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Bugs that look like silverfish

A pest invasion is not a fun point, particularly if you don’t understand what your house is plagued with. You may have silverfish but the issue could be earwigs or firebrats, as well. In order to have the proper therapy as well as take all the necessary preventive measures, you require to identify the pest, initially.

In this post, we will certainly show to you all the most essential physical as well as behavioural attributes of silverfish and all the bugs that you can error them for.

What does a silverfish resemble?

Silverfish are carrot-shaped, metal silver-coloured, wingless joggers that hate cozy weather condition as well as love eating your wallpapers. They do not have wings and also their dimension differs from 13 to 25 mm. You can recognise them by the 3 bristles that appeared from the abdomen. Silverfish do not lug any type of illness, they hardly ever bite individuals and also animals or create allergic reactions.

In relation to living behaviors, silverfish search for dark, humid locations where they can live away from killers as well as procreate. When they are running, the steps a little appear like those of a fish swimming in the water, which is where they get the name from. Silverfish often tend to avoid confrontations and also like to hide in the dismal corners of your house, leaving them only to locate food. They mostly prey on points that contain either starch or sugar, such as flour, sugar, oats, adhesives, paper, dried-out beef and sometimes, also on various other dead pests. They do not hibernate throughout the winter season, so your home can get ravaged any time of the year. You can frequently discover them in utility room, basements, under sinks, in cooking area cabinets as well as generally every dark, moist location you have in your home. See what else attracts silverfish in your house.

Pests that look like silverfish


Firebats are the types that is one of the most comparable to silverfish. Their colour varies from grey to brownish, with dark places on the back, while the shape of the body looks like the among a carrot. They coincide dimension as silverfish, their small antennae look extremely similar and also they are just as quick when it involves fleing from something or a person.

However, they do have their distinctions when it pertains to their favored space. Silverfish like it cool, moist as well as dark, whereas firebrats appreciate the heat as well as even grow in it. Their feet are fireproof, giving them the ability to walk on furnaces, boilers as well as hot water pipelines.

So, if you see an insect that looks like a silverfish however is not hiding away from the searing sunlight, then you obtained a firebrat.


Earwigs have several subspecies yet their common qualities are the brownish-red colour of the body, their dimension varying from 5 to 25mm, and that they enjoy biting on plants and also various other smaller sized insects. However, some of them have wings, unlike silverfish. They slip via fractures in structure wall surfaces, but they can additionally affix themselves to furnishings, boxes as well as paper that you bring inside. They also do not like hot, dry weather and will look for a dark as well as moist place to live as well as procreate.

The main physical difference is that silverfish have 3 appendages starting from their abdomen while earwigs have just two.


Technically talking, silverfish are in fact a subspecies of Bristletails as well as they are from the very same family members. There is a particular sort of silverfish that attacks people’s houses, try to nest indoors as well as is often seen by people, while various other type of bristletails are seldom seen inside and are generally bigger than silverfish, too.

Jumping Bristletails

Bristletail is the typical name for pests of the order Archaeognatha (or Microcoryphia). Zygentoma, which consists of both silverfish and firebrats, is the sibling order to Archaeognatha. Among the most typical silverfish lookalikes in this order is the jumping bristletail.

Like silverfish, leaping bristletails lack wings as well as have scales, thin bristles, as well as long antennae. They are round (rather than flat), gray (rather than silver), and also differ in dimension (from 0.2– 0.8 in./ 5– 20 mm). The majority of bristletails, consisting of the leaping bristletails, are outside pests. This means that they will rarely come close to your house or home as there’s nothing of interest for them there.

Unlike silverfish, bristletails can jump as far as 4 in. (10 centimeters) when disrupted. So, if you frighten an insect that you think may be a silverfish and it jumps instead of hurrying away, it’s probably a bristletail.


Like the earwig, vermins have a great deal of physical differences when contrasted to silverfish. You’ll likewise usually see them from far. At a greater range, it’s easier to mistake them for silverfish. One making complex factor is that both silverfish and also a great deal of centipedes are instead quick on their feet as well as hide when you attempt to approach them.

Still, from up close, vermins are fairly simple to tell from silverfish given that they have at least 30 legs, otherwise more. It’s additionally worth stating that centipedes in fact such as to consume pests such as silverfish, roaches, and also ants.


A woodlouse (occasionally booklice), can be mistaken for silverfish thanks to the very same grey coloring that some types have. They do have a various body shape, so when contrasted side by side, you can clearly inform which is which.

Carpet beetle larvae

This bug is intriguing since it comes with many varieties, however each would certainly have considerable variants when it pertains to their color patterns so when it concerns appearance, they do not look anything alike. Yet when it comes to routine, they share some similarities..

One, carpet beetle larvae do not have the very same rate as silverfish, however they can easily affix themselves to clothes, hairy things, woollen, and feathers like silverfish.

When it pertains to habitat, they show to silverfish insects the love for moist and also damp areas. Therefore, you would certainly also locate them in storage rooms, cupboards, basements and also in vents..


The name isopod is a collective term for various bug-like species including roly-polies, pill pests, snow bugs as well as military pests.

From the order alone, they are currently different from silverfish insects because isopods are earthbound shellfishes. The major similarity in between isopods as well as silverfish bugs would be their habitat as well as their shade..

Isopods enjoy dark as well as wet atmospheres. Roly-polies for example can be found in dirts near pipes as well as the drain or niching profusely in cellars. They also have a dark grey color, some remain in matte texture while others glimmer in light..


The most effective method to recognize which insect varieties keep you firm at night is to call a specialist bug control professional. They will certainly have the ability to establish whether you have silverfish or something else by checking out multiple variables and utilizing their years of experience. Find out more about our silverfish control solution.

The practices of the bug can be equally as useful as the physical features in the process of figuring out the exact types.

Never ever straight touch a pest and also always put on protective wear.

Some qualities can only be seen up close.


A lot of bugs can be mistaken for silverfish from afar. But, these ancient insects do have numerous unique attributes that make them stick out when seen up close. Only firebrats and also leaping bristletails can really be mistaken for silverfish. However, if you analyze them very carefully, the typical sorts of indoor silverfish are easy to identify.

Bugs that look like silverfish
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