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Do termites have wings?

Subterranean termites, which are the most common type of termite in the USA, are notorious for their underground activities. However along with their wood-chomping behavior, there’s another piece of info you should know about these pesky parasites: Termites can fly, at least some of them, at specific times of the year (most of the termites in a colony are workers, not swarmers, as well as they never ever fly).

Why do termites fly? What should you do when you discover flying termites? Below’s what you require to know.


Flight is an indispensable part of termites’ reproductive process. Flying termites are adult reproductive termites, called swarmers.

Periodically, when conditions are right, below ground termite swarmers create within the nest and also leave their underground nests to mate and also begin brand-new nests. Termite flocks can happen throughout the year yet are most common when the weather condition is warmer, particularly in the springtime. The types of termites and also geographical area can likewise factor into when termites swarm.

Also, swarmers do not fly very well and when they choose the ground, they soon dropped their wings.


Swarmers are around three-eighths inch long and dark-brown or blackish and their wings expand beyond their bodies. You can tell abounding termites from flying ants by the absence of the pinched waistline that ants have. In addition, their wings are equal in size, in contrast to ants’ wings.

Termites with wings are a sign that there might soon be a new colony of termites turning up around your residence. These throngs are set off by rain and also high moisture and also can take place throughout different types of termites. Nonetheless, not all termites fly, depending on the stage of their life process.


Termites with wings are only generated once a colony is mature as well as needs to increase (approximately three to 4 years of ages). The flock will leave the nest to seek out companions in order to create new nests. Most fly during the day, although some fly at evening using lights as meeting areas. After fertilization, the winged termites head toward the ground where they break short their very own wings and also effort to create a new nest.


While many termites with wings just mate, drywood termites are winged and also will certainly quickly start consuming timber, possibly the timber in your house.


One protection against winged termites is an effectively kept home. This includes proper water drainage, storage space, air flow as well as, most importantly, having a specialist check your residence for termites annually.


Not always. Termites are conveniently blown by the wind. A single termite outside a home window or door does not constantly suggest a termite trouble. This is a great factor to obtain a termite evaluation.

Fun facts:

Termites with wings aren’t that quick: In a race between a flying ant as well as a flying termite, the termite will constantly lose.

Tasty treats: Loaded with fat, termites are eaten by people in some parts of the world for their nutritional value.

Wingless: Traveling termites lose their wings after their initial flight to make it simpler to return to the ground.

Missing out on the masses: Only concerning one in every 1,000 flying termites will efficiently mate and also begin a brand-new nest.

If you see winged bugs around your home, do not gamble. Call Terminix ® and assist see to it your residence is safe from termites..


An unexpected appearance of termite swarmers inside is an indication that termites might be proactively feeding on your residence and a great reason to get a termite assessment.


You need to be vigilant regarding termites. Don’t take their presence gently. Termites set you back home owners billions of dollars in damage and treatment prices every year in the USA.

If you discover termites in your yard, it’s no factor to panic, but it should alarm system you enough to speak to a termite control expert to come and also examine your residence. Termites flourish anywhere there is wood. When you see termites in areas outside your house, you do not always have to have your home treated. However, this need to inform you to their existence around your home.

If you find termites around your house, make sure to check the foundation of your home for mud tubes that termites make to relocate from their nests to your residence. This is likewise a good time to call a termite control professional ahead and also inspect your residential property.

Likewise, if you discover mud tubes within your home, this can show that termites exist. Normally, you will certainly not in fact see white worker termites, which favor to remain in dark, moist spaces as well as stay inside walls or underground, so you require to try to find signs like mud tubes.

Traveling termites can be practical by suggesting a termite trouble that might otherwise remain hidden till a great deal of damages has actually been done. Keep an eye out, as well as make sure to read the indicators when you see them.

Termites do fly, but ..

Termites typically come from the taxonomic order Isoptera, a term which integrates the Greek words iso, which equates to equal, and also ptera, meaning wings. One may properly theorize from this category that not just do termites have wings however additionally have forewings as well as hindwings that are of equal length.

Actually, the majority of termites never ever develop wings; however, mature colonies will regularly generate a variety of both male as well as female winged termites. These flying termites, called alates, leave the safety and security of the colony in large numbers to breed and also develop brand-new swarms. This actions is called abounding.

Abounding typically occurs in the springtime or summertime, relying on the varieties and also environmental variables such as temperature and moisture. Fully grown nests normally only produce one swarm per year, containing dozens to hundreds of specific bugs. Abounding termites might be most energetic throughout early morning, night or mid-day, once more depending on species and other variables. Only a few types tend to abound at night.

These usually-reclusive insects are most visible when they abound. Lots of winged termites highly suggest a fully grown colony is nearby; this is frequently the very first indicator a house owner has showing the home owner that termites exist. Some unfortunate homeowners have also had the unpleasant experience of big termite throngs arising inside their houses!

As the majority of homes have a selection of tiny winged bugs trembling about, it can be tough to recognize termites. Unlike their earth-bound brother or sisters, sexually fully grown winged termites are dark-bodied and might strongly appear like flying ants. Upon closer evaluation, nonetheless, the two pests are easy to differentiate:

Ant forewings are visibly longer than hindwings; termite wings are of equivalent size.

Ant wings hardly ever expand considerably past the end of the ant’s body; termite wings are a lot longer than the termite’s body, commonly more than two times as long.

Ants have an extremely constricted waist; termites have a thick, consistent waistline.

Ant antennae are elbowed in the center; termite antennae are straight.

While swarming termites– as well as ants, for that matter– pose no threat to individuals, family pets or livestock, property owners finding huge collections of winged termites in, on or around their house or outhouses would certainly be important to have the frameworks checked for the existence of a nest.

Snug as a Pest.

When a male and female alate finds an ideal area for a new colony– at which point they discard their wings and are described as kings as well as queens– they begin creating spawn predestined to end up being either workers or soldiers. Youthful swarms with few people are really susceptible, but, over the course of several years, will at some point grow into a mature colony consisting of thousands to millions of individuals staying in a complex network of passages. Large swarms might have several queens and, in some types, queens might live upwards of 50 years and create over 30,000 eggs per day.

While some species of exotic termites build excellent mounds or construct arboreal nests, North American termites normally establish swarms under the soil or in deteriorating trees– as well as often in man-made structures. Since these soft-bodied insects are extremely vulnerable to killers, temperature level and also humidity, they have a tendency to be deceptive and also will certainly create sanctuary tubes that permit them to take a trip between foraging sites without being revealed to external threats.

Their reclusive behavior commonly indicates termites are not spotted in or around a home up until a swarm has actually ended up being rather big and also reputable. Most of termite damages likewise tends to be hidden; by the time it is seen on wall surfaces or other materials, damages is usually quite extensive in less-obvious areas. Termites do not require to reside within a house to trigger damage; they might commute from nearby exterior colonies to forage for food and also structure products.

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