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ESO’s Legacy of the Bretons Revealed Plus A New Card Game

Elder Scroll Online’s newest expansion, Legacy of the Bretons, has been revealed. Paired with that is Tales of Tribute, a new card game that can be played within ESO.

Saddle up, boys and girls, because Elder Scrolls Online’s next expansion will be heading to a brand-new region. Following a tease about a journey to a “never-before-seen-world”, Zenimax Online Studios has revealed Legacy of the Bretons, a new DLC that’ll take the popular MMO to the unexplored Systres Archipelago. The year-long saga will begin with High Isle which will dive deep into the descendants of the Aldmeri and Nedic who made their home on High Rock. This means that there will be new places for ESO account owners to farm ESO gold. Oh, and before we forget, there’s also a new card game coming out within ESO too.

What the Legacy of the Bretons is All About

The Elder Scrolls Online: Legacy of the Bretons was introduced via a new trailer on YouTube. Based on what we’ve seen, the trailer sets the mood for a more traditional medieval fantasy this time around, shining the spotlight towards the Bretons in a story that will give more emphasis and focus on the politics between the world’s various factions. According to Rich Lambert, the creative director of ESO, the Bretons are one race that has never really had an opportunity to shine, nor have they had a “mark” in any Elder Scrolls game, for that matter. There were times that the developers did bits and pieces for them in both Stormhaven and Glenumbra, but they were never really focused on their culture.

High Isle: The Starting Point

The story of Legacy of the Bretons will start with the High Isle, and the main reason why they chose that as the location for ESO’s next chapter is that it’s a large departure from anything that the devs have done over the last few years. High Isle is the epitome of the chivalric Breton culture; a resort-like island known for its pristine beaches, towering cliffs, loads of ancient ruins to explore, and their nobility. If we’re analyzing High Isle lore-wise, this island chain has never been explored in any Elder Scrolls game, so having the opportunity to add High Isles to the already-rich story of Elder Scrolls and traverse a completely new location is exciting for a lot of players.

In High Isle, players will walk through the lands of the Systres Archipelago (which includes High Isles itself and Amenos). ZeniMax Online stated that players can expect bleached cliff faces, eroded sandstones, beautiful turquoise water accents, and many more. ESO’s art director, CJ Grebb, commented that they were tasked with creating an abundant – almost overgrown – biome for the prison land of Amenos, and with the work came figuring out the ancient mysterious druids and their ties to the entire archipelago itself. By concentrating on overgrown ivy and lush ferns, High Isle is looking to be a place that has a lot of broad-leaf flora.

Introducing Tales of Tribute, A Card Game Played Within ESO

In addition to the cloak-and-dagger politics, the Legacy of the Bretons DLC will introduce a new card game that’s in the same vein as Gwent. Tales of Tribute is a collectible card game that’s played entirely within ESO. You don’t need to download a separate game client to collect cards or play with other opponents as this system can be used nearly anywhere within Elder Scrolls Online, whether that be on a secluded mountain or inside a tavern. The idea of Tales of Tribute is to add another layer of competition and collection in the game. Just like the PvP system, you’ll be able to challenge other players directly in ESO with the interaction system. Also, the group UI system will be available, enabling players to directly queue into a match of Tales of Tribute. If you’re the competitive type, there’s already a confirmed ranked system that will accompany the release of the High Isle chapter. However, if you’d rather play the card game casually, you have the option to pursue the storyline tied to Tales of Tribute.

On the topic of gameplay, Tales of Tribute will be a resource-building-based card game in ESO. As with any TCGs, strategy is the main idea behind it. As such, there are multiple ways to approach the victory goal. If you’re planning to collect cards, completing quests that are tied to the card game will provide plenty of items to make a powerful deck.


High Isle, the beginning of the Legacy of the Bretons DLC, is set to go live on June 6 for PC players and June 21 for console gamers. You can already pre-purchase High Isle right now, and if you do, you’ll get immediate access to the base game and all of the previous chapters – the perfect way to start farming ESO gold! Are exciting about what’s to come in ESO? Let us know your thoughts!

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