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Hot Summer Trends: 2022 Accessory Trends You Can Not Afford to Miss

Summertime is here again! When it comes to seasons where you can really show off your inner fashionista, the summer definitely offers you a myriad of chances to release the shackles and just let your imagination run wild. 

Depending on what part of the world you reside in, the summer could be something of a heat-fest or just a milder time of the year, but it more than likely means you have a whole new wardrobe to plan out.

Buying a raft of new outfits every season isn’t a great way to go, both in terms of your personal budget but also the environment (fast fashion is a big offender when it comes to the impact of the industry as a whole on climate change). Thankfully, there is a way to stay on the fashion curve without causing irreparable damage to the world and your bank balance. 

The answer is accessories. Yes, it really is that simple. By having a number of adaptable accessories, you can work wonders. Firstly, these can help you get the most out of the tired-out options in your closet, or secondly, they could be the cornerstone of new purchases you make, giving each and every item of clothing an array of possible combinations. 

With this in mind, here are a few of the hottest accessories for summer 2022.

Personalized Jewelry

2021 was a standout year as far as personalized jewelry is concerned. The high-profile exposure given to this type of accessory was very evident, and 2022 promises to show even more growth in this field. If you are looking for engraved bracelets for sale, visit Puravida Bracelets.

As the niche grows, so do the options you can pursue. Whether that’s an initial necklace, name necklace, or a name plate necklace, there is something very effective and unique about this accessory. 

It brings a renewed confidence to the wearer with the item, both stylish and a true statement, making a real impact, especially if expertly paired with an appropriate outfit.

Simple Straw Hat

Sometimes simplicity is key. For your trip to the beach, or just if you are kicking back and reclining at a seaside bar, a simple straw hat can be both decorative and functional. It will help to keep you cool and is sure to work with just about any ensemble you put together.

Wear it with your bikini or a sarong, you pretty much can’t go wrong with this accessory, and it has the kind of timeless appeal that can’t be ignored. So what are you waiting for? 

Oversized Aviators

This is another accessory that has a retro appeal, and the oversized aspect is part of an ongoing push for ‘chunky’ larger and life accessories that were very popular throughout the whole of 2021. 

Though it’s a staple of most wardrobes, don’t be afraid to play around with this look. It might be worth considering new colors and shapes, but don’t move too far away from that classic aviator look. The added bonus here is the fact that the long-awaited sequel to Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick, makes this accessory all the more timely.

Over the Top Chokers

There is a range of fashion industry insiders pushing the choker back into the forefront, and you may well have seen interesting takes on this accessory trend already this summer. It is a look that harks back to the 90s, but in 2022 there is a new take on the stylish accessory.

New ways to wear this look range from ways to add extra bling think perhaps of reasonably priced sterling silver chokers, to more bohemian styles that can really complete your look. 

Very Large Tote Bags

The 2021 trend is most definitely still doing the rounds in 2022, and it’s very much ideal for the summer. It’s likely that the warm weather could mean you want to spend extended periods outside, and a large tote bag means you can move effortlessly from work activities to evening plans.

You can fit all your vital essentials in your beloved tote, and why not make yours stand out from the crowd by considering eye-catching candy-colored tones. 

Chain Belts

This summer, why not get yourself a stylish chain belt? These come in all sorts of sizes and styles and are a great way to break up your summer look. These can range from very ornate and can therefore be expensive to more playful and adaptable.

They can be used to rein in looser clothing or to accentuate a two-piece bathing suit; the possibilities are nearly endless. As a type of accessory, a chain belt gives you that flexibility that can be invaluable this summer.


Much of what makes up the most popular fashion trends tend to be cyclical, and platforms are further proof of that. Get used to standing from an elevated position as there will be a lot of platform action this summer.

You may already have a pair of platform boots in your wardrobe, but if not, then we would suggest considering shopping for a really great pair via a thrift or vintage store as you might not only find a bargain but what you’ll get your hands on is the real deal. Clearly, this will require a little more hard work on your part, albeit hard work in this instance simply means more delicious shopping time to enjoy.


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