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Best Fender bender Attorneys in Boca Raton

Individual INJURY

Winegar Regulation Injury Legal counselors is a firm serving Boca Raton and its encompassing networks. It gives lawful help to people who have been engaged with fender benders because of various conditions, for example, diverted or forceful driving, perilous streets, substance misuse, and vehicle abandons. Its expert, Joshua S. Winegar, prosecutes for the benefit of harmed clients to assist them with getting remuneration for injury, clinical costs, and lost compensation. He uses his insight as a previous guard legal counselor for protection and shipping organizations.

Adelman and Adelman, Dad.

Adelman and Adelman Dad is an individual physical issue firm that is situated in Coral Springs and has served clients in the Rod Rouge region beginning around 1990. Establishing lawyer Jeffrey Adelman has been casted a ballot the best lawyer by Coral Springs/Parkland Discussion perusers for 12 continuous years, is a perceived Super Legal counselor, and is an individual from the American Leading group of Preliminary Backers. The confident handles vehicle, truck, bike, and boat mishap cases, unjust passing cases, and horrendous injury occurrences.

Andre G. Raikhelson

Andre G. Raikhelson is a lawyer helping people and families in Boca Raton. He has been specializing in legal matters beginning around 1990 and later established his own firm in 2016. Raikhelson gives legitimate direction to survivors of bicycle, transport, truck, and fender benders to appropriately acquire remuneration for wounds that were caused. His confident handles different legitimate cases, including laborers’ pay, slips and falls, risky medications, and illegitimate demise. Raikhelson assists clients with documenting individual injury claims in the event of drifting mishaps, which normally happen in Florida.

Balkan and Patterson, LLP

Balkan and Patterson, LLP, is a legitimate firm that serves clients in the Boca Raton region. It gives legitimate help to people who have been harmed in any vehicle, cruiser, crazy driving, plastered driving, and walker mishaps. The firm is likewise knowledgeable about property protection claims, perilous items, probate suit, and misfiled remedies. The association’s accomplice, John B. Patterson, is a Palm Ocean side District Bar Affiliation part. He was a previous executive of the Florida Bar Complaint Board of trustees.

Barthelette Injury Regulation

Barthelette Injury Regulation has helped Boca Raton clients in getting equity and monetary remuneration beginning around 2018. The firm forms a redid plan for the clients’ case and illuminates them at each stage regarding the official procedure. It handles individual injury cases, including bike, cruiser, vehicle, and shipping mishaps. The firm addresses entrepreneurs and business visionaries in business suit cases including business criticism, misrepresentation, and break of agreement. Pioneer Gregory Barthelette is likewise an individual from the Christian Financial specialists’ Association.

Boca Injury Regulation

Boca Injury Regulation addresses harmed offended parties in Boca Raton and the encompassing networks. Its lawyers have more than 40 years of joined experience dealing with individual injury cases, including auto crashes brought about by backside impacts, side-influence crashes, DUI, or occupied driving. They likewise manage premises obligation, canine chomps, blemished items, and expert negligence claims. Firm organizer Jonathan Chane is a Florida High Court Ensured Circuit Common Go between Qualified Mediator, filling in as an unbiased in elective debate goal procedures.

Chad J Robinson, PLLC

Chad J Robinson, PLLC, is a Boca Raton law office that takes special care of clients in and around the city. Its namesake is an individual physical issue legal counselor who talks conversational Spanish and Hebrew. He addresses the people who have experienced wounds auto collisions brought about by careless drivers, unfortunate street conditions, and DUIs. Chad and his group handle dealings with insurance agency and to blame gatherings. The firm likewise handles

Daniel Sagiv Regulation Gathering. P.A.

Daniel Sagiv Regulation Gathering. P.A. directs clients in Boca Raton and the encompassing regions. It addresses people who have been harmed in auto crashes because of another party’s carelessness. Establishing attorney Daniel Sagiv seeks after only remuneration for the wounds and misfortunes caused by the people in question. He handles cases connected with backside impacts, hit-and-runs, messaging while at the same time driving, and uninsured drivers. Sagiv was picked for The Law Audit and The Leading group of Supporters and gotten the Remarkable Nearby Government Grant from the Florida Bar.

