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Steps To Take To Boost Your Value In The Organization After Getting Cisco Certification


The worth of a professional in a given organization varies depending on the skills they have and the type of certificate they possess. Therefore, earning accreditations from renowned vendors has become a priority in the IT industry. This article will show you some actions you should take after attaining a Devnet Associate.

Things to Do After Earning the Accreditation

Cisco validations are known to be very prestigious in the IT field. They unlock myriads of opportunities for professionals who hold them. However, if you have no idea what to do with the earned accreditation, it may not add much value to your career. Therefore, here are some steps you should take to improve your significance within your company once a Cisco certification is in your hand:

  • Inform your employer of your accomplishment

Achieving a Cisco certification and including it in CCNA is not enough to make your accomplishments visible at your workplace. This is because employers do not request updated resumes regularly. As a result, your achievement may take time to be noticed. Therefore, you should let your employer know that you took on this challenge and excelled. The purpose of doing this is that you will be making them aware that your competencies have improved.

  • Ask for more responsibilities

Reaching a Cisco certificate shows that you have more skills that are valuable to your current employer. But it is pointless acquiring them if you cannot utilize them on solving actual challenges. 300-410 for more responsibilities will give you opportunities to put them into action. Furthermore, as you perform more tasks in the organization, you will show the employer that you are confident in your capabilities. This will potentially motivate the company manager or stakeholders to pay you more.

  • Keep on learning new things

The IT world is highly dynamic. This implies that professionals have to acquire more knowledge regularly to stay up to date. Still, earning a CCNP should not be the only purpose. The certification also aims to give you a good foundation to continue improving your networking expertise. With regular updates, you can keep up with the emerging technologies and practices. You should constantly track new trends using various sources. This will help you discover new solutions that come up in the sector and can be applied in your day-to-day work.

  • Constantly renew your certificate

Cisco certifications stay valid for 3 years. Certified professionals have to renew their accreditations through finishing continuing education activities or passing a new version of the exam. When you own a Cisco validation, your credibility in the company will go up. And if you keep on renewing it, your employers will see that you are determined to progress your career.

  • Earn higher level validations

Cisco certifications are classified into four tiers. Specialists are always advised to start from the entry level before moving to the associate level. Afterward, they can apply for CCIE  within the professional tier and then work their way up to the expert level. As you progress through the certification levels, your value in the company will improve as well.


IT professionals who get a Cisco certification are highly valued in IT companies. Certified individuals enjoy faster promotions to better job roles as well as pay rises at their places of work. Thus, if you wish to enhance your worth in your 200-201 , you should definitely gain accreditation from this prestigious vendor.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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