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Here are the Top Pool Cleaners

Pool Boys

Pool Boys of Henderson represents considerable authority in pool cleaning, pool siphon establishments, tile cleaning, LED light establishment, and pool framework mechanization. The business is authorized, fortified, and guaranteed, and effectively attempts to grow its insight into industry patterns by going to yearly expos and working with industry engineers gaining practical experience in new item improvement.

Rick the Pool Dude

Rick The Pool Dude of Las Vegas is a private pool upkeep administration that offers pool gear fix and establishment, cleaning administrations, conferences, and assessments. Rick The Pool Dude will joyfully share any pool upkeep tips with its clients face to face or through the educational pages on its site. The organization’s site likewise has a display of when pictures of green-to-clean administrations and offers a helpful internet based installment choice.

Full Pool Services

Full Pool Services in Henderson has almost 15 years of involvement with pool upkeep. The business offers month to month and week by week cleaning administrations, corrosive washes, pool depleting, and green growth medicines. Full Pool Services puts in new pool gear and examines existing hardware for releases, broken valves, and then some. The organization offers a 100% fulfillment ensure on all administrations.

Mott’s Pool Service

Mott’s Pool Service is a family-possessed and – worked pool care business in Las Vegas that serves property holders and land organizations. The organization offers productive and compelling pool cleaning administrations, substance checks, corrosive washes, pool hardware fixes, green-to-clean compound medicines, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The business offers free gauges and an exceptional reward coupon for clients who solicitation gauges by means of its web-based contact structure.

Alpha & Omega Pool Services

Alpha and Omega Pool Services in Henderson offers pool depleting, cleaning administrations, corrosive washes, shock medicines, and green growth expulsion. The business likewise offers channel and tile cleaning and even trains mortgage holders have the opportunity to do as such to really focus on their pools at an expert level. Week after week pool cleaning administrations range from $90 to $150 each month and limits are accessible to realtors and proprietors of various properties.

Clean World Pools

Clean World Pools of Las Vegas utilizes top-quality pool cleaning hardware and synthetic compounds to guarantee a productive, safe, and clean pool framework. The organization is completely safeguarded and offers month to month upkeep administrations, pool fixes, depleting, corrosive washes, tile cleaning, dot impacting, and shock medicines to get green pools looking blue once more. Month to month cleaning administrations incorporate pool vacuuming, brushing of pool floor and walls, skimming, and adding any important synthetic substances to accomplish fitting chlorine and pH levels.

Red Rock Pool Service and Repair

Red Rock Pool Service and Repair offers pool fixes, updates, and month to month pool cleaning administrations. The organization can put in new water siphons, enhancing lighting, mechanized salt water frameworks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With all cleaning administrations, Red Rock Pool Service offers vacuuming, skimming, and brushing of all pool walls and tiles. With every week after week cleaning administration, the business adds specific clarifier and conditioner synthetic substances to the pool and leaves an agenda of finished administrations for the client upon flight.

Sparkle Pools & Spa

Shimmer Pool and Spa of Las Vegas is a group of ensured pool, spa, and finishing experts that offers all year pool and spa cleaning and upkeep administrations. The business offers shock medicines for green pools beginning as low as $199 and can absolutely deplete and top off pools for as low as $399. Shimmer Pool and Spa likewise offers redesign and fabricating administrations to assist clients with getting a totally programmed, eco-accommodating pool climate.


Poolstar is a family-possessed pool administration organization in Henderson that is authorized and completely protected. The business offers pool cleaning, channel tank cleaning, chlorine wash administrations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Poolstar can deplete and top off pools and get green pools looking spotless once more. Poolstar specialists generally show up completely formally dressed and in obviously checked vehicles. Poolstar ensures aware treatment of client properties by tidying up after any help and shutting all doors and entrances after leaving.

Ben’s Pool Service

Ben’s Pool Service has been serving Las Vegas clients for more than 40 years. The business’ administrations incorporate pool and deck painting, corrosive showers, compound adjusting, chlorine washes, mechanical establishments and fixes, and week after week cleanings. Ben’s Pool Service offers a level month to month rate for week after week cleaning administrations. The business’ site has a contact structure where potential clients can demand a free gauge.

Clear Blue Pool Service

Clear Blue Pool Service is a family-claimed and – worked business in Las Vegas that offers pool cleaning, upkeep, and fix administrations. Clear Blue Pool Service is authorized by the State of Nevada and an ensured pool and spa administrator with the National Swimming Pool Foundation. The organization offers one-time and week by week cleaning administrations, corrosive washes, channel cleanings, radiator upkeep, and salt water framework support.

America’s Swimming Pool Co.

America’s Swimming Pool Co. in Las Vegas works in routine pool cleaning and support, establishment of handrails and pool gear, and pool and deck remodels. The organization’s professionals are completely prepared and affirmed to supply week by week or case by case pool upkeep. The business has a scope of energy effective pool items and hardware to assist mortgage holders with getting a good deal on pool support. America’s Swimming Pool Co. offers adaptable installment choices for administrations.

Summerlin Hills Pools

Summerlin Hills Pools in Las Vegas offers week after week and once pool cleaning, green growth evacuation, chlorine washes, corrosive washes, from there, the sky is the limit. The organization likewise offers green-to-clean medicines and pool depleting administrations for pools that haven’t gotten any consideration in a season or two. Summerlin Hills Pools is accessible 24 hours of the day seven days of the week for pool upkeep crises.

Las Vegas Pool Service and Maintenance

Las Vegas Pool Service and Maintenance is an organization that tracks down clients the best costs on pool support, fix, and cleaning administrations by telling nearby pool organizations that a client is searching for a particular help in their space. Each organization then, at that point, contacts the client and places in its offered for the mentioned administration. Along these lines, the client has four distinct organizations contending to procure the client’s business, thus, permitting the person in question to pick the organization with the value that best meets the client’s requirements.

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