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Best DUI Lawyers in Alameda

Darryl A. Stallworth Law Office

Darryl A. Stallworth Law Office is a criminal safeguard firm addressing clients in Alameda and the encompassing regions. It helps people blamed for working engine vehicles affected by liquor and medications keep away from detainment, fines, probation, and permit suspension. Establishing lawyer Darryl Stallworth has been addressing clients confronting murder, drug ownership, and rape charges for over 25 years. He involves his legitimate insight and backing for civil rights to maintain clients’ freedoms and accomplish fair preliminaries.

DC Law

Serving Alameda and close by areas, DC Law is a criminal safeguard firm addressing clients having to deal with DUI penalties. Demetrius Costy, its lawyer, has dealt with in excess of 300 DUI cases, including those that include mishaps, wounds, and crimes. He upholds clients accused of first, second, and various offense DUI alongside vehicle murder. Costy, who has been rehearsing criminal guard for more than twenty years, has taken on cases in government and state courts across 15 unique areas.

Katsuranis and Rodriguez

Katsuranis and Rodriguez is a firm serving clients close to Alameda. This firm helps people who have been captured for a DUI allegation. Its group addresses clients during arraignment procedures and keeps on offering lawful help and exhortation through the preliminary part of suit, assuming that clients satchel cases in court. Moreover, the training has experience addressing clients who have been accused of an underage DUI. Lawyer Francisco Rodriguez is additionally conversant in Spanish.

Morell Law

Morell Law is a DUI firm that serves clients in Alameda and the encompassing regions. It handles a wide choice of DUI cases, including first offenses prompting detainment and strong fines. Amy Morell examines the various parts of individual cases, makes redid safeguards, and handles hearings at the DMV. Morell has been specializing in legal matters for north of 20 years and is an individual from the California DUI Lawyers Association and NCDD.

Oakland DUI Attorneys

Oakland DUI Attorneys is a lady claimed law office that takes care of clients in the Alameda region. It centers around protecting individuals who have been charged and captured for DUI offenses. Serving both first-time and habitual perpetrators, the association’s lawyers cautiously assess proof and discoveries from the State Attorney’s office prior to prompting clients on the subsequent stages. Givelle Lamano, one of the company’s criminal protection lawyers, was named to the National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40 rundowns.

Red Metric Law

Pioneer and lawyer Daniel Vaswani is a DUI legal counselor close to Alameda serving clients through his firm, Red Metric Law. The firm spotlights on helping clients who have been accused of a DUI, remembering for cases including injury or demise brought about by driving affected by liquor. Its accomplished group difficulties the arraignment’s verification of inebriation and supports clients against DUI allegations coming about because of unlawful inquiry and seizures. Lawyer Daniel Vaswani likewise handles cases relating to business regulation.

Robert D. Byers

Robert D. Byers is a criminal protection lawyer serving clients in Alameda and the encompassing regions. His caseload contains DUI or DWI offenses, addressing charged parties in court to safeguard their freedoms. Byers likewise helps clients in DMV managerial hearings to challenge permit renouncements. Moreover, he visits the prison in the nights and on ends of the week to furnish his clients with the most ideal assurance. Bryers has upheld great many clients in over twenty years of training.

Silver Law Firm

Silver Law Firm is a legitimate work on addressing clients close to Alameda and the encompassing networks. The firm addresses clients accused of DUIs and assists them with staying away from prison time, fines, and probation. Its group helps first-time guilty parties and people having to deal with underage DUI penalties or crime DUI allegations including injury or demise. Lawyer Elliot Silver is an individual from the Alameda County Bar Association and has been specializing in legal matters for more than 20 years.

Stephanie Rickard Attorney at Law

Stephanie Rickard Attorney at Law helps DUI litigants in Alameda. Rickard guides individuals on what’s in store from the court and the DMV. Before she turned into a DUI safeguard lawyer, she initially filled in as a representative lead prosecutor arraigning the people who were accused of DUI. She involves her experience as an investigator to represent clients as she probably is aware the way that examiners work. Rickard tailors answers for each client she addresses. She additionally handles cases that include wrongdoing vehicular murder, aggressive behavior at home, substance misuse, and controlled drugs.

The Law Office of Marcia Silver

The Law Office of Marcia Silver serves clients in Alameda and close by regions beginning around 1990. It offers a large number of administrations, from discussion and exchange to lawful portrayal for DUI cases. Prior to exposing clients to the pressure and monetary expenses of going to preliminary, it accumulates proof and attempts to convince the examiner and the appointed authority first. It as often as possible addresses individuals preceding indictment or before a case is documented by the District Attorney.

The Law Office of Robbi Abrams Cook

The Law Office of Robbi Abrams Cook is a firm helping clients looking for portrayal from a DWI legal counselor close to Alameda. The firm has experience getting a scope of positive results for clients, including diminished charges, case excusals, and not blameworthy decisions. It likewise arranges supplication bargains to the greatest advantage of the client. Pioneer and lawyer Robbi Abrams Cook is an individual from the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice Association.

The Law Office of Robert Tayac

The Law Office of Robert Tayac is a firm that has been serving clients close to Alameda for more than 20 years. The firm is solely dedicated to addressing clients accused of a DUI. Its group forcefully represents clients under the watchful eye of the Superior Court framework as well as the California DMV to protect the best results with insignificant disturbances to clients’ lives. Lawyer Robert Tayac is an individual from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The Law Offices of Andrew Dosa

The Law Offices of Andrew Dosa is an Alamedan firm that handles DUI cases. It additionally upholds clients with other lawbreaker accusations like threatening behavior, drug violations, aggressive behavior at home, thievery and robbery, and sex wrongdoings. Other than addressing respondents, Dosa likewise safeguards his clients’ resources by means of domain arranging and laying out trusts. With more than 35 years of lawful experience, Dosa has been in north of 15 jury and 60 court preliminaries. He is seat of the Alameda County Advisory Board on Alcohol Problems.

The Law Offices of Jennifer Solomon

The Law Offices of Jennifer Solomon has been offering legitimate portrayal to people blamed for criminal offenses, including tanked driving or DUI, in Alameda starting around 2010. Its vital lawyer, Jennifer Solomon, constructs enticing and thorough protection systems to lessen the results of a client’s wrongdoings or at last get charges dropped. Having gone through almost 10 years functioning as a protection safeguard lawyer, Jennifer currently covers an extensive variety of training regions, including government backed retirement incapacity, restricted conservatorships, and individual injury.

The Law Offices of O’Connor, Runckel and O’Malley LLP

The Law Offices of O’Connor, Runckel and O’Malley LLP is a legitimate firm that offers lawful guide and portrayal to the inhabitants of the Alameda metro and the whole Greater Bay Area. It handles DUI cases, for example, liquor actuated DUIs, drug-prompted DUIs, and DUIs bringing about vehicular homicide. It likewise helps clients who have bombed the field moderation test. The firm is worked by accomplices Thomas M. O’Connor, Jason O. Runckel, and William Daniel O’Malley, who have more than 50 years of joined lawful experience.

The San Francisco DUI Experts

The San Francisco DUI Experts is a firm giving reasonable and forceful portrayal to clients accused of a DUI close to the Alameda region. Its group surveys the subtleties of each case and decides the most fitting lawful procedure to furnish clients with the most elevated possibility of a good judgment. The San Francisco DUI Experts forcefully and successfully upholds clients in court during preliminary as well as at DMV hearings to stay away from punishments like permit suspension.


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