Saturday, March 25, 2023

Energy-Saving Hacks To Beat the Summer Heat

We’re all witnessing changes in average temperature throughout the year. Surviving the summer heat without burning through your budget might be a challenging feat. You have to cool off your house as it will be hard to focus otherwise. But you don’t have to double or triple your electricity bill if you summer-proof your house. Embrace these energy-saving hacks and beat the summer heat.

Limit the use of the oven during summer.

Cooking is probably the most hated chore during those warm months. Spending time in the kitchen, next to a hot stove or an oven can feel like a sauna. But there’s no way around cooking, especially if you live a healthy lifestyle. Home-cooked meals are always a better alternative to ordering in. The solution here is to limit the use of the oven during summer and save energy by not overheating your house and overusing the air conditioner to cool it down after you bake something in the oven.

Cool yourself with cold treats.

You can cool yourself off without turning up the air conditioner if you consume cold treats. A cold lemonade or cold water can make the summer heat more bearable. You can always have a watermelon in the fridge, a great low-calorie treat filled with water. Just slice it up before you put it in the fridge, and the summer heat will be more bearable.

Create more natural shade around your house

Instead of focusing on what happens in your house, let’s divert our focus elsewhere. Surrounding your home with shade-producing elements can also drop your house temperature by a few degrees during the hot season. Trees can provide a lot of shade and absorb all the sunlight. You can install an awning and create an outdoor area while also adding more shade to your house. There are many ways to create shade around your home that are an excellent investment and an energy-saving hack.

Use a fan

A fan is a great tool that many of us have forgotten. It complements your AC well, so use it wisely. If your AC does not reach all areas of your home, you can simply position a fan strategically, so it helps air circulate around the room. A standing fan is easy to maneuver, as you can move it from one room to another. A ceiling fan is also great, especially for large rooms like a living room where you don’t want to reduce your comfort by cranking up the AC. The thermostat can be set to a comfortable temperature, while a wall fan creates a windy sensation that cools you off without turning the room into ice.

Use sun-blocking curtains

Summer proof your windows by blocking the excess sunlight coming in. The sunlight entering your house through window glass creates something similar to a greenhouse effect. However, when you block sunlight with stylish block out curtains, you can still have a beautiful window dressing and something that blocks the sunlight. When you choose the right type of curtains, you lower the temperature by simply preventing the sunlight from seeping in and warming everything to an unbearable degree.

Check all windows, check all doors

This is something you need all year long if you want to be energy efficient. If your windows or doors don’t let the cold or hot air in, you’ll save up on your bills. If your windows need some sealing, the summer is also a perfect time to inspect all windows for cracks or room to let the cold air in. You can easily do this on your own by simply caulking or using unique strips to seal the windows. Check the doors the same way and seal anything that can be the reason why your home is unreasonably hot during summer.

Keep your room temperature cool enough

The best hack to keep your home cool, but not too cool, is to adjust the thermostat. While it might sound exciting to return to a chilly home every day, it might not be as exciting when you receive your electricity bill. You should adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature that keeps your home cool enough. This means you won’t sweat excessively because it’s cool enough, but you won’t need to wear long sleeves because it’s too chilly. Make the temperature comfortably cool and save on your energy and bills.

Wear light clothes

The best way to be energy efficient is to wear appropriate clothes. We should wear light clothes and breathable fabrics during the summer months. Don’t wear anything that is either synthetic or too tight. Wear linen shirts, trousers, skirts or light dresses to feel comfortable. Especially when you’re staying home – you can wear whatever you like, just ensure to dress for the part. A loose fit is the most comfortable during summer and will keep you cooler.

Clean your AC

When did you last give your air conditioner or air conditioner system some tender loving care? The AC unit also needs its yearly checkup, especially before the air conditioning season starts. It will be better for you in the long run, as a dirty filter might be why your energy bill is unexpectedly high.

Check other parts of the air conditioner as well, like the intake or the exhaust, as these can be dirty or obstructed. The easiest thing you can do to save on energy is to clean your AC simply, so do it now.

Turn the AC when you’re not at home

If you spend most of your day outside of your home, just turn it off. This is a significant waste of energy because the AC will run all day to keep your home cool for you when you return home. You’ll return home and you’ll have to air the space a bit because the air will be stale by the time you come home. The better tactic would be to programm the timer so the ac is turned on two houses before you come home. When you enter you house, it will be cool enough. Then, you can turn the fan to add the sense of air moving and make it even more comfortable for you.

Lastly, ensure you keep the windows and doors closed during the day when the temperature is too high. Air your home by opening all windows and doors when the sun goes down.