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Chicken Bharta Recipe

Dhaba style chicken bharta recipe – the impact of punjabification on Bengali cooking and how it has perfectly mixed with Calcutta’s own cosmopolitan social jigsaw-

For a really long time individuals from various culture, nations had moved to Calcutta and made the city their subsequent home. For most recent three centuries, Calcutta stayed the focal point for mass movement for individuals who were looking for occupations, business valuable open doors and furthermore for individuals who left their nations of origin following political and strict issues, in this manner looking for refuge in the city. At the appropriate time of time, flavors blends, jumbling the topographical limits. From Mughals, Chinese to British, French and Dutch which later amalgamated to frame sizable Anglo-Indian people group, Armenians, Parsee, Jews every one of them had upgraded the flavor remainder of Calcutta cooking in this way improving it which later advances into mainland food. Kolkata Chinese cooking is basically Cantonese in nature while Mughlai food follows areas of strength for an of Awadhi cooking of Lucknow.

In the midst of the cosmopolitan jigsaw, the skillet Indian impact on Bengali cooking was not clear till the early piece of last century when merchant networks from western piece of the nation started to get comfortable the ghats of Hooghly, which denoted the expansion of material businesses, colossal market started to take shapes in the focal Kolkata and with that they acquainted new culinary delights with the Bengali food. Punjabification of Indian food is overall and this has likewise affected to a great extent to the customary Bengali cooking. Chicken tikkas, naan, roti and dal tadka turned into a customary occasion in Bengali family. Along the terrific Trunk street worked by Sher Shah Suri which assisted with interfacing the two networks, various dhabas begins their underlying excursion along the National interstates. The vast majority of them were known for their in house claims to fame, feasts were basic yet taste and flavor spread their wings to various area of the city. Honey da dhaba is somewhat new contestant yet it has enchanted the Kolkattans with its renowned chicken bharta.

However a genuine blooded Bengali favors a goat over chickens, yet chicken bharta is something exceptional and flavorfully velvety as they would prefer that standard Kolkattans never avoided remaining in line for quite a long time to taste this delicacy. Chicken bharta is somewhat basic dish and not at all like other chicken dishes the pounded egg yolk gives smoothness to this dish. You will track down loads of variants, however make a note that this dish contains no cream and furthermore a decent delicate chicken bharta needs a boneless meat as well as it ought to be extremely delicate. So the best methodology is to poach the chicken bosom in water and afterward fork it away, a decent destroyed chicken is the vital fixing here.

I normally readies my own garam masala zest mix, yet when I dont have a lot of time, I depend on this Tata Sampann Garam Masala mix and I truly love the flavors.


•           500 gm Boneless chicken bosom

•           2 tbsp Ginger garlic glue

•           2 Onions, huge size and cut

•           ½ tsp Turmeric powder

•           1 tsp Cumin powder

•           1 tsp Coriander powder

•           1 tsp Deghi mirch (red stew powder )

•           ¼ tsp Punjabi garam masala

•           2 Egg yolk , crushed

•           2-3 tbsp Cashew glue

•           3-4 tbsp Yogurt

•           1-2 tbsp Tomato puree

•           Salt to taste

•           3 tbsp Oil

•           Spread : one handle

•           Cilantro hacked : modest bunch

•           2-3 tsp Kasuri methi

•           Bubbled egg whites to embellish


1.Wash and clean the chicken bosom completely. Heat sufficient salted water in a skillet and add the chicken bosom to it. Poach it or cook till done. Check for the crudeness and keep cooking till the chicken is poached completely.

2.While the chicken is as yet hot, fork it away with the table forks and keep the destroyed chicken to the side.

3.In a different container, heat the oil and sear the cut onions till brilliant in variety. Add the ginger garlic glue and saute it.

4.Add the flavors like turmeric powder, cumin, coriander, red stew powder and broil thr flavors till the crudeness vanishes.

5.Now add the destroyed chicken and blend it well on medium intensity till the chicken is all around covered with the flavors.

6.In a different bowl blend yogurt, cashew glue and garam masala.

7.Lower the intensity and add the above blend to the chicken. Cook on low intensity till the oil begins leaving the sides of the skillet. Add the tomato puree and keep cooking on low intensity.

8.Check for the flavors, at this point destroyed chicken pieces ought to be very much consolidated with the zest blend. Add little water if requires.

9.Cover the dish and cook for five additional minutes.

10.When it is finished, add the pounded egg yolk, spread, finely cleaved cilantro and kasuri methi.

11.Garnish the chciken bharta with cut hard bubbled egg whites.

12.Serve the chicken bharta with roti or naan.

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