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Finding a Job While Recovering From Internet Addiction: Job Interviews, Resumes, and More Tips

These days, it seems like people are constantly glued to a screen. Portable devices like laptops, tablets, and phones make it easy to access the internet anytime, anywhere. While that can be convenient, it can also cause addiction issues. According to Mental Health America, internet addiction can become a serious issue for some people, causing strain in personal relationships and impeding career success. 

If you’re recovering from screen or internet abuse disorder, this guide from Answer Diary can help you find a job and get back on your feet.

Look for jobs that will support your road to recovery

Finding a fulfilling job that you love will help keep you busy, making it easier to overcome your addiction. However, the fact is that many jobs require you to do exactly what you want to avoid—sit in front of a screen. To avoid this pitfall, consider jobs that will allow you to get out from behind the screen. Customer service roles that require you to interact with people face-to-face are a great example. You might also consider jobs that allow you to get outside, like agriculture, construction, or wildlife conservation.

Create a resume to support your job search 

Once you have an idea of what kind of jobs you want to apply for, it’s time to create your resume and cover letter. Your resume should highlight any relevant experience as well as special skills and educational credentials that could contribute to your success in the field. 

When it comes to creating or polishing up your resume, a resume generator is a great way to get the job done. It helps to use a free resume builder that provides you with templates and designs which can be used to make your resume look professional and showcase your skills in the best light possible. Additionally, a resume generator will allow you to quickly create multiple versions of your resume tailored for different job opportunities, giving you the edge on other applicants.

Practice to prepare for your job interviews

Once you’ve sent out some applications, you will hopefully get an invitation for job interviews. Congratulations! You’ve already made it to the next step of the process. When preparing for the interview, practice answering questions in front of a mirror. If you have a gap in your resume that’s related to your addiction issues, decide in advance how you will answer the query. There are a few ways you can explain gaps in employment without scaring off a potential employer, and personal reasons like prioritizing your health are valid.

Try side gigs to make ends meet until you’re employed full-time

Realistically, you won’t get your dream job overnight. Don’t despair. The reality is that job hunting can take a few months. In the meantime, you might try to take on some side gigs. This will allow you to earn the money you need to make ends meet while still focusing on your recovery and your job search. Some fun possibilities include dog walking, babysitting, or driving for a rideshare service. These are all jobs that will get you out of the house and away from your tech devices.

Start your own business and create branded invoices

If you’re having trouble finding a fitting job, another option is to start your own business. If you set up a company, make sure to register it as a formal business entity with your state. A limited liability company, LLC, has many benefits, including tax advantages and less paperwork. State regulations regarding LLC foundation vary, so check the rules before getting started. A business formation service can help you get set up and spare you the expense of a pricey lawyer. 

Make sure you establish a process for getting paid for your products and services. Bill customers immediately and offer them multiple payment options. You can use an online invoice generator to design customized invoices that incorporate your brand and logo and any other design elements you’d like to add. This helpful and free tool allows you to use a wide variety of templates to brand your invoice with your own graphics – such as a logo – fonts and color schemes to quickly create, download and share.

Develop ways to cope with stress as your new career takes off

Whether you start a new job or find a company, once you begin your new career, you may notice more stress in your life. It’s perfectly natural to have moments of stress at work. However, such stress can trigger your addiction. Find productive and healthy ways to tackle stress head on, such as exercise, journaling, or meditation. Recognizing your triggers is also useful, as you can then avoid them or prepare to tackle them head-on. You might also consider joining a support group.

Continue to make your recovery a priority as you start your new career path

It can be easy to get lost in your new job or business, putting your recovery on the back burner. Unfortunately, this can lead to back-sliding. You don’t want to lose the progress you’ve made. Make sure to prioritize your recovery even as you start your new career. One way to do this is by journaling. By reflecting on your feelings and temptations every day, you’ll be able to identify triggers and problem areas and take steps to stay healthy. Also, a support group can be a great way to help you stay focused.

Be kind to yourself and remain patient in your recovery journey

Recovering from addiction of any kind is a long journey. Addiction recovery also isn’t always linear. You may find yourself taking two steps forward and one step back. Don’t beat yourself up about the setbacks. Realize that addiction is an ongoing battle. Be kind to yourself and remain patient. Try using motivational mantras and reminding yourself that you’re not striving for perfection. The goal is to make progress, bit by bit, every single day.

Technology is supposed to make your life better, simplifying tasks and offering entertainment. However, technology also has its dark sides. We hope that the guide above can help people with screen abuse issues find career satisfaction and get back to a healthier, happier life.

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Cary Grant
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