Friday, December 2, 2022

Exactly How to Move Heavy Steam Games to Another Drive

Video game occupy a large amount of storage space. Some titles also get to 200 GB for a solitary video game. With dimensions that large (as well as if you have limited data transfer), you don’t want to waste time as well as information re-downloading a game.

Fortunately, Vapor makes it easy to move a game from one drive to another. While this process was a lot more complicated in the past, Steam has now integrated Vapor Collection folders straight into the customer.

How to Relocate Steam Gamings to An Additional Drive

Prior to you have the ability to relocate a Heavy steam game from one drive to one more, you will certainly have to develop a brand-new Heavy steam Collection folder on the destination drive. To do this, open Steam and choose Settings > Downloads > Vapor Collection Folders.

This shows all current Heavy steam Library folders and their place. If you have actually never ever done this before, then there will likely only be one folder. Click New Folder in the bottom-right corner of the Home window and also pick the location. Vapor’s default download destination is the C: drive, so you may require to scroll in the brand-new home window.

When you pick a location, name the new folder. The name defaults to SteamLibrary if you don’t select another. When this process is finished, you can move video games easily.

Locate the video game you wish to relocate to one more drive. Right-click on the game and pick residential or commercial properties, and then choose the Regional Data tab. At the bottom of this tab, click Move Install Folder as well as choose the brand-new folder you intend to move the game to.

Once you have selected the folder, click Relocate Folder to begin the procedure. Relying on the dimension of the video game, this can take a number of mins. Remember that if this folder gets on an outside drive, if you separate the drive you won’t be able to access the video game.

When you set up video games in the future, you can choose which of the drives you want to install to. Games you play often need to go on your key drive, but games you do not play frequently are excellent candidates for mosting likely to an additional (possibly external) drive so they don’t clutter your memory.

Exactly how to Video Game Between Multiple Computers


There are some circumstances when someone could video game on more than one computer. Possibly you have a rig in your university dormitory and one in your home, or possibly you play competitively however need your very own Vapor library for competition. Whatever the reason, you can organize your whole collection on an external drive and lug it with you.

If you’re mosting likely to keep your Steam collection on an external disk drive, you will desire a solid state drive for the faster tons times. To start, follow the same actions as above. Open Up Steam > Settings > Downloads > Vapor Library Folders.

Develop a new Vapor library on the external drive. Download or copy your Heavy steam games to the exterior drive. When you have actually done this, you can make use of the drive on any type of computer. You will require to install Steam on the brand-new computer and also established the default folder to the exterior drive.

To do this, just follow the steps for producing a brand-new folder, however rather than creating one, select the existing folder and location and click Select.


Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes for all of the necessary files to load, but once the video game is up and running you need to be able to have fun with little to no latency whatsoever.

Why You Need To Relocate Heavy Steam Gamings

Many modern-day pc gaming Computers have 2 drives: a strong state drive that holds the operating system as well as the most commonly-played games, as well as a standard disk drive with substantially more storage space for non-essential data.

If you have a core set of video games that you invest the majority of your time playing, these are the most effective games to keep on your major drive. However, if there are other games that you want to check out, but you don’t mind longer load times, you can put them on an additional drive.

By doing this, your most-played games load quickly and also play better, while games that you aren’t mosting likely to dedicate the majority of your time as well won’t occupy room on the strong state drive. If you begin to invest more time with the video games on your additional drive, you can relocate them to the primary drive– just don’t use up all the storage space spacel.


Why? Solid state drives load considerably much faster than conventional hard disks. A video game on a strong state drive will certainly have shorter lots times as well as far better performance than a video game on a standard SATA drive.

If you desire an example of where this would be useful, take a look at any type of open world video game. Skyrim, for instance. Open-world games have long lots times, however a solid state drive lowers the time you invest waiting and increases the moment you spend playing.