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Chicken Handi Recipe

Piece of cake chicken handi that can be founded on numerous other boneless handi recipes! Only 35 minutes of cooking time! Learn handi-production mysteries and examination with fixings close by!

Chicken handi is a South Asian boneless chicken curry with smooth tomato-onion sauce joined with a velvety base. The velvety base could be of one or the other yogurt, dairy cream, coconut cream or cashew powder, or a mix of all.

 Handi is a particular state of pot that is typically made of copper or dirt pot or tempered steel. Chicken handi is generally cooked in a handi pot.

Numerous variants of chicken handi advanced after some time, this is the essential red chicken handi recipe that can be utilized to make more flavors. Different renditions of chicken handi to attempt are reshmi handi and ginger handi.



Texture is the victor and rules any food. The mixing of sauce gives a light soft surface to the chicken handi.

No entire flavors or bone: Although bone-in chicken is stacked with bone fats and flavors. For handi boneless give that extravagance perfection. Also, you would rather not interfere that with entire flavors.


This recipe gives tasty handi flavor in only one pot cooking style. One-pot recipe implies less work and speedy cooking.

Delicate chicken:

I utilized the velveting strategy utilized by numerous cafés to get succulent delicate chicken without drying.

Permits varieties:

This recipe permits such countless varieties, check the master tips segment for astonishing ideas to make all well known chicken handi variants with one essential recipe. Take the recipe and make your most ideal variant!


I’ve never been so glad to recommend substitutes for fixings previously. Since the fixings shot shows everything. Be that as it may, for this recipe of ordinary cooking, choices are limitless to state of mind, and accessibility of fixings, and you can add your undisputed top choices notes of flavors.

Elements of chicken handi.


 Boneless chicken coordinates best with the smooth sauce of handi. So I suggest utilizing boneless. Bone-in chicken can be utilized.


Finely hacked onions cook rapidly, yet cut will fill in also.


Tomatoes taste better when you cook them gradually. Consequently, tomato glue and tomato purée taste perfect in handi. I utilized new tomatoes to keep the fixings straightforward.


Use plain and unsweetened yogurt. Substitute yogurt with coconut milk or nut milk and lemon for a sans dairy choice.


 Double cream turns out best for this recipe. Use nut cream or coconut cream for a sans dairy substitute.


I have involved absolute minimum flavors in this recipe yet it tastes scrumptious. Utilizing other zest mixes close by can add more profundity of flavor. Zest mixes like achari masala, tikka, or baked masala are a couple to attempt.


I’ve attempted this recipe with vegetable oil and olive oil. Both function admirably. Use mustard oil if making handi with achari masala.


In a bowl blend cornflour, salt, and chicken. Blend well and put away until we cook the sauce. ( This cornflour covering will keep chicken succulent and delicate.)

Then, heat ¼ cup oil to a wok and broil onions for 5-7 minutes until brilliant. Then, at that point, add the wet flavors which are green bean stew glue and ginger garlic glue.

Give the flavors a mix and let it sizzle. Then, at that point, add the dry flavors and tomatoes.

Cover the pot and cook tomatoes for 10 minutes on medium intensity until tomatoes turn delicate and the oil isolates on the sides of the skillet. ( Softer, over-matured tomatoes will dissolve rapidly.)

Moves toward cook handi.

Move the sauce to the blender and furthermore add the yogurt. Yogurt additionally assists with carrying the hot sauce to room temperature for mixing. Mix until sauce is extremely smooth and saved.

Presently, add marinated chicken and margarine to a similar wok and sautéed food until the shade of the chicken changes.

Add the mixed sauce and fenugreek to the chicken. (You can utilize different spices like curry leaves or cilantro.)

Cover the wok and cook the sauce on medium intensity for 7 minutes until oil isolates. Then add cream and blend well. Eliminate the top and stew the sauce for the last 3-4 minutes. Then serve.

A nearby shot of chicken handi on the dark foundation.

Master Tips And Variations

Welcome to my #1 segment where I can help the imagination of the cook in you.


This one is simple, smoke the karahi with intensely hot charcoal. Shower a couple of drops of oil and cover the pot firmly to a koyla chicken handi.


 If you love coconut flavor, switch yogurt and cream in the recipe with ½ cup coconut cream.

Rich ( Makhni):

For a makhni handi, utilize a blend of 2 tablespoons of oil and 2 tablespoons of margarine before all else to broil onions. Also, add 4 tablespoons of spread toward the end.

Macaroni and cheddar:

This is more uncommon however delightful, add ½ cup cheddar, ½ cup milk, and ¼ cup bubbled macaroni in the handi. Assuming you like it better additionally add 2 tablespoons of ketchup. Change red bean stew powder to taste.

Shahi Chicken handi:

 Just switch ¼ cup cream in the recipe with ¼ cup cashew powder. Add the powder alongside flavors. Change water on a case by case basis. The cashew with adds more nutty extravagance to handi.

Blazing ( Kashmiri stew glue):

If you love the red shade of handi, have a go at making Kashmiri stew glue as displayed in this recipe, and add 2 tablespoons Kashmiri stew glue rather than red bean stew and dark pepper. Appreciate!

Tikka handi:

Just switch red stew, garam masala, and dark pepper in the recipe with 2 teaspoons tikka masala and smoke the handi with charcoal. Likewise, you can make achari and roasted handi.


You can treat the chicken handi eventually with earthy colored garlic, mustard, red button stew and curry leave for a sweet-smelling dhaba style handi.