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How Has Prepaid Recharges Acquired a Permanent Space in the Lives of Common People?

Mobile phones were invented to facilitate emergency contact with those who were not physically present. Cellular networks have kept up with the growth of technology to provide a smooth experience. The two frequently used connection types to make voice calling functionality available are postpaid and prepaid connections.

The time you pay for the services you receive is the main distinction between prepaid and postpaid services. While postpaid plans need to be paid as a bill at the end of the next month or year, prepaid plans need an advance payment for the services before usage. As a result, it often has a recharge time and a time restriction. But with time, prepaid plans came out to be more cost-effective as well as more popular among common people.

Any prepaid recharges from any telecom service provider, such as VI online prepaid recharge, Jio Recharge, Airtel prepaid recharge, etc., can be done easily using the MobiKwik payment gateway. 

Advantages of Prepaid Plans:-

Compared to postpaid, prepaid has several benefits. Firstly, after telecom providers (JIO, Airtel, Vi) introduced reasonably priced unlimited voice calling plans with substantial data, prepaid plans became astonishingly cost-effective. 

Here are some more advantages of prepaid plans:

  1. Plan Hidden Costs: With prepaid plans, firstly, you recharge your sim, receive your balance, or activate a calling pack that has a fixed expiration date; if you use it up sooner, you must recharge again. Unlike postpaid, there are no additional fees that are not disclosed and no possibility of going over budget.
  2. Multiple Options: Prepaid customers have a wide range of options, including unlimited calling and data packs, calling minutes packs, rate reductions, and unique data recharge. Compared to postpaid, there are significantly more options and packages available. In addition, compared to a small variety of postpaid plans, prepaid plans offer a tremendous amount of freedom in terms of changing your packs and possibilities.
  3. Spending Control: In prepaid, you have to pay a fixed amount every month as a plan, and whether you fully utilize the plan or not. So, you may keep your expenditure as low as you’d like. In postpaid, you pay for what you use, not according to your plan.
  4. Ease Of Switching Tariff Plans: When you wish to change your prepaid pack, you don’t get any difficulty, hassle, or billing points. You can easily visit a recharging platform like MobiKwik and change your recharge packs from multiple options available and complete your recharge.
  5. High Bill Due to Misuse: You will receive a hefty bill if ISD calls or a tremendous amount of data is consumed on a postpaid connection. In the worst-case scenario with prepaid, your balance will be zero, but in postpaid, you can surely get a high bill shock if you are not cautious.

Disadvantages of Prepaid Plans:-

  1. Family Plans Are Frequently Better: For individuals, postpaid phone plans cost more than prepaid ones. However, big carriers provide discounts and aggressive pricing to families or bundle services, which can increase the competitiveness of their price per phone.
  2. International Restrictions: Prepaid phone plans aren’t necessarily the greatest for going abroad because many rely on the already-existing cellular networks. However, you may either upgrade your plan while traveling or purchase an international roaming plan from the service providers.
  3. Customer Care services: You will obtain a more quick and comprehensive response from customer service if you have a postpaid mobile network plan and have to contact them. However, you can have prolonged wait times when calling customer support using a prepaid service.


Initially, postpaid service providers provided more significant value than prepaid plans, which were more expensive. Because they offer such aggressive pricing, today’s prepaid telecom companies are so highly competitive that most people opt to utilize them. However, postpaid networks continue to provide obvious advantages over prepaid.

Before the Reliance JIO introduction, postpaid was a more affordable alternative, but postpaid plans had superior features than prepaid plans. However, with the JIO debut, the situation changed; extremely affordable unlimited monthly bundles are now available in prepaid.

Prepaid internet plans offer the most value for money and affordable options based on the typical daily consumption of the ordinary individual. Therefore, the aforementioned justifies why prepaid service providers are so essential to our everyday lives. It is where MobiKwik becomes elementary, which provides very convenient recharging options at home, such as Jio rechargeVI online prepaid recharge, Airtel recharge, etc., in just a few clicks.

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