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Here are the top computer repair shops

Top Secret Techs

Highly classified Techs is a Space City supplier of fix and investigating administrations to families and organizations in Houston as well as the encompassing regions. Notwithstanding work area and PCs, staff at Top Secret Techs can fix tablets, cell phones, shrewd TVs, and game control center, for example, the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Clients might try and demand Top Secret Techs’ assistance with a breaking down fridge, broiler, or other home machine.

Computer Repair Houston

Beginning around 1995, as well as offering business-grade IT administrations, Computer Repair Houston has given Houston-region clients private fixes and investigating of their PCs and Macs. The organization’s PC specialists can set up remote or wired networks, fix broken equipment, and analyze various issues that may be tormenting a client’s PC.

The Computer Hospital

Situated in Houston, serving clients from all pieces of Space City as well as the encompassing regions, The Computer Hospital is a private and business PC fix administration. PC experts working at the organization can perform information reinforcement and recuperation, PC equipment fixes, and programming fixes, for example, cleaning infections, spyware, and other computerized bothers. The Computer medical clinic has won the Super Service Award from Angie’s List on numerous occasions. Outstandingly, the specialized group’s collection currently incorporates fix administrations for work areas and PCs as well as cell phones, tablets, game control center, and digital book perusers.

Digital Crisis, Inc.

Computerized Crisis, Inc., which opened in 2005, is a midtown Houston PC mechanics shop, assisting clients from the city and its rural areas who with having making trouble PCs or Macs. Experienced, authorized specialists can back up and recuperate clients’ information, fix printers and copiers, and set up and investigate organizing frameworks. Clients value the colleagues’ dependability, mastery, and amicable client support style.

CPR Cell Phone Repair Houston – Windermere Lakes Plaza

CPR Cell Phone Repair Houston – Windermere Lakes Plaza is a PC fix business serving clients all through the Houston metro region. Established in 2016, it fixes Apple and Windows-based PC and work stations with different issues, including broke screens, equipment mistakes, infections, and information recuperation. The maintenance organization likewise gives chief check up, security, Cloud reinforcement, redesigns, and remote help administrations. Its professionals additionally fix Apple and Android-based telephones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, and gaming consoles.

Newton Computer Services

Newton Computer Services, which was laid out in 2010, gives nearby PC fix and investigating administration to individuals from Cypress and somewhere else in the more prominent Houston people group. The Better Business Bureau certify, proprietor worked private company can set up remote organizations, fix equipment or programming issues with Windows PCs and Macs, and eliminate PC infections.

Kingwood PC Repair

Neighborhood occupants and organizations trust Kingwood PC Repair for on location specialized help, drop-off PC fixes, remote organization the board administrations, and numerous different administrations. The Houston PC fix organization is Better Business Bureau certify and an individual from the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce.

Westway PC

Westway PC, situated in Houston starting around 1997, centers primarily around furnishing little neighborhood organizations with on location IT administrations. Experts and remote help experts work to forestall network disappointment, remediate PC mistakes, and quickly answer security breaks. Impromptu assistance is typically accessible. Also, the experts at Westway PC are knowledgeable about overhauling home and business clients’ PCs and Macs, and they can investigate issues with Microsoft Office and other normal efficiency programs.

A+ Computers and Repair

Situated in Cypress, A+ Computers and Repair determined and remediates issues to have PCs, organizing gadgets, surveillance cameras, home theater TVs, projectors, and speakers, and other hardware. Clients looking for an economical PC might be keen on getting one of A+ Computers and Repair’s revamped work area or PC machines.

Impress Computers

Dazzle Computers, situated in Katy beginning around 2003, fixes PCs, workstations, printers, and other office hardware for clients all through the area. The Houston PC fix organization likewise has some expertise in overseeing private company networks through on location and far off support of servers, printers, and workstations. Furthermore, Impress Computers sells a scope of PCs as well as embellishments like switches, switches, and links.

Need Computer Help

Need Computer Help was established in the Woodlands in 1999 as a product improvement organization. Starting around 2006, the staff has been fixing work areas, PCs, and other gadgets for organizations and people in and around H-Town. Specialists at Need Computer Help can fix, supplant, and overhaul a variety of PC and Mac parts, including LCD screens, consoles, PC touchpads, hard drives and USB ports, power supplies, and heatsinks. Furthermore, Need Computer Help’s physical area incorporates a determination of new and revamped PCs, from straightforward working environment PCs to gaming PCs.

Honest Guy Computer Repair

Legit Guy Computer Repair is a Houston organization that administrations PCs for neighborhood homes and organizations. The specialized group is driven by a PC expert with three confirmations from the Computing Technology Industry Association, otherwise called “CompTIA,” in systems administration, PC security, and general IT administrations.


The prepared and qualified specialists at Caltechsys, a business that has served Houston for over 14 years, can eliminate infections and spyware, back up and recuperate information, and play out extra PC support strategies. The staff likewise incorporates website specialists and SEO experts who can assist clients with enlisting a space, fabricate the webpage, and start drawing web traffic.

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