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Here are the Top Wedding Cake Bakers

A Love For Cakes

A Love For Cakes is a cake store that serves modified wedding cakes in the New York City region. The shop’s manifestations additionally incorporate cakes for different events like grown-up and kids’ birthday events, wedding parties, and graduations. Its group of dough punchers conveys cake fillings with various wipe flavors, for example, dulce de leche mousse, vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream, cream cheddar, and cannoli.

The Evercake

The Evercake is a web-based cake store that serves New York City clients. The shop makes exemplary cake plans for weddings and festivities. Its menu offers various flavors like blue velvet, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake, and vanilla. Its 7″ cakes can serve up to 15 visitors, while its 10″ cakes can serve up to 25. Organizer Rosalin made the business subsequent to encountering troubles in having a cake conveyed for her child’s birthday.

My Daughter’s Cakes

My Daughter’s Cakes is a Dumont private bread kitchen that has some expertise in wedding cakes. Proprietor and cook Denise Smith offers conferences that incorporate free wedding cake tastings for up to four individuals. For five or six visitors, there is a charge which is deducted from the cake request. Clients can likewise have a treat table for their wedding. The pastry shop will convey inside Bergen County and some encompassing districts. My Daughter’s Cakes was highlighted in InStyle magazine and won WeddingWire’s Couple’s Choice Awards in 2014, 2015, and 2016, and WeddingWire’s Bride’s Choice Awards in 2012 and 2013. Clients value Denise’s amazing skill and ability.

Cake Power

Cake Power is a New York business that works with clients to make custom cakes. Kate Sullivan makes layered cakes, etched cakes, and wedding cakes, and all cakes are produced using scratch. Cakes are conveyed in the New York tri-state region. Dessert Professional named Kate one of the “Main 10 Cake Artists of North America” and her cakes have been highlighted in various magazines like InStyle Weddings, O Magazine, and People. Clients value Kate’s ability, persistence, and innovative cakes.

Sugar Couture

Sugar Couture is a Brooklyn business that has been serving clients for more than 11 years. The business makes sweet treats, custom cakes, and wedding cakes. Custom cake flavors incorporate winter white, lemon ginger, super rich margarine, pumpkin, red velvet, and peanut butter. Wedding and festivity cake can likewise be vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, and egg free.


Heated is a Brooklyn pastry kitchen and bistro that has three areas. The pastry kitchen makes brownies, biscuits, tarts, scones, treats, bars, cupcakes, and pies. The bistro serves breakfast and lunch. The pastry kitchen likewise makes wedding cakes, dessert tables, and wedding favors, and offers tastings and interviews. Heated has won a few honors and has been included on the Food Network, the Today Show, the Style Network, the Cooking Channel, and the Martha Stewart Show. Clients value the client support and the prepared products.

City Cakes

City Cakes is a New York business that has been serving clients for north of five years. The cake shop makes half pound treats, connoisseur cupcakes, and custom cakes. A few components that can be integrated into custom cakes incorporate custom work of art, puppets, sugar glue blossoms, logos, and high quality sugar subtleties. Different choices are organized, molded, and 3D cakes. City Cakes gives various flavors like magnetic carrot, touch of pineapple, valuable yellow, and strawberry champagne. Clients value their tender loving care and client assistance.

Made in Heaven Cakes

Made in Heaven Cakes is a Brooklyn family possessed and worked bread kitchen that has been serving clients for more than 17 years. Victoria took over proprietorship from her folks and she learned at The Culinary Institute of America, and interned with widely acclaimed cake decorator Colette Peters. Made in Heaven Cakes offers cupcakes, favors, one-level cakes, unique event cakes, vase cakes, and wedding cakes. Cake flavors are red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla with different filling choices. Cake tastings are offered and the charge is deducted from a cake request.

Valencia Bakery

Valencia Bakery has been serving the inhabitants of the New York City metro for over 70 years. It makes wedding cakes in a wide assortment of flavors, for example, tres leches, dulce de leche, red velvet, chocolate, and whipped creme. Also, it prepares frozen yogurt cakes. The wedding cakes of Valencia Bakery range from single-layered to four-layered. The bread shop additionally plans and heats custom cakes for other unique events, for example, child showers, christenings, and sweet 16 festivals.

Isabella’s Creations

Isabella’s Creations is devoted to making occasions and festivities exceptional for clients in New York City. Its cooks make redid cake plans for different events, including weddings. They work with couples to make the cakes they imagine, whether they need a little one for a close occasion or a multi-level cake for a great festival. Clients can browse their determination of cake flavors, including chocolate, red velvet, rainbow, vanilla, and margarine wipe.

Bay Ridge Bakery

Cove Ridge Bakery is a Brooklyn business that has been serving clients for north of 43 years. The pastry shop spends significant time in custom cakes and wedding cakes. Gourmet expert Nick works with couples to plan a novel wedding cake. Cake types he offers incorporate villain’s food chocolate, carrot cake, vanilla, red velvet, and chocolate. Fillings incorporate cannoli cream, chocolate mousse, mocha tiramisu, custard cream, and French cream. Backups incorporate new bananas, pecans, chocolate chips, apricot, pineapple, and dark backwoods cherries. Icings incorporate margarine cream, moved fondant, chocolate ganache, and chocolate fudge. Inlet Ridge Bakery likewise prepares cakes for those with nut sensitivities. Providing food for occasions, for example, corporate and confidential occasions is accessible.

