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Best Western Hotels In Anchorage Alaska

Alaska is a magnificent region adored by daring outdoor adventurers. Consider large national parks, breathtaking woods, mountains and glaciers to admire, as well as a tonne of family-friendly excursions on one of North America’s last unexplored territories. The greatest lodging options in Alaska include luxurious hideaways removed from populated areas, family-friendly resorts, and rustic cabins. From sophisticated central city locations to distant locations that can only be reached by private plane, our recommendations include fantastic places for a wide range of preferences and budgets. The journey of a lifetime is coming!

If you want to see Alaska at its most energetic, make Anchorage your home base. The city has a lively downtown, interesting historic sites like the Anchorage Museum, and convenient access to the state’s natural marvels. While Sitka is the place to go for an understanding of Alaska’s Russian heritage, the charming state capital of Juneau also makes for an interesting visit. The opportunities are infinite outside of the city. Take on some challenging mountain climbing in the 6-million-acre Denali National Park, marvel at sea lions, orcas, and horned puffins in Glacier Bay National Park, or glimpse whales in Southeast Alaska and the Kenai Fjords National Park, the country’s largest national park. Opportunities for hiking, climbing, fishing, kayaking, cycling, and other activities abound in Alaska. Before following the steps of people drawn north by the prospect of finding gold, gaze at enormous brown bears on Kodiak Island or travel the USA’s northernmost railway line on the Denali Star. Then, witness the Northern Lights dance across the vast night sky.

Alaska is a fantastic travel destination for adventurers and environment enthusiasts, offering a variety of wonders for tourists of all ages to discover. Book a room or a cabin at one of the best accommodations in Alaska to fully experience the magic of this breathtaking area. Additionally, there are a variety of fascinating yearly events, so do your research before choosing your dates!



In Anchorage’s downtown, the Hotel Captain Cook provides opulent rooms and suites. Consider stunning views of the city and the sea, four restaurants, and a pool. An excellent option for anyone looking for a stylish hotel in the city who are travelling as a family, couple, or on business.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A MODERN MOUNTAIN RESORT? Are you looking for rustic cabins? Are you looking for an indulgent getaway? Are you looking for an apartment or holiday cabin?


LODGE AT TALKEETNA, ALASKAN 212 rooms in TALKEETNA, Alaska, from £125 Alaskan Talkeetna Lodge

Returning to Nature: You are surrounded by nature here. Enjoy the magnificent mountain views, the dense forest, and the neighbouring flowing river.

Spend your days outdoors being active by hiking, bicycling, boating, and fishing while taking in the surrounding natural sceneries.

Restaurants – Both places serve classic Alaskan fare, such as fish, steaks, and game.

Disabled access Restaurant Garden Views Parking No animals

a traditional all-American vacation spot in the wilds of Alaska. The main lodge is surrounded by well-kept grounds and has a sizable river rock fireplace in its interior, which also makes good use of local wood and stone. Fine restaurants and casual fare are both available for meals. There will be a wide range of activities available. View More

Back to Nature – An exceptional opportunity to reconnect with nature, with the chance to encounter bears, the Northern Lights (seasonally), and breathtaking scenery.

Active Vacation – Located in Denali National Park, there are a variety of outdoor activities right outside your door.

Wonderful treks – Take the time to explore the various hiking routes that wind through Denali National Park.

Restaurant – The restaurant serves hearty pub classics and Alaskan cuisine.

a group of primitive cabins located close to Denali National Park. Simple pine furnishings, comfortable mattresses, and sizable private patios are all that wooden cabins are furnished with. Two hot tubs are located on the property, and a casual café serves hearty fare. a good home base for a trip into nature. View More

Families – A particularly family-friendly hotel with activities for all ages, a kid-friendly indoor pool, and a variety of eating options

Active Vacation – There are countless outdoor activities to choose from, such as fishing, hunting, and mountain biking.

Wonderful treks – There are many hiking routes that range in difficulty to suit all abilities and ages.

There are five different restaurants and cafes to choose from.

a remote lodge encircled by uninhabited Alaskan wilderness. Simple design highlights the magnificent views provided by the rooms’ large, comfortable windows. This is the ideal destination for a family vacation, with an indoor pool, countless entertainment alternatives, and five food establishments. View More

Local exploration – A great base in Anchorage with everything a large, luxurious hotel should provide, including outstanding eating, wellness, and shopping

Spa: Free admission is available to the hotel’s Athletic Club, which offers a massage service, an indoor pool, and separate gyms for men and women.

Four restaurants, including a fine-dining establishment serving French, Italian, and American cuisine, as well as an English-style pub, are located on the property.

Hotel of classic luxury in Anchorage’s downtown. A wide variety of rooms and suites are available, many of which have beautiful views of the city or the sea and are traditionally decorated with a brown/beige colour scheme and wooden furnishings. along with a retail arcade, a pool, and 4 restaurants. Ideal for both work and play. View More

Active Vacation – The scenery offers the ideal playground for outdoor enthusiasts, with activities like fishing, hiking, and mountain biking available.

Back to Nature – A remote location to reconnect with nature, situated riverbank in the centre of Denali National Park.

Spa: A variety of massages are available, and there is also a daily exercise schedule to aid clients in their recovery.

Great walks – Go trekking on one of the many surrounding trails on your own or with a guide.


a group of cosy cabins with a secluded and stunning riverside setting right in the middle of Denali National Park. The cabins are simply decorated with cosy beds and lots of pine (plus incredibly effective heating!). A place to truly reconnect with nature is one where there is no phone or wifi service. View More

The location is as remote as it gets, and depending on the weather, each day begins with a decision on where to fly to next.

Groups can rent the entire property (up to 14 people) for an unforgettable group vacation.

Families: A few of the cabins feature two bedrooms, making them a great choice for small families.


There are no better venues for adventure lovers than this. Private aircraft are required to go to and from the lodge, making them the primary source of transportation for each exploration day. Five basic cottages are pleasant and rustic, and there are chefs on site preparing a feast. an experience of a lifetime. View More

Active Holiday: Take part in once-in-a-lifetime outdoor pursuits including kayaking on glacial lakes, stand-up paddleboarding in the midnight sun, and helicopter rides.

Get away from it all in this hideaway. With the limitless sea views, skies, and fresh air, it’s impossible not to feel invigorated.

Returning to nature, you may observe whales and bears in their natural habitat, partake in world-class fishing, and visit glaciers and volcanoes.

Families – Perfect for a multigenerational vacation, with plenty of distinct accommodations and family-friendly activities

opulent private lodge with a view of breathtaking Kachemak Bay. The cabin interiors are warm and filled with local spruce. The main lodge has enormous windows to maximise views and a very Scandi feel. A great selection of activities are also offered, and all meals are included in the cost. a wonderland in the wild.

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