Saturday, May 21, 2022

How to Pick the Right Cyber Security Distributor?

Cybersecurity is no joke. Businesses and government institutions worldwide have faced several cyberattacks since the beginning of the internet era. Wherever there is a new invention, people find a way to use it for their selfish and destructive purposes. Some use their knowledge of technology to help and improve people’s lives, and some use this ability to steal, threaten, and make money by endangering online security.

The only way to save your company’s online network and cloud data is by incorporating a tech team of your own—finding a cyber security distributor with high-tech safety features is a good idea too.

Recently, many businesses and banking institutions have faced several cyberattacks, and they have multiplied their online security shields and made their firewalls much stronger. You can also generate a much more robust firewall and make data theft and phishing attacks difficult or impossible for the hackers. For this, you need to find the right distributors of cyber security services. But, how will you do that? 

The article will list how to find the right kind of vendors for your business’s cyber security.

Their Reputation

You need to get the best people for this job because your data and your client’s data are worth millions, and securing them from the hands of the attackers is the priority. The best way to find the people for this task is by looking at their experience and reputation in the industry. You may ask your partners, clients or even competitors for suggestions. You will get the names of each of their cyber security distributor, and you can pick the one whose name came multiple times.

You can also find the best distributors by looking at the awards and accolades. Years of experience also matter in this case.

Their Qualification

The distributors or vendors have to meet the standard set by the industry. They must have the required certifications and credentials for their authenticity and licence. Certifications range from the national level to international levels, such as CompTIA, Cissp, CCSP, and GSEC. If they have these certifications and approval from the national authority to function as a cybersecurity distributor, you can approach them without any doubt.

Are They Accessible 24×7?

You need a distributor who can be contacted any time you want because online threats have no specific time. Hackers are spread across the globe, so their attacking time may not be the same. Your online security support must be available 24×7 and must be ready to tackle any threat.

There must be an established protocol for communicating with each other during the crisis, and they should be able to take appropriate actions during the attack.

How Much Do They Understand Your Business?

Cybersecurity consists of similar protocols and firewalls, but this must be changed according to the client’s business and their tech. Your cyber security distributor must know the type of business you do, the software incorporated in your company, the communication channels your employees use, etc. Offering security without understanding your business and its functions could be dangerous.

Some of the other things you must look for in the distributor are:

  • The availability of deals and packages
  • Affordability and customisation option
  • What’s their plan when something goes wrong?

These are the things you must look for in your new cybersecurity distributor/vendor. If they have everything on the checklist, you can approach them and make the deal.