Sweetums Nyc

Sweetums Nyc is a custom cake and pastries creator that serves the occupants of New York City and the encompassing regions. It offers an extensive variety of wedding cakes, like red velvet, mango madness, vanilla bean, treats and cream, and carrot cake. Other cake flavors it offers incorporate strawberry, coconutty, chocolate, vanilla and chocolate marble, and lemon. What’s more, the organization works with clients to make custom pieces as well as corporate and logo orders.

Empire Cake

Realm Cake is a New York free, privately possessed pastry kitchen that has been serving clients for north of four years. Contributions incorporate treats, brownies, cupcakes, bars, breakfast baked goods, nibble treats, and cakes. The specially crafted cakes are for events like corporate occasions, birthday celebrations, and weddings. Weddings cake choices are buttercream, fondant, and lucky man’s cakes, and it are likewise accessible to marry favors. Clients value their impressive skill, support, and tolerance.

CMNY Cakes

CMNY Cakes is situated in New York City and has been making custom cakes, treats, and cupcakes for various occasions for right around 20 years. The organization serves the five precincts of New York City, Eastern New Jersey, Long Island, and South Connecticut. Zeroed in on wedding and specialty cakes, the organization additionally makes cakes for events, for example, pre-wedding parties, child showers, corporate occasions, and birthday celebrations. The vast majority of the CMNY’s cakes are brightened with fondant yet it likewise takes care of solicitations for buttercream-glazed cakes and cute gifts.

Soma Cakes NYC

 Soma Cakes NYC makes modified wedding cakes in New York City. Its organizer, Tokyo-conceived Hiroyo Ruiz, prepared under Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto to finish her temporary job at the Institute of Culinary Education. Ruiz is equipped for making complicatedly planned layered cakes and pastry tables for providing food. She is engaged with the entire cake-production process, from baking and planning to chiseling and painting. Soma Cakes NYC likewise plans birthday cakes.

The Impossible Bakery

Serving New York City, The Impossible Bakery offers baking types of assistance to clients in the metro. It offers items, for example, chocolate cake, strawberry cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake, meringue cake, and chocolate cake truffle box. Its cakes are 100 percent veggie lover and sans gluten. The business utilizes fixings like almond milk, coconut cream, natural coconut oil, and agave syrup. The bread shop likewise has a redo choice where clients can pick the size, flavor, and stylistic layout of the cake they need to arrange.

City Sweets & Confections

City Sweets and Confections is a couture cake workmanship studio that serves the inhabitants of New York City and the encompassing regions. It offers specially crafted wedding cakes, with in excess of 50 cake flavors to browse. These flavors incorporate Madagascar vanilla bean margarine, Valhrona milk chocolate, and Valhrona dull chocolate fudge. It likewise makes colored, pearlized, texturized, and painted fondant cakes. Moreover, its cake blossoms are hand-etched from sugar. City Sweets and Confections has been in activity for over twenty years.

The Hudson Cakery

The Hudson Cakery is a Weehawken business that has been serving clients for more than six years. The store has practical experience in custom cakes and makes cake pops, treats, cupcakes, festivity cakes, and wedding cakes. The Hudson Cakery conveys in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Eastern Pennsylvania. The Hudson Cakery won the Bride’s Choice Award from 2010 to 2018 and won The Knot’s Best Wedding Vendor in 2011 and 2013, 2017 and 2018. Clients value how the cakes look and taste.

Nine Cakes

Nine Cakes is a Brooklyn business that has been serving clients for more than seven years. The business works in wedding cakes, and before a free wedding cake tasting, clients get a menu with the cake flavors and fillings to browse. Clients are urged to bring style sheets, a variety range, subject, pictures, and different things that can assist with rousing their wedding cake.

Circo’s Pasty Shop

Circo’s Pasty Shop is a Brooklyn bread kitchen that has been serving clients for north of 70 years. The bread kitchen has some expertise in Italian and French baked goods and offers custom treats and cakes. The cakes are for events, for example, birthday events, child showers, occasions, and weddings. Circo’s Pasty Shop makes novel wedding cakes that mirror the lady and lucky man and conveys anyplace in New York City. Clients value their devotion and incredible skill.

Ron Ben-Israel Cakes

Ron Ben-Israel Cakes is a New York cake studio that has been serving clients for north of 16 years. Culinary expert and proprietor Ron’s cakes have been highlighted in Vogue Magazine, InStyle, Martha Stewart Weddings, The New York Times, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. He makes custom cakes for unique events including weddings. Ron was a host and judge on the Food Network’s Sweet Genius and a co-judge on Cake Wars. He is an individual from City Harvest’s Food Council and Advisory Board. Clients value Ron’s ability.

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