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Exactly how to Article a GIF on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, as well as Twitter

GIFs are a terrific way to share your feelings online. You can upload it on your timeline to share your ideas on a topic, send it to one of your good friends to share a laugh, or use it to discuss someone’s article.

The only problem with GIFs is that not all of the social networks support this style and also allow you to quickly use GIFs on their site. In this short article, you’ll learn how to post a GIF on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, as well as Twitter as well as will never ever need to Google it once again.

Just how to Message a GIF on Facebook

Prior to you publish your GIF anywhere, you’ll need to develop it. There are numerous means to develop a GIF. You can use Photoshop to develop a GIF out of photos or video clips. If you’re not a seasoned Photoshop customer, you can use among the on-line GIF manufacturers instead. Some of one of the most popular choices are GIPHY as well as Make a GIF.

After you have actually created and also downloaded the GIF on your device, you can post it on Facebook. To publish a GIF on your Facebook timeline as a status update, comply with the actions below.

Open Facebook and log right into your account.

Select to Develop blog post.

Under Include in your article pick Photo/Video.

Discover your GIF and pick Open.

The GIF will after that appear as an add-on to your message. Select Blog post to publish it on Facebook.

Facebook additionally has its very own GIF gallery that you can make use of to upload a GIF on your Facebook timeline. You can locate it under Add to your article when you pick Even more (three horizontal dots) > GIF.

You can then search the gallery or make use of the Search bar to discover the GIF that you require. You’ll discover the same GIF gallery in Facebook Messenger conversation when you wish to send out a GIF to a person on Facebook as a message.

You may want to utilize a GIF to discuss a person’s message or respond to their comment on Facebook. To do that, follow the actions below.

Open Facebook and also discover the post that you intend to talk about.

Select Remark.

Select Remark with a GIF to choose a GIF from Facebook’s gallery. To make use of a customized GIF as a comment, select Connect an image or video, locate your GIF as well as choose Open to attach it.

You’ll after that see your GIF show up in the thread of discuss Facebook.

Just how to Blog post a GIF on Instagram

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t make it easy to upload GIFs. The network doesn’t support the GIF style, and also when you attempt to publish it to Instagram, it appears as a still photo.

However, it’s possible. You can upload a GIF as an Instagram Story, as well as a normal blog post on your feed. You can do all of that making use of the application called GIPHY. First, download and also install it on your mobile phone. To publish a GIF on Instagram making use of GIPHY comply with the steps listed below.

Open GIPHY. Log right into your account or produce a brand-new one.

Giphy has its own GIF gallery that you can make use of to find a GIF that you wish to upload. To make a personalized GIF and upload it on Instagram, pick Create.

Select a GIF that you formerly developed from your device’s gallery or pick a video clip that you want to turn into a GIF.

On the Upload Your GIF web page, pick Share GIF.

Select the Instagram icon to publish your GIF on Instagram. Select to either share it on your Feed or Stories.

GIPHY will certainly then reroute you to Instagram where you can upload your GIF. You can utilize the exact same approach to submit GIFs that you create in GIPHY on Facebook or Snapchat.

How to Blog post a GIF on Reddit


Reddit is the place where the use of GIFs is one of the most suitable and anticipated. While you can’t make use of a GIF as a remark, you can publish it on your profile web page, in addition to message it on an area page. To post a GIF on Reddit, adhere to the actions below.

Open Reddit and log right into your account.

Select Produce Article.

Under Pick an area pick the neighborhood page where you wish to upload your GIF.

Select Images & Video. Drag as well as drop your GIF, or choose Upload to open it.

Return to the Post tab, fill in Title and also Text (optional).

When you’re happy with the components of your blog post, select Article.

The GIF will certainly then show up on the area web page as a normal blog post on Reddit.

How to Post a GIF on Twitter

If you want to Tweet like a pro, you require to be able to use any kind of media type to support your tweets and also remarks. That includes GIFs. Fortunately, is that using GIFs on Twitter is pretty easy. Similar to Facebook, Twitter has its own GIF gallery that you can choose GIFs from. To post a GIF on Twitter, adhere to the steps below.

Open Twitter and log into your account.

Under What’s taking place pick GIF to select a GIF from Twitter’s gallery. You can browse GIFs according to prominent search engine result or use the Search bar to discover the GIF you intend to publish.

If you intend to publish a customized GIF that you produced, pick Media.

Discover your GIF as well as choose Open.

The GIF will certainly after that look like an accessory to your post. Select Tweet to submit it on Twitter.


If you intend to make use of a GIF to reply to somebody’s Tweet, comply with the steps below.

Open up Twitter and find the Tweet that you intend to respond to.

Select Reply under the Tweet.

Select GIF to pick a GIF from Twitter’s gallery, or select Media to submit your own.

Select Respond to upload your remark.

The GIF will certainly after that look like a reply to the selected Tweet.

Exactly how to Article a GIF on Any Type of Site

GIFs are terrific when you intend to express on your own swiftly without having to kind out long messages or replies. If you’re trying to publish a GIF on a website or system that doesn’t sustain the layout and the approaches we discussed do not work, you can convert the GIF back right into a video clip and also upload it online.

Just how typically do you utilize GIFs online? Did we cover all the websites that make posting GIFs seem harder than it should be? Share your thoughts with us in the remarks area below.