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The healthcare sector relies primarily on effective and accurate diagnosis to properly treat the Patient in the most suitable conditions. Science and technology have contributed to this sector vastly. Still, to reap the best of the installations available, the medical care sector needs further professionally professed laboratory technicians to serve in medical labs.

Who can deny the significance of medical training and laboratory conditioning when it comes to furnishing top-notch medical care installations? At Best Paramedical College, They understand the value of expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field of healthcare. This is why the DMLT Course designed a progressive class for the students to make each successful professional in laboratory operation skills.

DMLT refers to Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. The course layout makes sure that every applicant gets an insight into every detail of laboratory work that operates as a foundation for the entire healthcare sector. Read on to learn further about the Medical Lab Technician course details.

DMLT Course Information

The Best paramedical college concentrates on lab-grounded literacy. A pictorial knowledge of Human Anatomy and microbiology is what every candidate pursuing DMLT in paramedical college gets. They also keep their literacy system progressive by keeping laboratory-grounded workshops and practical’s integrated.

The Internship openings expose students to the real operations of the medical laboratories long before they complete their diplomas. In a nutshell, they try to keep every student streamlined and apprehensive of the ever-changing norms of medical laboratory technology and operations.

Duration of Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

DMLT course takes only two years to complete. Best Paramedical College offers a 2-year diploma in MLT that would equip the students with knowledge and skills. If you are looking for a comprehensive DMLT course in Delhi, make sure to check their course once.

Medical Lab Technician Course Eligibility

Any student who has completed 10+2 examinations in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics can apply for this course. Candidates with a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are also eligible for our DMLT course.  If you have completed the 10+2 level successfully, you can build your career in the medical field without any doubt. You are eligible to get admission to one of the most reputed DMLT colleges in Delhi. Choose DMLT courses to add an edge to your career.

Duties of Lab Technicians

Discovery of abnormality and managing the laboratory instruments are the two primary liabilities the lab technicians handle. The best paramedical college trains its scholars to prepare them aptly to match the conditions of every advanced laboratory in the country and abroad. Then’s what the request expects a lab technician to do.

  • Entering and analysing the samples
  • Designing lab testing styles
  • Conducting trials following the guidelines of the lab directors or expert  Physicians
  • Documenting all data and results in particular forms
  • Complying with all the recent safety guidelines
  • Maintaining lab outfit force

Syllabus of DMLT Course

Apart from familiarising various laboratory instruments and devices to the students, we also ensure that each candidate gets enough human anatomy and microbiology knowledge. Here is what DMLT courses offer their learners. 

Human AnatomyHuman PathologyHuman PhysiologyHistopathological Techniques
Human AnatomyHuman AnatomyMetabolic and Technical BiochemistryClinical Microbiology
Basic human scienceBasic pathologyClinical HaematologyClinical Biochemistry
Fundamentals of MLTMicrobial InstrumentationCommunity Development Activities IIClinical Pathology
The Basics of Clinical BiochemistryFundamental BiochemistryTechnical MicrobiologyPathology Lab
English CommunicationInformation and Communication Technology  
Professional ActivitiesCommunity Development  

Career Prospects after Completing DMLT Course

The career scope of this vertical is enormous. At Best Paramedical College, they have tied up with several organisations to make the opportunities wider for their students.  If you have specialised in the field of MLT, you will have several job possibilities right after your diploma. They make sure that all their students get absorbed immediately after the course is over.

Job RolesAverage SalaryHighest Salary
Medical TechnicianINR 2.4 LPAINR 3.5 LPA
Lab TechnicianINR 2.37 LPAINR 2.99 LPA
Pathology TechnicianINR 2.20 LPAINR 4.20 LPA
Medical Content Writer INR 3.10 LPAINR 6.99 LPA

Who Should Take the Course?

Any student, who wishes to build a bright career in the medical care field, can opt for DMLT courses. If you are wondering about which DMLT course near me would be ideal, check our website to get the details of the course. They keep their DMLT course fees reasonable to ensure that everyone gets to access the courses. Opt for a DMLT course from Best Paramedical College to add wings to your career.


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