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Dodol Recipe

The Dodol is a Goan sweet made with coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour. To make the Dodol dissolve in the mouth, utilizing the right extent of ingredients is fundamental. The cashew nuts likewise add to the awesome taste of this well known Goan sweet. The people who have never tasted this sweet might be a piece put off by the variety, yet we guarantee you that once you really do taste it you will can’t escape. Keep it in your fridge and serve cut (for a recipe of dodol utilizing nachni/finger millet click here).


Coconut (ground) – 2 major (around 400 gms – ground)

Goan Palm Jaggery (ground) – 300 gms

Sugarcane Jaggery (ground) – 150 gms

Rice Flour [Suroi Pitt] – 100 gms

Sugar – 1 tbsp.

Cashew Nuts (broken) – 50 gms

Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp.

Unadulterated Ghee – 2 tbsp. + 1 tsp.

Salt – ¼ tsp.

Planning of Goan Dodol

Stage 1:

Add 1 liter warm water to the ground coconut and concentrate the thick coconut milk. Then add another 500 ml water to the coconut remains and concentrate the slight coconut milk (click here in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how). Strain both the good and bad coconut milk utilizing a fine lattice sifter and keep to the side independently.

Stage 2:

Add the ground palm and sugarcane jaggery and the sugar to the dainty coconut milk and blend well till everything disintegrates. Strain into another bowl and afterward add the rice flour and blend well in with your palms. Keep to the side.

Stage 3:

Transfer the thick coconut milk to a non-stick vessel. Then, at that point, take the slim coconut milk blend and strain it into the vessel with the thick coconut milk and blend. Add ¼ tsp. salt and put it on heat.

Stage 4:

Cook the combination mixing persistently with an intensity safe silicon or wooden spatula on medium intensity. After around 15 minutes add the wrecked cashewnuts and make sure to continue to mix.

Stage 5:

After a further 20 minutes of blending, add 2 tbsp. ghee and 1 tsp. cardamom powder. Cook for 5 for minutes and afterward diminish to low intensity.

Stage 6:

Continue blending and cooking on low intensity for around 10 minutes till the combination meets up and looks polished. At last add the 1 tsp. ghee, blend and switch off the intensity (the combination ought to be tacky/flexible yet ought to drop off your spatula – see pic)

Stage 7:

Spoon/move into two aluminum foil holders. Smoothen the top with the spatula. Permit to cool at room temperature short-term.

Stage 8: Slice and serve at room temperature or cold.


  1. The coconut ought to be completely ready (junn naal as we call it in Goa)
  2. You could utilize canned coconut milk as well. However, new is better.
  3. Suroi Pitt is a Goan rice assortment. In the event that you can’t get some, utilization another assortment.
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