disharmony using your browser, follow the actions listed below.

Go to and also select Open Dissonance in your web browser.

Locate the user that you intend to share your screen with in your Friends listing or in Straight Messages if you already have an open conversation with them. Select this customer.

In the upper-right corner of the window, pick Start Video clip Call.

When the phone call starts, pick Share Your Screen to start screen sharing.

In this situation, the pop-up menu is different and has more alternatives. Under Pick what to share, you can select to share your Entire Screen, a solitary Window (to share the materials of just one application), or a Chrome Tab. When sharing a picked Chrome Tab, you likewise get an alternative to Share audio.

After you select the display sharing setting, choose Share to start sharing your display.

If you intend to stop or quit sharing your screen at any time throughout the video telephone call, pick Stop Streaming. This will quit display sharing as well as switch to your webcam rather.

How to Share Your Display on Disharmony from Mobile

Disharmony enables you to share your display from your mobile phone as well. Nevertheless, there’s no option to select which component of the display or which app to share. Instead, the various other customer will see your whole screen in real-time. They will certainly see any notices or messages that you get throughout the phone call.

To avoid revealing any delicate info, make sure to close any kind of apps that you don’t intend to inadvertently switch to and make it possible for the Do Not Disrupt mode on your mobile phone to silence the notifications. After that continue to start your Dissonance video call.

How to Screen Share Making Use Of the Dissonance Mobile App

Prior to you continue, make sure your Dissonance application is current, and you have the latest variation mounted on your phone. To begin screen sharing on Dissonance from your smartphone, adhere to the steps listed below.

Open up the Dissonance app on your phone.

Find the user that you want to share your screen with and also begin a conversation with them.

In the upper-right corner of the application, select Beginning Video Telephone call.

As soon as the call begins, select Share Your Display. Discord will then ask for your approval to videotape or cast your display. Select Start now to start display sharing.

Dissonance will certainly then display the You’re sharing your screen message. Simply change to an additional application that you want to stream for one more user. To pause or stop sharing your screen at any moment throughout the video clip call, open Discord and pick Stop sharing. The video clip will certainly after that change back to the view from your camera.

What if Display Sharing on Disharmony Isn’t Working?

The capability to share your screen with others is advantageous. Screen sharing can be available in convenient when you want to share your gameplay or reveal the software program you’re making use of to others. If you find that this attribute isn’t servicing Discord, you can fix the concern and learn what’s creating it.

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