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Florida Water Recipe

Have you at any point smelled something that takes you right back to your experience growing up? For some Latinxs, one fragrance that might make wistfulness is Agua de Florida or Florida Water. What you cannot deny is that there are endless ways of involving this otherworldly cologne in daily existence for purifying negative and stale energy from your home, yourself, another, or an item. It can likewise help in battling against mal de ojo (hostile stare).

What Is Agua de Florida, otherwise known as Florida Water?

Agua de Florida is a gender neutral cologne that was first presented in America in 1808 by New York City perfumer Robert I. Murray and is figured out with citrus substances, clove, lavender, and other home grown and flower removes. By the 1880s and 1890s, the organization Murray and Lanman was promoting the cologne as “The Richest and Most Popular of All Perfumes.” Today, the Murray and Lanman brand of Florida Water is apparently the most generally utilized, and the organization states it is as yet made with the first recipe.

What Is Florida Water Used For?

The cologne has been utilized in Indigenous profound practices for quite a long time and was purportedly given its name, Agua de Florida, following Juan Ponce de León’s 1513 campaign to the land he named Florida. The primary named legislative leader of Puerto Rico wondered about the number of blossoms that were on the land where the Taíno public let him know he could find “la fuente de juventud” or the wellspring of youth. He never found what he was searching for on the grounds that on his second Florida endeavor in 1521, he was lethally injured by a bolt in his thigh by neighborhood Natives, who went after the party of pioneers to safeguard their territory. Still today, on the Agua de Florida bottles made by Murray and Lanman, you can see the wellspring of timeless youth.

Where Can You Buy Agua de Florida (Florida Water)?

Agua de Florida can be found in botanicas, otherworldly shops, or supernatural stores. You can likewise find them in stores like Walmart and Walgreens and, surprisingly, on You don’t need to be a shaman or any kind of otherworldly expert to utilize Agua de Florida. Just buy a container and put it to use to see and feel the consequences of its intense energy-moving capacities. There are even Florida Water recipes on the off chance that you’re keen on the most proficient method to make your own.

Today, like never before, it appears, everybody conveys hand sanitizer to scrub microbes. Yet, shouldn’t something be said about purifying our hands of negative energy? In the wake of shaking somebody’s hand (in the event that you actually do something like that), you can just focus on a drop of Agua de Florida the centers of your hands to purge yourself of that individual’s energy. This functions admirably assuming you get on some terrible juju from the individual you contacted.


As you pack to travel through plane, train, transport, or any type of public transportation, think about dampening a couple of tissues or little materials with Agua de Florida. Store them in discrete little plastic sealable packs to keep them new and soggy. You can utilize them to wipe your hands subsequent to getting onto a plane or to wipe down your seat, folding table, and whatever else around you that you realize many hands have contacted. On the off chance that somebody close by is hacking or wheezing or simply doesn’t have a charming smell, you might in fact tenderly hold the cloth over your nose and breathe in the lovely fragrance of the Agua de Florida. In the time of COVID-19, this little tip might assist you with feeling enthusiastically more secure to travel.

Purifying Yourself or Another

Rub a drop or two of Agua de Florida in the centers of your hands, and begin by breathing it in and afterward ignoring your hands your face and head, your chest, your back, and down your legs to your feet. You can likewise do this for another person. It’s smart to do this prior to getting out of the house every day as well as after you get back.

Otherworldly Gatherings and Healing Sessions

On the off chance that you’re driving otherworldly get-togethers, you might need to have a bowl of Agua de Florida at the entry so as visitors enter, they can purge their hands. It’s likewise smart to shower your space with Agua de Florida when each social event. This incorporates virtual work as energy isn’t obliged by distance and time. So exceptionally similarly as you and your space can ingest negative energy from somebody genuinely there, the equivalent is valid for somebody on a screen. In the event that you’re a tarot peruser, Reiki specialist, knead advisor, or something almost identical, take a stab at splashing your space when every meeting to assist with combatting negative energy and cut the vivacious harmony made between the professional and client during the meeting.

Purifying the Home

For a profound energy purify at home, add Agua de Florida to your mop water or the water you will use to clean your windows, dividers, and whatever else in your home. Open your front entryway, and sprinkle the water blended in with Agua de Florida outside your front walkway to hold antagonism back from entering your home. On the off chance that your front entryway doesn’t open to the outside, you can in any case wipe down the entry for a similar reason. Likewise, consider setting a glass bowl of cool water on the highest point of your fridge with a container or two of Agua de Florida close to it. Try not to add the Agua de Florida to the bowl of water, since you believe it should stay clear. This bowl of water is accepted to absorb negative energy that enters your home. By basically setting the Agua de Florida bottle close to it, its purging properties are actuated. Change the water one time per week.

Profound Practices

Whether you think, practice yoga, or participate in another profound practice, use Agua de Florida to upgrade the experience. Focus on a drop your hands, and cup your hands over your nose. Take a profound breathe in, and ignore your hands the front of your face the entire way to the rear of your head. Rehash however many times as you’d like prior to getting comfortable for reflection or stirring things up around town mat. Take a stab at spritzing a little on your mat before your training.

Otherworldly Altars

In the event that you keep any special raised areas at home, it’s smart to have a jug of Agua de Florida on them as a proposing to your precursors, soul guides, and holy people. You can likewise utilize the water to purge your special stepped areas by tenderly cleaning down the surface and all that you have on your special raised area with Agua de Florida. Your soul group will thank you for it!

Purifying Crystals

Do you have gems put decisively all through your home? Indeed, after some time, they get energy. So it’s really smart to purge them now and again. You can do as such by adding your precious stones to a bowl of water (ensure the gems you need to purify function admirably in water) and adding a couple of sprinkles of Agua de Florida. Leave it short-term or for a couple of evenings prior to drying the gems and setting them back to where your heart wants.

Otherworldly Baños

Agua de Florida is a go-to fixing in any otherworldly baño. Add a few drops to your shower water with spices like lament, rosemary, and basil, or perhaps settle on flower petals. Drench for 20 to 40 minutes, and delivery any stale energy you’ve been hauling around with you.

Smirching Alternative

On the off chance that you would prefer not to or can’t copy sage, sweetgrass, or palo santo, you can splash Agua de Florida around a space, making a point to get the edges of the dividers where energy is said to stay for a more extended timeframe. The energy will feel clear and new without striking a match.

Sleep time Rituals

By keeping a glass of water with a couple of drops of Agua de Florida by your bedside, it might aid the lucidity of dreams and soul messages you get while you’re snoozing. It can likewise battle bad dreams and help with sleep deprivation. Change the water consistently, and watch out for any air pockets that might show up in the water, which is a marker that it’s retaining something while you rest, assisting you with resting better and wake up less languid.

Agua de Florida Recipe

On the off chance that you don’t have a container of Agua de Florida helpful or might want to make your own, you can! The vast majority of the fixings are things you likely as of now have at home. You can fit the recipe to your particular requirements and inclinations, yet here are the essential fixings you’ll require.

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