Monday, October 2, 2023

Breakfast Shot Recipe

Otherwise called the “Irish Pancake Breakfast,” the Irish Breakfast shot takes the main feast of the day and pushes it into a 1.5-ounce glass. It joins any semblance of the Pickleback as a shot made well known by its chaser―in this case, a glass of new squeezed orange and a cut of fresh, flavorful bacon. In the event that done all put together, (OJ, then bacon), the shot ought to leave you feeling like you just took a chomp of maple syrup-showered flapjacks.

However it’s a secret to us why it’s considered Irish (since it incorporates no piece of a customary Irish breakfast — not even the blood pudding), one thing is without a doubt: It needn’t bother with to be St. Patrick’s Day for you to partake in this boozy breakfast of champions.

Irish Breakfast Shot


Sweet, Savory





1 oz Irish Whiskey

.5 oz Butterscotch Liqueur

Glass of Orange Juice

1 cut of bacon


Stage One

Pour the Irish bourbon and the butterscotch alcohol into a shot glass.

Stage Two

Empty squeezed orange into a lowball glass and a lay a piece of bacon across the highest point of the glass.

Stage Three

Shoot the shot, pursue it with OJ and take a nibble of bacon.