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Bread Halwa Recipe

This Bread Halwa Recipe by Chef Zakir is exceptionally straightforward and essential. You simply need a modest bunch of fixings which you could as of now have close by. This bread halwa is so natural and it gives a lot of halwa with only couple of cuts of bread. Do attempt it!


             1/2 liter milk

             250 gm dry milk

             6 bread cuts

             1/2 cup white sugar

             4 tbsp oil or explained spread

             2 tbsp semolina

             2 tbsp kewra

             For Garnishing:

             25 gm almonds hacked

             25 gm pistachios hacked

Cooking Method

1.            Cut corner of bread cuts then absorb them 1/4 cup water.

2.            Heat oil or explained spread in a dish or profound skillet.

3.            Pour milk in it.

4.            Bring to a bubble then, at that point, stew for 5 minutes.

5.            Crush splashed bread by utilizing hands.

6.            Put pulverize bread cuts into the skillet.

7.            Stir it on low fire for 5 minutes or until oil comes out the top.

8.            When it begins to get thick, add sugar, kewra and dried milk.

9.            Cook for 10 minutes or until all around good.

10.          Take it out in a serving dish.

11.          Sprinkle pistachios and almonds over it.

12.          Delicious Bread Halwa is prepared at this point.

Serving Suggestions

Serve bread halwa warm with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt and you’ll get many solicitations for seconds.

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