Monday, December 5, 2022

Best Dog Groomers in Boca Raton

Bark N Park Mobile Grooming

Bark N Park Mobile Grooming offers roaming pet grooming services from the company’s home base in Coral Springs, FL to residents and pets of the surrounding areas, including Parkland, Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, and Margate. The company’s full menu of grooming services ranges from bathing and conditioning to brushing, haircuts, ear cleaning, nail filing, and nail trimming. New customers at Bark N Park receive a discount of five dollars, and with every service, dogs receive a complimentary bow or bandana. Bark N Park’s staff is dedicated to pets and truly loves caring for each and every one of them.

Beach Dog Pet Salon Inc

Beach Dog Pet Salon Inc is a pet grooming facility servicing Boca Raton and surrounding communities. It offers a broad range of grooming services for dogs and cats including nail clipping, ear cleaning, and flea and tick baths. Spa services are also available, such as foot soak, eye relief, and body soak. The facility’s owner, Kim Case, has been a dog groomer since 1981. She also has extensive experience in breeding and training working dogs for police, military, and search & rescue.

Blue Paw Mobile Grooming

Blue Paw Mobile Pet Grooming provides pet grooming services in Boca Raton and the surrounding areas. This salon offers customized pet styling for cats and dogs. Its services include blow-drying, haircut, ear cleaning, and bath. Blue Paw Mobile Pet Grooming also offers fluffing, nail trimming, brushing, and conditioning. One reviewer commended how the groomer was able to do exactly what she wanted with her dogs. She also praised how the van looked clean and modern.

Camp Catherine’s Pet Salon and Resort

Camp Catherine’s Pet Salon and Resort is a facility near Boca Raton that offers dog grooming and daycare services. Its resident groomers help pooches look their best and work to provide the best possible pet care. The salon’s private suites are equipped with amenities for dogs’ playtime, with food and daycare packages for at most 40 days. Its premises are also conducive to overnight boarding, with 24-hour property supervision and food service. Moreover, it has two fully supervised play areas.

Fur Crazy

Fur Crazy is a family-owned pet salon that provides a broad range of services to pet owners in Boca Raton. Its dog and cat grooming services cover hypoallergenic shampoo, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, fluff drying, teeth brushing, and nail trimming and painting. Its specialists perform non-anesthetic dental care service twice a month. They offer various kinds of shampoos, such as oatmeal shampoo, whitening shampoo, deodorizing shampoo and conditioner, and pesticide-free flea shampoo. Fur Crazy has participated in several animal rescues.

Furdines Pet Salon

Furdines Pet Salon has been serving Boca Raton residents’ pet care and grooming demands since 1983. The pet salon handles skin checks, ear cleaning, nail trimming, teeth brushing, hot oil therapy, and anal gland expression, which aids in the identification of anal gland issues in pets. Furdines offers a consultation with each groom, allowing clients to discuss their pets’ needs. The pet salon also includes a store where toys, organic products, perfumes, dental supplies, and flea and tick prevention products are available.

Joni Grooming Spa & Boutique

Joni Grooming Spa & Boutique offers dog grooming in Boca Raton for dogs of varying breeds and sizes. Clients can book an appointment for pet baths, brushing, ear cleaning, flea treatments, de-matting, and de-shedding. They can also choose premium grooming, which comes with pet accessories hand-made by the owner. Joni’s staff handles different styles, including show cuts per breed, shave downs, puppy cuts, and hygiene cuts. Drying and daycare services are offered cage-free. Additionally, dog food and clothes are also available at the shop.

Kim O’s Pampered Pups

Kim O’s Pampered Pups is a dog grooming service that prides itself on transforming clients’ pups into new creatures when they leave. Owner Kim has a zero-tolerance policy for manhandling dogs during the grooming process, believing every dog should receive love and care during their entire stay at Kim O’s Pampered Pups. Kim prices services based on the size of the dog, and the “extra large” tag applies to dogs 50 pounds or more. Previous clients praise the business for making their dogs look adorable, calming their nerves, and keeping them happy during and after their grooming services.

Lovely Cuts Pet Grooming

Lovely Cuts Pet Grooming is a family-owned and family-operated business that caters to pets and pet owners in Boca Raton. It offers a broad range of grooming services for dogs and cats, from basic and spa baths to light and full grooming. Its services also include nail cutting and grinding, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and hair removal, shampoo and blowdrying, sanitary trimming, and anal gland expression. In addition, Lovely Cuts Pet Grooming provides anesthesia-free dental care solutions.

Pet Pourrie of Boca Raton

Pet Pourrie of Boca Raton is a family-owned and family-operated business that provides dog grooming services. Its team of groomers pampers dogs by providing natural flea dip baths and all-natural shampoo products. With over 25 years of experience in the pet grooming field, they perform painless de-matting, brushing, and combing services to help remove the dogs’ tangled hair. Pet Pourrie of Boca Raton caters to several dog breeds, such as bichons, poodles, maltese, terrier, and shih tzu.

Pets of Perfection is a dog grooming company near Boca Raton that specializes in canine grooming treatments. The company was formed by Kathy Rose, a professional dog groomer with extensive experience in standard and show grooming in the United States. She was a member of the GroomTeam USA and a recipient of the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award. The company’s services include hydro-massages, spa maintenance, full grooms, scissor finishes, and show dog grooming. Add-on services such as hand stripping and de-matting are also available.

Scruffy to Fluffy

Scruffy to Fluffy is a grooming salon that serves dog and cat owners in Boca Raton. The salon’s professional groomers use all-natural products and provide cage-free services. It performs full grooming, professional baths, dental cleaning, and pet boarding. It also has flea baths and a Deerfield Spa special, which is a skin and coat enhancing treatment that uses 16 natural humectants. Moreover, Scruffy to Fluffy carries various CBD topicals, treats, and tinctures for pets and humans.

TNT Grooming

TNT Grooming is a family-owned and family-operated pet care center designed to support canine and feline health and wellness. Based in Boca Raton, it has more than 25 years of experience providing grooming, boarding, and daycare services. Its full grooming services include bath, brush, fluff dry, nail clipping and trimming, ear hair removal, and full haircut. In addition, the center’s boarding and daycare services are supervised and performed in a cage-free environment. It has separate areas for active dogs and elderly pets.