Request the Cutoff points

Request the Cutoff points is an individual physical issue firm that serves the inhabitants of Boca Raton. It addresses survivors of auto collisions and helps them in acquiring full remuneration for their reduced personal satisfaction. It additionally handles cases including development mishaps, clinical misbehavior, and improper passing. Request the Cutoff points has recuperated more than $30 million in the event that outcomes. Alan Siegel, the association’s overseeing lawyer, was regarded with the Full go-around Grant for his commitments to the legitimate business.

Drew Kapneck, Esq.

Drew Kapneck, Esq., is a common preliminary lawyer who addresses casualties of engine vehicle mishaps in Boca Raton. He handles cases that include vehicle crashes, hit-and-runs, and truck wrecks, as well as common incidents. Kapneck likewise advocates for clients in dishonesty case, underinsured benefits guarantees, and lessened esteem claims. Furthermore, he offers legitimate direction to clients associated with premises responsibility, clinical misbehavior, and agreements debates. Kapneck likewise rehearses in New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and Washington, D.C.


Eltringham Regulation Gathering

Eltringham Regulation Gathering gives legitimate guidance to fender bender casualties in the Boca Raton metro. It speaks with insurance agency and actually look at journalists to illuminate them what wounds have meant for the existences of the abused people. The firm assists clients with recuperating remuneration for monetary and non-financial harms. Pioneer and Chief David Eltringham has created and sent off Beacon, a restrictive individual physical issue case the executives framework. It makes modified masterful courses of action or individual outlines of clients’ cases.


Established in 1985, Florin | Roebig, is a Palm Harbor, Florida, law office with workplaces all through Florida, Minnesota, Texas, and Colorado. Areas of training incorporate instances of auto, truck, cruiser, and bicycle mishaps. The firm likewise handles cases including clinical negligence, representative privileges, and item risk. Lawyers at the firm are board-affirmed common preliminary lawyers and board-ensured common pretrial practice advocates. Clints value the dependability and trustworthiness of Florin | Roebig.

Gordon and Accomplices

The law office Gordon and Accomplices is situated in Palm Ocean side Nurseries, Florida, and has attempted individual injury cases beginning around 1993. Inside its domain are car crashes, like vehicles, trucks, and bikes, and aeronautics and development mishaps. Gordon and Accomplices Dad comprises of an accomplished lawful group. Its establishing accomplice Robert E. Gordon was confessed to the Florida Bar in 1978 and has filled in as Leader of the Florida Palm Ocean side Region Equity Affiliation.

Greenberg and Strelitz, P.A.

Greenburg and Strelitz, P.A., has been conveying lawful answers for Boca Raton inhabitants for north of 15 years. It addresses casualties of auto collisions and helps them in getting remuneration for clinical costs and lost compensation. Its group likewise handles matters including slips and falls, walker mishaps, item risk claims, perilous clinical gadgets, and improper passing. The firm obliges clients who communicate in English, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish. Overseeing accomplice Jeffrey L. Greenberg is an individual from the American Bar Affiliation.

Horton Regulation Gathering

Horton Regulation Gathering addresses Boca Raton occupants in auto crash cases. Its group helps clients to acquire fair pay for casualties’ harms, for example, powerlessness to work, lost pay, mental pain, and doctor’s visit expenses. Its lawyers likewise handle misdeed questions. They acknowledge claims including impacts with autos, cruisers, bikes, trucks, and golf trucks. Horton Regulation Gathering was begun in 2012. Sommer Horton, the company’s establishing accomplice, has been a litigator for very nearly twenty years.

JB Regulation

JB Regulation gives portrayal in a scope of individual injury matters to occupants in Boca Raton. It handles auto crash cases, assisting casualties with procuring sufficient pay for financial and non-monetary harms. Its lawful firm additionally manages cases that include illegitimate passing cases, slip and fall wounds, and bike mishaps. Organizer Jonathan Consumes offers back by supporting the Legitimate Guide of Palm Ocean side Region, giving lawful advice to survivors of abusive behavior at home locally.

Kleinman Lessmann

Kleinman Lessmann is a full-administration individual injury law office that helps harmed casualties in Boca Raton and all through Florida. It handles a wide range of injury cases, including fender benders, item risk, and clinical practice. Its legal counselors haggle with insurance agency and, while required, carry the case to preliminary to acquire fair pay for the client. Ian L. Kleinman, the company’s establishing lawyer, is an individual from the Million Dollar Backers Gathering and offers legitimate types of assistance to some non-benefit associations.

Kurt Thompson Regulation Gathering

Kurt Thompson Regulation Gathering furnishes portrayal to people managing individual injury matters. Serving the Bo