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Elden Ring Weapon Guide: 8 Weapons To Avoid

Each of the incredible weapons that are included with the Elden Ring is powerful enough to bring even a god to their knees, and the Elden Ring itself is equipped with a wide variety of these weapons. Each of these weapons is capable of bringing even a god to their knees. These divine weapons encompass all of the most powerful types of weapons, ranging from the most potent intelligence weapons to the most powerful arcane weapons. In spite of this, the game contains a few weapons that are completely incapable of striking their intended target.

In the course of boss battles, these weapons hardly make any difference at all, regardless of whether or not they are completely ineffective or completely useless. You won’t be dissatisfied with your purchase from Elden Ring because they have such a wide variety of options available to choose from, with the sole exception of if you decide to go with one of these.

The Shining Lights of Bastard

  • This is not a particularly dangerous weapon, even when one’s imagination is stretched to its limits
  • On the other hand, given that the Wing of Astel already exists, the need for it to continue existing in any capacity is no longer present
  • The later iteration of Ash of War retains all of the incredible moves that were present in the earlier iteration, but the overall move set of the later version is significantly more extensive
  • The Bastard’s Stars can only be obtained after Astel, Naturalborn of the Void has been vanquished, and it would appear that they were crafted from the same planetary orbs that Astel was constructed from. The only way to obtain the Bastard’s Stars is to defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. The question that needs to be answered is whether or not it is worthwhile to acquire this weapon, considering that you can simply go and get the Wing of Astel without having to kill an extraterrestrial being in order to get it. If the answer to this question is yes, then the question needs to be answered.
  • Axe Of Godfrey
  • The Axe of Godfrey is a Remembrance weapon, so you should avoid using it even though it is wielded by a boss that is undeniably difficult. This is due to the fact that the Axe of Godfrey is a Remembrance weapon, and you should avoid using it. In the event that you are struck, it will be too late to do anything about it because your opponents will already have delivered the knockout blow before you even have a chance to react. It would be in your best interest to go with that option rather than Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker Ash of War. That choice would be in your best interest. Take, for exampleTake, for exampleTake, for exampleTake, for exampleTake, for exampleThe fight against Rykard the Boss is very similar to the fight against Yhorm the Giant in Dark Souls 3, in which the lowly Tarnished is given a weapon at the entrance to the boss arena. In both of these fights, the objective is to defeat the respective bosses. However, once the battle is over, the destructive potential of this weapon can no longer be put to use because cheap PC Elden Ring Runes will no longer be available. There is nothing particularly remarkable that takes place whenever this ability is used in any other fight besides the ones listed above.
  • Torch Even though you probably wouldn’t think of using a torch as a weapon in the first place, the game provides a wide variety of torches with a variety of different capabilities. This is despite the fact that you probably wouldn’t think of using a torch as a weapon in the first place. This is in spite of the fact that, to begin with, you most likely would not consider employing a torch in the capacity of a weapon at all. If you want to get very far in this game, using a regular torch as your primary weapon is not going to get you very far at all. Trina’s Torch is one of the most useful torches.
  • The most important thing that can be learned from this is that the Tarnished should use the torch in the way that it was intended to be used in order to get the most out of it. This is the most important thing that can be learned from this. Caves are typically quite dimly lit.
  • The Support for a Flame to Stand On
  • As a spear-like weapon, the Torchpole, which is a hybrid weapon that combines a torch and a spear, is the primary weapon that the hooded guards of Stormveil Castle use. The designation “Torchpole” has been bestowed upon this specific kind of weapon. In spite of the fact that the Torchpole and the Flamethrower both have their fair share of applications, it will not be possible for you to use the Torchpole to deal the mega damage that you are aiming for at this time. In addition to this, it would be helpful if you could locate a torch. These imps have earned a well-deserved reputation for being exceptionally risky due to their dangerous nature. You would prefer any other scenario to the one in which you find yourself in a situation in which you have to fight enemies while wielding a literal fork.
  • When compared to its forked counterpart, the Forked Hatchet, the Icerind Hatchet possesses an overall power that is superior to that of the Forked Hatchet. Instead, before you leave the game, you should think about bringing the katana from the Rivers of Blood and the poleblade that Eleonora gave you with you.
  • In its stead, the Greatshield of Briar will stand guard.
  • The Briar Greatshield is constructed out of rusted metal and has rose thorns lining its entire circumference all the way around it. There, you’ll find Elemer of the Briar waiting for you. The menacing appearance of the Briar Greatshield gives rise to high expectations; however, the actual performance of the shield does not live up to those expectations and instead falls short.
  • The Briar Greatshield does not perform particularly well when compared to the performance of other greatshields in the game when it comes to its ability to block physical damage. This is especially true when comparing its performance to the performance of other greatshields in the game.
  • a shield that is in need of significant repair
  • Even if its name hasn’t already given it away, the performance of this shield will definitely and unequivocally give it away in a clear and obvious manner. Even the game’s description of the Elden Ring Items PC instructs you explicitly not to bother equipping it in any way, shape, or form. The instruction is given multiple times throughout the game. Therefore, the course of action that we believe to be the most prudent course of action is the course of action that entails following the recommendation that was provided by FromSoftware.