Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Gem Squash Recipe

Sweet broiled pearl squash with velvety corn filling – A South African veggie lover delicacy


•             1 Gem Squash or any assortment of little squash/pumpkin

•             Salt to taste

•             ½ Tsp newly powdered dark peppercorn

•             ½ Tbsp olive oil

•             2 daintily cut spring onions

•             1 hacked/ground clove of garlic

•             ½ Cup new or frozen corn pieces

•             1 Tsp Tomato piri sauce or normal ketchup

•             1 Tsp cream (discretionary)

•             2 Tbsp ground cheddar or standard handled cheddar


1.            Wash and split the squash/pumpkin

2.            Scoop out the seeds and essence from the middle

3.            Pre-heat broiler to 200 Deg C for 10 minutes. Sprinkle half of the olive oil or focus on a smidgen of olive oil so that oil marginally covers the squash

4.            Sprinkle salt and dark pepper. Put the parts on a simmering skillet and heat in stove for 15 minutes at 200 Deg C

5.            In a skillet, heat oil saute cut spring onions

6.            Add garlic and saute for a couple of moments

7.            Add corn portions and saute for 2-3 minutes

8.            Add dark pepper powder and tomato piri sauce/pureed tomatoes or ketchup

9.            Add cream and blend well, avoid this step on the off chance that not adding cream

10.          Spoon this combination into split heated pearl squash

11.          Top it with cheddar splitting the filling and cheddar between the two parts. Heat again at 200 Deg C for 6-7 minutes

12.          Serve hot with a plate of mixed greens as an afterthought


  • Eat just the mash of the squash and dispose of the skin
  • Contingent upon size of the squash pretty much time might be expected.