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How to choose a handheld pet hair vacuum?


If you’re a pet parent, chances are that you’ve experienced the frustration of constantly cleaning up pet hair around your home. Not only can it be a time-consuming and tiresome task, but it can also be difficult to get all the pet hair off your furniture and carpets. After all, pets shed quite a bit throughout the year!

Fortunately, there are some tools that can make the job of cleaning up pet hair much easier. One such tool is a handheld pet hair vacuum cleaner. These handy devices are designed specifically for removing pet fur from hard-to-reach areas and upholstery. But how do you choose the right handheld pet hair vacuum for your needs?

In this article, we’ll discuss the features to look out for and provide you with some helpful tips on how to choose a handheld pet vacuum. Let’s get started!

What to Look for in a Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

When it comes to cleaning the pet hair off your furniture, floor and stairs, handheld vacuums are an essential tool. But with so many pet vacuums on the market, it can be tricky to choose one that meets your needs.

The first thing you need to consider is power. Cordless vacuums tend to provide more suction than corded ones, making them better suited to pick up pet hair quickly and efficiently.

You should also consider whether you want a detachable hand vacuum or just a handheld stick vacuum cleaner, it will allow you to target specific areas of your home and even get into hard-to-reach places like crevices and corners, while the latter will be more suitable for larger spaces like carpets or rugs.

Finally, think about filter types – usually, either foam or HEPA filters – as different types of filters work better for different things. Foam filters are better at trapping larger particles such as pet hair, while HEPA filters are better suited for trapping smaller particulates from dust or allergies.

Types of Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

When it comes to choosing a handheld pet hair vacuum, you’ll need to decide between two types: cordless and corded models.

Cordless Models

These models are the most popular because they offer convenience and mobility. Cordless pet vacuums are powered by batteries, so you can easily move around without worrying about a tangled mess or being pulled by a cord. Plus, they usually come with a range of attachments that can tackle any kind of pet fur.

Corded Models

Corded models are usually less expensive than cordless versions but lack the same level of versatility. As these models rely on an electric outlet for power, users have to be close to a power source when operating them. This can limit how far users can roam when cleaning up after pets but still provides plenty of suction power and portability in smaller areas.

Weight and Size Considerations for a Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

The weight and size of your handheld pet hair vacuum should also be taken into consideration. Generally, handheld pet vacuum cleaners are lightweight, which makes them easy to manoeuvre around furniture and tight spaces.

When it comes to size, you don’t want something that’s too bulky to manage. A good rule of thumb is the less bulky, the better – after all, you’ll be holding it for long periods of time!

Different Types of Attachments for Handheld Vacuums

When it comes to handheld vacuum for pet hair, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that comes with a wide range of different attachments and capabilities. Not only do these attachments help you clean your home or car more efficiently, but they also make sure you can control the suction strength of the vacuum if needed.

Handheld vacuums can come with a variety of attachments, but some of the most useful include:

Crevice tools: These attachments have a long, narrow shape that allows them to reach into corners and crevices that a normal vacuum head or brush cannot access.

Extendable hose: This feature can be helpful when you need to reach high or low areas, such as ceilings or under furniture.

Detachable battery: A removable battery can make it easier to replace or charge the battery when needed.

Charging and storage two-in-one base: This type of base can be convenient as it allows you to charge your vacuum while also storing it in a compact and organized manner.

For example, Maircle’s cordless pet vacuum contains all 4 types of attachments mentioned above, allowing you to better customize your cleaning experience based on your needs. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to store in tight spaces when not in use.

Best Suction Power for Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaners

The power of a handheld pet hair vacuum cleaner is measured in suction power, and getting one with the best suction power is key. If you’re trying to clean up pet hair, then you’ll want one with strong suction capabilities—otherwise, your vacuum won’t pick up as much fur at one time.

You’ll also want to get one that has HEPA filtration so that your vacuum can filter the dirt, dust and pet dander properly. The S3 Pro also has this capability—it has 4 stages of HEPA filtration that remove allergens from your home with maximum efficiency.

FAQs About Handheld Pet Hair Vacuum

If you’re considering getting a handheld pet hair vacuum for your furry family member, you probably have some questions. Here are the most commonly asked questions to help you decide if this is the right tool for you.

What type of handheld pet hair vacuum should I buy?

The best kind depends on your budget, how mobile you need the vacuum to be and your space size. A cordless model is great for small to medium-sized spaces and offers more versatility in terms of access than a corded model. This model is also lightweight and easy to carry around with you, which makes it ideal for cleaning stairs, corners, and furniture.

What kind of filter do handheld pet hair vacuum use?

Most handheld pet hair vacuums have HEPA filters which trap microscopic dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. This helps ensure that all of the air that comes out of your vacuum is clean and free from allergens.

How often do I need to empty my pet hair vacuum?

The frequency of needing to empty your pet hair vacuum depends on how much pet fur or dirt accumulates in it during use. We recommend emptying it after each use, especially if there’s a lot of fur or dirt buildup inside the bag or cup.

Introducing Maircle S3 cordless pet vacuum

Now let’s talk about the features of the Maircle S3 cordless pet vacuum. It’s the perfect tool for picking up pet hair, with a brush that is designed to be tangle-free, so you don’t have to stop and remove strands from your vacuum. Plus, it also has an updated green LED Technology that illuminates pet hair and other large debris, so you don’t miss any spots!

The vacuum also comes with an Intelligent LED Display, which helps you keep track of how long you’ve been vacuuming and when the battery needs to be charged. Additionally, it offers a self-standing charging dock which makes storage in the house or garage easy.

And then there’s the suction power — 23Kpa ultra-powerful suction is enough to power to pick up even heavier pet hair and other debris. So, if you’re looking for a handheld pet hair vacuum that can do the job quickly and efficiently, cordless pet vacuum is definitely worth considering!


So, when looking for a handheld pet hair vacuum, it’s important to consider factors such as battery life, power, suction power, and whether it’s cordless, as well as any additional features that could be beneficial. The Maircle S3 Pro Cordless Stick Pet Vacuum Cleaner has all of these features and more, making it the perfect choice for pet owners who are looking for a comfortable and convenient way to clean up pet hair. And, its cordless design makes it perfect for any pet owner on the go. So, if you’re looking for a pet hair vacuum that can do it all, look no further than the Maircle S3 Pro Cordless Stick Pet Vacuum Cleaner.

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