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How to Cancel YouTube TV?

Understanding how to cancel a subscription service might make it easier. Cancelling YouTube TV is easy if it no longer fulfills your needs or you want to try something else. Our extensive YouTube TV cancellation guide will help you go through the process.

Why Cancel YouTube TV?

Understanding why someone might cancel YouTube TV is crucial before we begin the canceling procedure. Viewing preferences, monetary restrictions, and entertainment demands are frequent causes. YouTube TV was useful, but times change. You may have discovered a cheaper option or your favorite channels on another platform.

Whatever the cause, YouTube TV cancellation requires measures. While the processes may vary by device or platform, we’ll cover the overall procedure and highlight any platform-specific variances.

General Steps to Cancel YouTube TV:

Account Access:

Launch YouTube TV on your device or browse the website. Sign in to your YouTube TV Google account.

Go to Settings.

Check the settings menu after logging in. A gear symbol usually indicates this menu’s position. Some platforms need clicking your profile image to access options.

Find Subscription:

Search the settings menu for a subscription or account option. It might be “Membership” or “Subscription.” Click this to continue.

Cancellation Option:

You may cancel your subscription under subscriptions. Click it; you may be prompted to confirm.

Follow Confirmation Steps:

YouTube TV may request confirmation of cancelation. This may require answering questions or choosing a cancellation reason. Give the required details and proceed.

Confirmation Email:

You’ll receive a confirmation email after canceling YouTube TV. This email proves cancelation and may provide your subscription termination date.

Platform-Specific Variations:

Canceling on Web Browser:

The aforementioned instructions should work for web browsers. Visit YouTube TV’s website and go to settings to cancel.

Canceling on Mobile Devices (iOS/Android):

The YouTube TV app on a mobile device works similarly. Open the app, go to settings (typically your profile image), find the subscription or membership area, and cancel.

Canceling on Smart TVs and Streaming Devices:

YouTube TV on smart TVs or streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire Stick may have a different UI. Access settings or account information using your remote, discover subscription information, and cancel.

Common Challenges and Solutions:

Billing Cycle and Refunds:

Cancelling your membership may not result in a reimbursement for the unused billing month. YouTube TV normally offers access till the paying month ends.

Multiple Google Accounts:

For individuals with several Google accounts, canceling the subscription under the proper account is vital. Check your YouTube TV Google account login.

Third-Party Subscriptions:

YouTube TV subscribers on Apple or Roku may need to cancel through their service. Refer to your subscription for instructions.

Customer Support:

Contact YouTube TV’s customer service if you have any issues canceling or have queries. They can help and clarify situations.

Alternatives to YouTube TV:

If YouTube TV no longer suits you, try other streaming providers. Some common choices are:

Hulu Plus Live TV: Includes live channels and Hulu’s vast on-demand library.

Sling TV: Customizable channel bundles let you pick your favorite channels.

FuboTV features sports, entertainment, and news channels.

AT&T TV: Offering live TV and on-demand entertainment in various bundles.

Philo: A low-cost entertainment channel provider.

Compare the channel selection, cost, and features of various options to discover the best fit.


You may cancel YouTube TV easily. Following the procedures and paying attention to platform-specific modifications helps streamline the canceling process. Consider switching streaming services to change your viewing experience. Cancelling YouTube TV might offer up new and intriguing streaming entertainment alternatives due to a change in interests, budget, or desire to investigate.

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